Issue 3 2024

Issue 3 2024 Featuring: Stuart Anderson: Trusted GDPR Compliance Expert & Data Security Consultant Frozen Dessert Machines CEO’s Warming Story of Triumph In 2008, Justin Fischer, a visionary entrepreneur, saw a crucial gap in the market for reliable, high-performance, and high-quality soft serve ice cream and acai dessert machines – an opportunity too sweet to ignore. The journey Justin has undergone to get to this point has been inspiring, emotional, and reassuring all at once, and as a result of his unwavering commitment to the cause, we are proud to bestow Justin Fischer with the rightful title of Most Influential CEO 2024 – Australia.

Welcome to the March 2024 issue of CEO Monthly. As always, CEO Monthly is dedicated to providing the latest news and features across the business world to our readership. By sharing knowledge, insights, expertise, and success stories from around the globe, we aim to inspire individuals and promote positivity in a world that is in a constant state of evolution. On this month’s front cover, we feature Justin Fischer, CEO of Brüllen Pty Ltd, an industry-leading provider of soft serve ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and acai dessert machines. Starting out in the early 90s working at McDonald’s, Justin saw an opportunity to learn his way around the fastfood giant’s ice cream machines, spending hours teaching himself how to service and repair them. By 2016, he’d launched Brüllen, his own brand of premium quality frozen dessert equipment. As you explore the inspiring story of Justin and Brüllen, you’ll quickly discover how worthy he is to be named our Most Influential CEO 2024 - Australia. Also in this issue, we showcase more extraordinary CEOs, hailing from industries such as energy engineering, data protection, real estate, toy manufacturing, satellite communications, media production, home healthcare, and more. Each of these CEOs have thought-provoking stories to tell and we learn how they go about leading their companies to greatness. We hope you find this edition to be insightful and we wish you a great month ahead. We look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our April issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. Frozen Dessert Machines CEO’s Warming Story of Triumph 10. Toni Jameson: Leading Lythix LLC to Success 12. Stuart Anderson: Trusted GDPR Compliance Expert & Data Security Consultant 14. A Golden Ace in the Hole 15. Kyle Collier: Accelerating Digital Economies and Everyday Shopping 16. The Sweet Scents of Play Dough 17. Your World of Engaging Sports Entertainment 18. Kyle Whitehill: Most Influential CEO 2024 - UK (Satellite Communications) 20. Sustainability Integrated into Every Business 22. Data Solutions for Business Transformation 24. Excellence in Welsh Broadcasting 25. Cultivating a Resilient Corporate Culture: Leadership Strategies for the New Normal 26. Franchising Home Healthcare for the Greater Good Contents


• Rene Amirault to retire as Chief Executive Officer effective May 1, 2024 • Allen Gransch, President, to be appointed his successor SECURE Energy Services Inc. announced that Rene Amirault will be retiring from his role as Chief Executive Officer as of May 1, 2024. Mr. Amirault intends to remain on SECURE’s Board of Directors as Vice Chair. Allen Gransch, President, will succeed Mr. Amirault as President and Chief Executive Officer, and will be nominated for election to the Board of Directors at SECURE’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on April 26, 2024. SECURE was founded in 2007 by Mr. Amirault and five other employees. Under his visionary leadership over the past 17 years, the Corporation has established itself as a trusted industry partner, showcasing remarkable accomplishments in growth and operational excellence. The Corporation has evolved from a start-up with a single landfill and a small entrepreneurial team, to the market leader in waste processing, recycling and disposal for energy and industrial markets across western Canada and North Dakota. Today, SECURE has over 75 facilities, 1,600 employees, and a market capitalization of over $3.0 billion. With the founding principle to help the customer, Mr. Amirault has maintained the same unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction over his tenure, creating value for customers by operating reliable, safe and environmentally responsible infrastructure to meet their critical processing, recovery, recycling and disposal needs. From the outset, Mr. Amirault instilled a culture of passion and excellence within the organization, driving the team to think differently, be innovative, and challenge what’s possible to develop customer-centric solutions that are cost effective and environmentally responsible. Mick Dilger, Chairman of the Board of Directors, commented on behalf of the Board of Directors: “Rene has guided SECURE through a period of extraordinary success. His expertise in the sector, commitment to excellence, and uncompromising values have been instrumental in establishing SECURE as a leading SECURE ANNOUNCES CEO RETIREMENT waste management and energy infrastructure organization. Amidst significant industry shifts and business cycles over his tenure, Rene has demonstrated resiliency and adaptability, while upholding the core organizational values he established. Under his guidance, SECURE has evolved to a focused infrastructure entity backed by strong fundamentals driving recurring, stable cash flows, setting us up for long-term success. “Rene’s entrepreneurial spirit and charisma, coupled with trust in his team, inspires us all to perform our best. He has created a culture of collaboration and partnership, extending the Corporation’s success to its diverse group of stakeholders as well. His dedication and loyalty, track record of strong execution and fulfillment of commitments has earned him the respect of customers, employees, stakeholders and investors alike. “While his role in the daily management of the Corporation will be missed, Rene’s vision and expertise will continue to guide SECURE’s strategic direction into the future as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.” “It has been a privilege and immensely gratifying to lead such a talented and dedicated team at SECURE,” said Rene Amirault. “I am incredibly proud of what we have accomplished together and am even more excited about our future. I truly believe this is only the beginning for SECURE. We are well positioned with the right people, asset network and financial flexibility to take the Corporation to the next level. I am confident in Allen and our team’s ability to execute on our strategy, drive long-term growth and create value for all stakeholders.” Appointment of Allen Gransch as President and Chief Executive Officer “The Board of Directors is pleased to appoint Allen Gransch to serve as SECURE’s next CEO, effective May 1, 2024”, said Mick Dilger. “Allen has been integral to SECURE’s success since 2007. Particularly, over the last five years of transformative change, Allen has been instrumental in providing vision, establishing and implementing the strategic direction, achieving organizational targets and overall execution of the corporate plans. He played a critical role in closing the merger with Tervita Corporation and driving a successful integration. Most recently, Allen oversaw the $1.150 billion asset divestment to an affiliate of Waste Connections, Inc., solidifying SECURE’s position in the waste management sector. Allen’s proven leadership capabilities, extensive experience and diverse skill set will allow for a seamless CEO succession, and guide SECURE as it moves forward into the next chapter.” Mr. Gransch has been with SECURE since our first year of operations in the fall of 2007. From 2012 to 2017, Mr. Gransch held the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In September 2017, Mr. Gransch was appointed EVP, Corporate Development. In April 2019, Mr. Gransch was appointed Chief Operating Officer and in November 2022 he was appointed President. Retirement of Long-Standing Director SECURE also announced that Brad Munro will not stand for reelection at the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. Mr. Munro was elected as a director of the Corporation on April 23, 2009, and served as lead director from April 2020 to July 2021 and Interim Chairman of the Board of Directors from June 2022 to January 2023. “As an experienced businessman and leader, Brad’s guidance and thoughtful advice helped shape and define the Corporation’s growth and best practices on our Board for over 15 years,” said Rene Amirault. “On behalf of the Board and management, I’d like to thank him for his valuable contributions to SECURE.”

Frozen Dessert Machines CEO’s Warming Story of Triumph Brüllen Pty Ltd: The Sweet Taste of Success in the Frozen Dessert Industry

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 7 Jan24414 In 2008, Justin Fischer, a visionary entrepreneur, saw a crucial gap in the market for reliable, high-performance, and high-quality soft serve, acai, and dessert machines – an opportunity too sweet to ignore. With his enterprise, Brüllen Pty Ltd, he started manufacturing frozen dessert machines, a move that has since revolutionized the industry. And he didn’t just jump into this blindly; his decision was underpinned by deep market insight. Today, Brüllen has solidified itself as a global industry leader, manufacturing, exporting, selling, and servicing soft serve ice and commercial dessert equipment, as well as frozen yoghurt and acai dessert machines, on a global scale. The journey Justin has undergone to get to this point has been inspiring, emotional, and reassuring all at once, and as a result of his unwavering commitment to the cause, we are proud to bestow Justin Fischer with the rightful title of Most Influential CEO 2024 – Australia. Brüllen Pty Ltd, under Justin’s vigilant guidance, has been filling the frozen dessert market space with high-quality products that not only meet the needs of businesses but exceed them. Utilising modern technology and innovative designs, the company has consistently produced machines that deliver high performance and longevity, ensuring customer satisfaction is always at its peak. Justin’s mission has always been about more than just good business; it’s about delivering solutions with a blend of innovation, efficiency, and quality that satisfy the sweetest of cravings, enhancing the quality of frozen dessert offerings and improving the bottom line for businesses across the globe. Justin Fischer’s decision to tread an untrodden path and his consistent focus on delivering reliability and top-notch performance, encapsulate the spirit of true entrepreneurship. His journey offers valuable lessons and inspiration for other business leaders looking to fill the gaps within their own industries, ensuring that their companies not only survive but thrive. Brüllen’s success story serves as a clear testament to the transformative power of business acumen, market intelligence, and innovative thinking - the key ingredients for a recipe of success in today’s everevolving business landscape. Unleashing Dreams into Reality: A Taste of Success with Brüllen’s CEO and Founder, Justin Fischer “Write your dreams down and never stop chasing them.” This is the powerful sentiment of the dynamic CEO and Founder of Brüllen, Justin Fischer. With an entrepreneurial journey spanning more than twenty-five years, Fischer’s mantra has guided him across the treacherous terrain of business, transforming his boldest dreams into an awe-inspiring reality. His arduous journey, crowded with unyielding obstacles, has culminated in an extraordinary success story - one that thrives in the heart of the enchanting Australian city of Sydney. Today, Justin stands as a pioneering and dominant figure in the world of frozen desserts. His brainchild, Brüllen is rapidly carving its niche as a leading frozen dessert machine manufacturer globally. Justin’s entrepreneurial adventure reverberates with a tune of triumph that resonates worldwide. Mirroring the breathtaking beauty of its home city, Brüllen reflects a harmonious blend of superior craftsmanship and global appeal. This has enabled the company to rank within the golden top three in the industry - a stature that it has secured partially due to its consistent delivery of quality and excellence. Justin’s German heritage adds to the company’s engineering prowess. Here, the spirit of the company is encapsulated in the powerful German word “Brüllen”. The term translates to “roar”, like the sound of the majestic lion- a metaphor that seamlessly symbolizes the relentless dedication and no-frills approach that this company embodies. In the highly competitive arena of international business, the raw power of Brüllen is what distinguishes this company. Akin to a lion in the wild, the business not only survives, it thrives, propelled by an unflagging determination to maintain its supremacy. In the heart of South West China’s industrial hub, a symphony of machinery hums, where Brüllen machines are proudly assembled. The company, a beacon of Australian enterprise, boasts a 100% Australian ownership, serving as a testament of its heritage and commitment to the exceptional quality. Echoing its German lineage, Brüllen machines are meticulously crafted, reflecting the renowned precision and reliability that’s typical of German engineering. Once assembled, these machines don’t just come with a promise; they come with a bona fide, worldwide 12-month warranty - a key component of Brüllen’s comprehensive after sales service. In an era of digital convenience, Brüllen takes a step further with the newly launched service app, available on the AppStore and Android. This innovative tool facilitates prompt and efficient service resolution, keeping downtime to a minimum - a testament to Brüllen’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Behind these machines and services stands an exceptional team led by the visionary, Justin. His strategy to employ only the best reflects in the company’s reputation for excellence. This talented workforce forms the backbone of Brüllen, working tirelessly across all its worldwide territories to ensure the company’s lofty standards are maintained. From Childhood Entrepreneur to Successful CEO: The Inspiring Journey of Justin When it comes to success stories, Justin’s life story personifies determination, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, he is a well-known figure leading a successful company, and the path to the top has been dotted with both incredible victories and challenging setbacks. Justin’s youth was spent in Port Moresbay, Papua Nui Gini, and at the tender age of eight, he demonstrated his first signs of entrepreneurial acumen. He began breeding mice, a common enough hobby for a child. But Justin wasn’t just keeping these creatures as personal pets. He was selling them for twenty cents each to his schoolmates and the local pet store. This venture was Justin’s first taste of business ownership and the first hint at his innate knack for spotting and capitalizing on opportunities. Justin doing his regular Quality Control Checks at his Brullen factory in China

In 1991, as a teenager, Justin landed his first and only full-time role at McDonald’s. It was here that he noticed the regular malfunctioning of the company’s machines. Instead of simply complaining or ignoring this issue, he saw it as a learning opportunity. He dedicated countless hours to teaching himself the intricacies of machine servicing and repair. This skill earned him recognition at work but later served as a stepping stone to a bigger venture. After years of harnessing his expertise, Justin boldly quit his job and established an independent business servicing the very machines he had come to know so well during his tenure at McDonald’s. This leap of faith, founded on an unwavering self-belief and a robust skillset, was the beginning of Justin’s journey as a successful CEO, demonstrating that perseverance can transform small beginnings into formidable achievements. Justin’s story is evidence that success is not exclusively reserved for those born with a silver spoon but can be a reality for anyone willing to spot opportunities, continuously learn, and never give up. Today, despite the highs and lows that characterize the world of business, Justin stands tall as a beacon of entrepreneurial success, testament to the power of determination, resourcefulness, and relentless ambition. The Ice Cream Revolution: Redefining Quality and Savings in the Food Industry In the competitive landscape of the restaurant industry, with its razor-thin margins and continuous demands for innovation, business proprietors are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency, quality, and profits. Unbeknownst to many, a significant factor that can contribute to these goals lies in an industry staple - the soft serve ice cream machine. Enter Justin, an ordinary man with the extraordinary vision of revolutionizing an overlooked area. Justin tirelessly worked three temporary jobs, seven days a week, for an astonishing eighteen hours on average each day. This relentless pursuit was not just for his entrepreneurial aspiration, but also towards a selfless goal - providing a service, that he adamantly believed was essential for the industry, absolutely free to begin with to prove his point. This was no ordinary service though. Justin meticulously cleaned and serviced soft serve ice cream machines, elevating not just the performance and cleanliness, but also reducing downtime and improving their sanitary conditions. Restaurants that availed Justin’s service observed an impressive reduction of up to 30% or more in their maintenance and repair costs for the equipment alone. Word quickly spread across Queensland about Justin’s exceptional services. This dedication began to yield results, and his business took off, growing at an exponential rate. At its peak, his business had more than 100 people on payroll, providing services to the largest food chains in the world. Unraveling the Lessons from a Failed Venture: The Hell Pizza Story Justin took a daring leap of faith when he purchased a New Zealand franchise named Hell Pizza, with the ambition to introduce it to the Australian marketplace. Located in the heart of Brisbane, this marked one of the first franchise stores for the brand in Australia. However, this journey wasn’t paved with gold as one might anticipate. The venture struggled to gain traction, failing to establish more than ten restaurants before it succumbed to the pressures of the sector and collapsed within a short span of two years. Justin’s experience offered a wealth of insights into the critical aspects that determine the success or failure of a franchise. The key takeaways revolve around understanding the market, aligning the business model to the local context, and maintaining a customer-centric approach. The closure of Hell Pizza’s Australian operations, while a blow, presented invaluable lessons. It highlighted that expanding a brand into new territory requires more than just capital; it demands thorough research, meticulous planning, and an understanding of the consumers’ preferences and behavior. All the ten Hell Pizza franchises suffered significant losses, providing a stark reminder of the thin line between success and failure in the realm of business. Yet, Justin’s story is far from a tale of defeat. Instead, it’s a narrative of resilience and learning, reminding us that every failure is but a stepping stone to success. Failure did not shatter Justin’s entrepreneurial spirit but rather strengthened it. His experience serves as a powerful lesson for every entrepreneur out there, shedding light on the dynamics of running a successful franchise and illuminating the path that some of the biggest business triumphs often follow - one that is paved with the lessons learned from failure. After drifting for a short time, including taking a car sales job at which he lasted just one day before quitting, Justin’s future was severely lacking in direction, and he felt it time to take a second crack at getting a soft serve machine service company off the ground, this time in a new area with a fresh client base. However, a chance encounter with his brother, Scott ultimately resulted in the pair deciding that a much better investment would be to create frozen dessert machines of their own, products that would exude manufacturing prowess, consistency, and reliability in equal measure. Thus, Brüllen Pty Ltd was born to fulfil these very obligations. Aside from their reliability, the company’s machines are incredibly easy to use, and a series of online training videos cover the areas of assembly, cleaning, set-up, and configuration. Training with a technician is available either online or at a customer’s place of business, too. The exemplary nature of Brüllen’s machines and services have caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the worldwide hospitality space, and Justin has personally overseen the supply, service, and installation of a wide range of equipment in parts of the world for such iconic brands as Burger King, Wendy’s, IKEA, Subway, Oakberry, Wendy’s, Donut King, Gloria Jeans, Hilton Hotels, Ritz Carlton, Pizza Hut, and countless others. Justin spending quality time with his daughter. Justin with David Mackintosh the Founder of Peach Melbourne at the Australian Open 2024.

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 9 Currently ranked as one of the top three soft serve equipment manufacturers in the world, this remarkable feat has only been possible thanks to the knowledge, experience, and dedication of Justin and his expert team. From day one, improving and growing the company into the worldwide force that it is today has been a top priority, and still very much at the helm, Justin now possesses thirty years of experience and know-how that he is constantly applying to fortify Brüllen’s frontrunner status. This has proven exceptionally valuable in not only the design and engineering of these machines, but also in the wider managing of the business, something Justin prides himself on undertaking to the highest possible standard across his CEO duties. In managing a business, Justin implements his three-fold ethos – passion, pride, and profit. Aided by this demonstrably impactful mindset, Justin has not only succeeded in a business setting, but he has used this platform to give something back to numerous global charities that cover both humanitarian and wildlife causes, highlighting his selfless nature and drive to help others. As such, Justin has previously taken part in a Vinnies CEO Sleepout for charity alongside fellow CEOs and businesspeople in Sydney to raise funds and awareness for homelessness in Australia. Justin believes in using his public profile to take a stand for something he feels strongly about; he knows first-hand how quickly one can lose it all, and every Australia deserves food and somewhere safe to live. Brüllen’s success lies not only in its robust machines but also in its commitment to expanding and delivering premium quality. This is the secret behind Brüllen’s sustained success, and the reason they’re stronger now than ever before. From cruise ships and mobile food vans to the famed restaurants and cafes, Brüllen’s presence is felt, and its quality, savored. In any business venture, comprehensive and efficient service goes a mile beyond the product itself. Brüllen is a brand that understands this need, posing as your onestop-shop for all necessities when it comes to maintaining your machine. Offering a wide array of tune-up kits compatible with every model, standard staples such as cleaning solutions, universal cleaning brushes, sanitizing tablets and powder, and even lubricant are readily available via the online store. This only reinforces the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, which is further displayed in its solid warranty coverage. While practicality and efficiency are key, style and uniqueness should never be set aside. Thus, Brüllen’s machines come in a multitude of colours. More than that, customers are given the liberty to choose their custom color or wrapping, reflecting their brand image or syncing seamlessly with the setting’s decor. Brüllen thrives on its ability to provide all-inclusive solutions, confirming it as the top pick for those in the dessert-making industry. The brand ensures its customers’ needs are met and expectations are surpassed, every step of the way. For emerging entrepreneurs, the rapidly growing segment of soft serve ice cream and acai promises fruitful opportunities. But, calculating profits and understanding the business model often pose a significant challenge. Brüllen offers a practical and user-friendly profit calculator to help you map out your path to success with confidence and clarity. Accessible directly from the Brüllen company website, this handy tool empowers prospective customers to assess the potential profits they can accumulate from the booming soft serve and acai business. But why soft serve and acai? The answer is simple; it doesn’t only delight the palate, but it is transforming into a highly viable and lucrative business opportunity. With the right setting and efficient business model, you could witness an astounding 400% gross profit and fast ROI. Justin also reminds clients that we need to be environmentally conscious now more than ever and by using a soft serve machines we can greatly reduce the amount of plastic wastage since soft serve-based products can be served in reusable or edible items. Humans currently produce more than a staggering amount of 350 million metric tons of plastic per year with tubbed ice cream and plastic wrapped ice creams being one of the main contributors. To further sweeten the deal, Brüllen’s sister company, The Bondi Ice Cream Co., offers a delightful range of soft serve mixes and flavors. The Bondi Ice Cream Co.’s first retail store will be opening in 2024 near world famous Bondi Beach Sydney Australia and be structured to allow the right people to purchase their own franchisee anywhere in the world. Looking to the future with confidence, this homegrown company stands poised to challenge international brands with the power of quality Australian produce and advanced Brüllen equipment. In the throbbing heart of the industry, one name continues to make waves and that name is Justin Fischer, the CEO of Brüllen Pty Ltd. Regardless of the challenges and uncertainties that the future might bring, one thing remains crystal clear - Justin’s story is one that defines resilience, drive, and unyielding ambition. An epitome of sterling leadership, Justin’s journey over the decades has been nothing short of inspiring. His vision, focused on delivering extraordinary customer service, pioneering innovation, and taking his enterprise to global heights, has remained unswerving. Brüllen, under Justin’s remarkable leadership, has not only achieved these goals but continues to surpass them. His unwavering commitment and exceptional business acumen have seen the company grow exponentially, making significant strides on the global stage. The recognition of Justin Fischer as Most Influential CEO 2024 - Australia is not just a title. It is a testament to the tireless efforts of a man who dared to dream and chase those dreams and, in doing so, has shown us all what’s possible. Despite what the future holds, one thing is certain: Justin Fischer’s story will continue to be inspirational. Contact: Justin Fischer Company: Brüllen Pty Ltd Web Address: https://Brü Justin doing his regular Quality Control Checks at his Brullen factory in China

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 10 Having initially worked as a Project Coordinator and Account Services Manager at TXU Energy in 2001, Toni Jameson joined oil and gas enterprise Pioneer Natural Resources Company as a Senior Power Analyst in 2003. Later, she progressed to the role of Power Technical Specialist. In 2017, Toni was inspired to leverage her 16 years of experience to branch out on her Based in Midland, Texas, Lythix LLC is an engineering firm that offers a wide range of services, including power system engineering as well as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) inspections. The firm is owned and operated by CEO Toni Jameson, whose career in the energy and utilities sectors dates back to 2001. For her excellent leadership of Lythix, Toni has been named Most Influential CEO 2024 - Southern USA (Energy Engineering) in this year’s Most Influential CEO Awards. own and establish Lythix LLC, an engineering firm focused on providing power system design, electrical engineering, project management, as well as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) inspections for powerline, pipeline and facilities. Through its various turnkey solutions, Lythix aims to support its clients as they navigate challenges related to power infrastructure and utility capacity issues. Lythix designs lasting power systems that fulfil their clients’ unique long-term needs, providing faster, datafilled deliverables with a secure web-based client portal. Today, Toni continues to stand at the helm of Lythix’s small, focused team of professionals. With over 250 years’ collective experience in the oil and gas industry, they bring expert knowledge to their projects and the companies they serve. Their work remains firmly grounded in integrity and honesty, two factors that underpin all their business relationships. Furthermore, the team strives to understand the specifics of each customer’s needs, tailoring their services and solutions in line with their requirements. In line with their respective areas of expertise, Lythix’s engineering team focus on distribution and transmission powerline design, power system engineering, relay and recloser programming, power quality studies, system/ facility arc flash, secondary electrical design and BOM, utility and client project management, power system mapping with GIS integration, power system construction inspection and secondary electrical facility inspection. Lythix also has a fully operational UAV team. UAVs provide faster, more accurate data, which allows the client to see issues before they become large system outages. Catching these issues before unplanned downtime occurs can save the client money, deferred production and potential equipment failures system wide. All UAV thermal and OGI inspection is reviewed by certified OGI inspectors and certified thermographers and then reviewed by qualified powerline inspectors prior to being delivered to the client. The UAV team provides OOOOa inspections (OGI), thermal and preventative maintenance inspections, LIDAR, monochromatic mapping, pipeline inspection and ROW inspections. As a result of her exceptional leadership of Lythix LLC, Toni Jameson has been named Most Influential CEO - Southern USA (Energy Engineering) in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2024. Considering her remarkable success thus far, there is no doubt that she looks towards a promising future, and we look forward to seeing what she goes on to accomplish. Contact Details Contact: Toni Jameson Company: Lythix LLC Web Address: Toni Jameson: Leading Lythix LLC to Success

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CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 12 Stuart Anderson: Trusted GDPR Compliance Expert & Data Security Consultant t XpertDPO, the team is dedicated to helping organisations around the world create and preserve their value by transforming regulatory constraints into opportunities to make a positive impact on clients’ operations. Its proven methodology is grounded in research, experience, and a practical ethos which consistently delivers value to clients. With XpertDPO’s GDPR compliance services and outsourced data protection officer services, the business strives to change clients’ relationships with the data they process. Prior to the introduction of GDPR, organisations were assumed compliant until evidence of noncompliance was identified. Since the EU legislation passed in 2018, it has become essential for businesses to appoint an individual responsible for evaluating and monitoring compliance. Many organisations outsource the responsibilities of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to compliance experts. XpertDPO provides a range of services to support the DPO role as well as keeping clients informed and updated on all data protection matters. By outsourcing the position, clients align themselves with specialised consultants who Jan24468 Based in Ireland, XpertDPO is one of the leading providers of Data Security, Governance, and Risk and Compliance in the UK and beyond. Established by Stuart Anderson in 2018, the business offers tailormade solutions to public and private sector organisations. With its value-based approach, XpertDPO provides pragmatic Information Security and Governance advisory and consultancy services to help clients overcome their regulatory challenges and concentrate on their business goals. Through Mr. Anderson’s people-centric leadership, the organisation has established a culture of trust which has fostered sustainable growth and long-term success. Stuart Anderson works hard to inspire excellence in his team and for his expert direction, we have bestowed on him this year’s award for Most Influential CEO – ROI (Data Protection). A can quickly resolve GDPR issues, data breaches, subject access requests, and other compliance challenges. XpertDPO provides ISO 27001 certification consultancy, offering clients an efficient means of managing their data security. The ISO 27001 standard provides a set of standardised requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and offers a processbased approach to clients for implementing, managing, and improving their ISMS. This framework helps organisations to safeguard valuable data, effectively manage risks to information security, achieve compliance, and protect the organisation’s reputation. XpertDPO understands that data protection is essential to successfully manage and streamline business operations. By achieving ISO 27001 certification, organisations can ensure confidential data remains secure in order to protect clients, assets, and shareholders. The innovative company also specialises in providing Nominated European Representative Services to non-EU and non-UK based organisations. Although GDPR is a European regulation, organisations outside of the EU may be required to appoint a European Representative under certain circumstances. To help clients navigate GDPR, XpertDPO assigns a certified Data Protection Expert to ensure that businesses remain compliant. It is XpertDPO’s belief that data security function should be informed by an organisation’s business objectives. Its diligent team helps clients to turn regulatory challenges into opportunities for success, creating a positive impact on their economic and organisational models. Founder Stuart Anderson is a GDPR consultant and Data Security expert who leverages his industry experience and technical proficiency to advise in the areas of Data Protection, Data Quality, Information Security, Governance Risk and Compliance, and implementing Regulatory Compliance processes. He is certified by ISACA and possesses the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) and Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certifications. Most recently, Mr. Anderson has published articles in the International Journal for Data Protection Officers, Privacy Officers, and Privacy Counsel with his latest work examining the impact of Brexit on Data Protection. Reflecting on his career, Mr. Anderson says, “I worked in numerous technology and software companies culminating in me having a shareholding in a software start up. I founded XpertDPO as I had a passion for information security and, as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable in 2018, I saw an opportunity to start my own business that specialised in offering these services to clients here in Europe and further afield. My approach has always been the same, and that is the relentless pursuit of excellence. This has led to XpertDPO becoming the largest supplier of information security services in the Irish Public Sector. In addition, we have opened offices in London and, most recently, Bahrain in the Middle East. XpertDPO has over 500 clients across the globe and is the trusted advisor to many enterprise clients.” Within the organisation, Mr. Anderson focuses on the business growth objectives of XpertDPO. His clientcentric philosophy revolves around building long-lasting relationships with clients based on trust in order to effectively advise on Information Security and Governance. The key to XpertDPO’s success is hiring exceptional staff who are passionate about achieving client satisfaction. Mr. Anderson

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 13 has fostered a culture of learning and growth that encourages staff to perform at their best. XpertDPO values collaboration and its team works together to create a cooperative environment that supports one another. Mr. Anderson shares, “Owning and running a business is stressful and involves sacrifice. You have to commit to it and have a mindset that at times needs to be ruthless, whether that be with your time, resources, or when making decisions. You will need to be relentless in how you approach the growth of your business. It is important to hire great people and let them perform; it’s your job to foster this culture within your organisation.” In the Information Security and Governance industry, Mr. Anderson has noticed a distinct lack of experienced individuals with the necessary skills to excel. XpertDPO is currently working to establish strategic partnerships with several educational institutions in order to build an apprenticeship program. Apprentices will work alongside XpertDPO staff to enhance their existing skills and gain valuable experience. The company will also help learners to gain recognised industry certifications and qualifications. Once their education is completed, apprentices will begin work in one of XpertDPO’s global offices. In the future, XpertDPO will have a two-fold focus, to expand its operations in the Middle East region and to implement new service offerings that will ensure that clients remain informed on all governance issues. These new services will integrate technology to keep up with the latest AI regulations that are beginning to be implemented worldwide. Moving forward, Mr. Anderson will continue to focus on business growth and building meaningful relationships with clients. It is his primary goal for XpertDPO to become a trusted global leader of consultancy for Enterprise Information Security and Governance. Under his inspirational leadership, XpertDPO will continue to provide a suite of practical solutions to address clients’ data protection and GDPR concerns, allowing them to focus on their core activities. By channelling Mr. Anderson’s client-centric philosophy and value-based approach, the team provide vital support for clients to help them overcome their regulatory challenges. For Mr. Anderson’s strategic direction, he has received our award for this year’s Most Influential CEO – ROI (Data Protection). Contact: Stuart Anderson Company: XpertDPO Ltd Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 14 ony H. King’s story begins with learnings gained as a child from the Qur’an and his father, who was a Qur’an teacher all his life. Impressively, Tony was one of the youngest children in the world to finish the Holy Book by the age of just five. Not only this, but he was already manifesting for the future, and showing good intuition and decision-making skills. This formed a solid foundation for all that was to come. Soon becoming something of a rebellious teen, Tony was forced out of college and left to find his own way in life by choice. Briefly, he was overcome by aimlessness – until he met his then-partner. At eighteen, the two were all loved up, and discovered months later that they were expecting their first child. They tried to make ends meet, but found themselves homeless, supported primarily by Manchester City Council. Tony knew he needed to turn things around – and it’s here that his real estate career began. Just five years after one of the most difficult periods of his life, Tony found himself exactly where he wanted to be – scaling the ranks of the real estate field, at only 23. Tony went on to launch his own £1m company, create lasting partnerships with like-minded individuals, and become a multi-awardwinning CEO. Now, Tony is the owner of fifteen companies stationed across the UK, UAE, and Egypt, several of which provide comprehensive real estate services globally. Established in Manchester and Dubai in 2022, Gold Ace Real Estates specialises in selling UAE properties from the UK. One of the only companies granted permission to carry out such a service in the UK, its capabilities are coveted by clients far and wide. The company can provide clients access to its expert sub agents with expertise in selling UAE properties on a commission-only basis from countries across the world – from Lagos, all the way to Chicago. As such, the firm has formed significant connections, enabling clients to begin their venture into real estate. One of Tony’s most notable connections is his business partner, Zak Jennings. Situated in Dubai, and overseeing the company’s UAE-based team, Tony recognised that, like him, Zak’s outlook on the industry came from combining work and life experiences to create something revolutionary. The pair now work in harmony to bring their respective dreams to life. To them, “it’s the winning that counts”, and this mindset has invited in astounding opportunities time and time again. The drive was always there for Tony and Zak. Tony remembers back to early on, when the duo were at the stage of their lives where the A Golden Ace in the Hole From humble beginnings to owning a whopping fifteen companies, Tony H. King exemplifies the true power of love, hard work, and dedication. We explore how Tony’s unique perspective on both life and the real estate industry has earned him the title of Most Influential CEO 2024 - Manchester (International Real Estate). focus was on making money to survive, and they were selling Christmas trees at markets in the freezing early hours of the morning for small profits – Their grit and determination has always been undeniable. “I am committed to making a change to the world and the people in it. I am not here to be a follower of anybody, and I have proven to be a leader and a good decision maker with a proven track record and zero regrets.” Tony wanted to do something different within the industry: in addition to selling UAE-based properties, he made Gold Ace Real Estate synonymous with greatness in Manchester too. This shows through its management and sales of some of the biggest apartments across the region, offering a unique same day move in and rent guarantee scheme. Tony comments, “We are giving people a different way of doing things. We have certain clients who pay and guarantee rent who can be more honourable than your everyday tenants.” Partnered with being the only real estate company in the UK to offer a rent guarantee service itself, Tony has distinguished his agency from what is often regarded as a heavily crowded industry. A paragon of determination, Tony H. King’s passion ignites the flames of change within the real estate sector. His taking of previous misfortunes and transforming them into something groundbreaking is astonishing – really separating him from other CEOs within the industry. Though not the biggest fan of education, Tony has immense knowledge and wisdom stemming from his extensive, on-hand experience. In realising his dreams, Tony has developed a real estate agency that captures the heart and soul of the man that made it into what it is today. Whether overseeing the operations of Gold Ace Real Estates, Gold Ace Law, Gold Ace Cars, Gold Ace Trends, or his beloved Gold Ace Charity, Tony H. King’s aspirations know no bounds. For years, he has been devoted to growing both himself and his companies for the sake of his family’s stability, ultimately shaping him into the award-winning CEO he is today. And yet, at the end of the day, so long as Tony can go back to his four children and his matte black Mercedes, he’s a happy man whose success stands as testament to the love he has to give. T Contact: Tony King Company: Gold Ace Real Estates Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 15 Kyle Collier: Accelerating Digital Economies and Everyday Shopping Based in Ontario, Canada, Phaze is a financial software development firm renowned for its innovative prepaid payout API, trusted by numerous multi-billion-dollar fintech companies and over 80 million users. Spearheaded by Founder and CEO Kyle Collier, recently named Most Influential CEO 2023 - Toronto (Digital Gift Cards) in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023, Phaze prioritizes swift integration, enabling customers to go to market in days, not months. Here, we delve into Kyle’s career in light of this achievement. Driven by a passion for technology, Kyle Collier’s journey commenced in 2006 at the University of Waterloo, where he distinguished himself among 100 students admitted to the prestigious bachelor’s program in system design engineering. Excelling academically, he also pursued minors in management science and biomechanics. During his tenure, he gained practical experience through cooperative education roles at Sandvine, Blackberry, and Public Mobile, refining his expertise in networks, protocols, and mobile applications. Upon graduating in 2011, Kyle embarked on a career as a Network Engineer at Public Mobile. However, his entrepreneurial drive soon propelled him to establish several successful tech startups, including BoothPass, Eve Tab, and Noq, many of which were later acquired. In 2018, Kyle founded Phaze with the vision of accelerating the fusion of digital economies with everyday commerce. Offering modern financial enterprises secure payment disbursement solutions, Phaze ensures seamless issuance of digital gift cards, cash cards, and prepaid mobile top-ups for use at over 2,500 global retailers and mobile carriers. At the heart of Phaze’s offerings lies its API, renowned for its rapid integration capabilities, allowing customers to bring their products to market in a matter of days, not months. Supported by patent-pending “Smart Offer” technology to enhance security and fraud mitigation, Phaze sets the standard for efficiency and reliability. By aggregating digital gift cards from over 100 countries, Phaze has solidified its position as the premier platform for digital wallets, neobanks, and gaming platforms operating internationally. In addition to streamlining vendor management, Phaze offers clients substantial benefits, including profit margins of 3% to 5% per end-user transaction, surpassing those of competitors in the market. Phaze’s integration benefits end-users by facilitating instant delivery of digital gift cards for immediate use online or instore, even enabling conversion at checkout. Moreover, with customizable white-label B2B payment and disbursement solutions, Phaze ensures a seamless experience for endusers within the client’s platform. Furthermore, Phaze is now launching a groundbreaking initiative, offering a free program for any company. Under this program, Phaze will create a digital gift card for participating companies and resell it through its extensive network of 80 million connected users through its partner networks, presenting an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to expand their reach and capitalize on the digital economy. If you’re a business, startup or SMB looking to grow a zero effort sales channel. Connect with Kyle here. At the helm of this groundbreaking company, Kyle Collier is driving the global transition to digital payments. Recognized for his exceptional contributions, he was awarded the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - Toronto (Digital Gift Cards) in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. With a track record of success and a commitment to rapid integration, Kyle’s future looks promising, and we extend our best wishes for his continued achievements. Sep23245

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 16 When it came to the process of testing her developing product, Natalie not only had a series of enthusiastic students on hand, but also her own four children, whose incredibly honest and direct feedback on the dough ultimately enabled her to craft something that was the perfect incarnation of what she was seeking. Natalie knew this since the children in her In a world where young children are increasingly reliant on the technology around them, Toy Manufacturing CEO of the Year 2023 – Canada recipient Natalie Sabri has a different approach in mind, continuing the long-standing tradition of the fond memories that stem from using dough to imagine, shape, and craft wonderful creations. An educator in the early years and thus well-versed in the importance of sensory play, Natalie spent more than a decade tirelessly making and refining the product that is today manufactured by her business, Dough Parlour Inc., an excellent dough recipe that is sure to yield epic experiences for children and adults alike. care would request to play with the dough she had made on a daily basis, and with regular use came the realisation that the nostalgia-filled, distinctive scents that Natalie had used in the creation of the dough had seen her classroom transform into a masterclass of colour and fragrance, reinforcing the effort she had put in regarding potency, scents, and colours. As a mother herself, it was of the uppermost importance for Natalie to ensure that the well-being of the children she looked after took priority, something she kept in mind when choosing 100% nontoxic ingredients to make up the fabric of her dough. But more than this, Natalie sought to optimise the experience, providing children with not only a fun time, but the chance to improve their physical and cognitive abilities. Aiding her in this task was her deep understanding of the strong connection between smell and neurophysiology, so across all of the scents in her dough, she used food-based smells which serve to not only stimulate the senses, but also kindle emotions and happy memories. Not only then was this dough soft, fresh, and an easy sell when it came to keeping her students engaged, happy, and learning, but it also fulfilled its most basic function – to provide a positive and calming play experience. The calming effect the dough had extended beyond just her children, with Natalie even using it at times when she found herself to be distressed. In fact, Natalie believes that the quality of a good dough can be assessed by how much adults seek to play with it, something that was corroborated first-hand when she took the product on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Not only did one Dragon comment positively on the dough’s texture, but they all said they would keep it to relieve stress in their own lives. Aside from the well-chosen smells and texture, colour was another area that Natalie afforded great time and care, as she knew that this was one of the most important things in getting children to engage with the product. Since the psychology of colour is known to impact how a person feels, Natalie’s unique scent and colour combinations furthered children along their learning journeys, with the dough being purposefully created with soft hues and in neutral and pleasant pastel colours to nurture an environment that is warm and calming. New colours and scents are being added every season, providing customers with joy whenever they open up one of the boxes. Moving on to the products that are available in Dough Parlour Inc.’s expansive online store, The Dough Parlour, a variety of doughs are offered in the company’s signature “scoops” line, with some of the most notable of these being bubble gum, grape, cotton candy, lemonade, banana split, and chocolate. In addition to this, a number of accessories such as cutters and playmats are available, as well as gift sets that are perfect for that special occasion. Those planning a party can enjoy a number of “scoops”, favours, accessories, and stickers that are suitable for the occasion, with many of these coming in sizeable sets with multiple items, incredibly convenient for keeping the children occupied and entertained. Ultimately, Natalie Sabri and Dough Parlour Inc. have succeeded in creating a product that not only offers an epic sensory experience, but also keeps another generation happier and healthier through the love of play. With all of this in mind, Natalie is more than deserving of the title of Toy Manufacturing CEO of the Year 2023 – Canada. Contact: Natalie Sabri Company: Dough Parlour Inc. Web Address: https:// The Sweet Scents of Play Dough