Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 10 Having initially worked as a Project Coordinator and Account Services Manager at TXU Energy in 2001, Toni Jameson joined oil and gas enterprise Pioneer Natural Resources Company as a Senior Power Analyst in 2003. Later, she progressed to the role of Power Technical Specialist. In 2017, Toni was inspired to leverage her 16 years of experience to branch out on her Based in Midland, Texas, Lythix LLC is an engineering firm that offers a wide range of services, including power system engineering as well as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) inspections. The firm is owned and operated by CEO Toni Jameson, whose career in the energy and utilities sectors dates back to 2001. For her excellent leadership of Lythix, Toni has been named Most Influential CEO 2024 - Southern USA (Energy Engineering) in this year’s Most Influential CEO Awards. own and establish Lythix LLC, an engineering firm focused on providing power system design, electrical engineering, project management, as well as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) inspections for powerline, pipeline and facilities. Through its various turnkey solutions, Lythix aims to support its clients as they navigate challenges related to power infrastructure and utility capacity issues. Lythix designs lasting power systems that fulfil their clients’ unique long-term needs, providing faster, datafilled deliverables with a secure web-based client portal. Today, Toni continues to stand at the helm of Lythix’s small, focused team of professionals. With over 250 years’ collective experience in the oil and gas industry, they bring expert knowledge to their projects and the companies they serve. Their work remains firmly grounded in integrity and honesty, two factors that underpin all their business relationships. Furthermore, the team strives to understand the specifics of each customer’s needs, tailoring their services and solutions in line with their requirements. In line with their respective areas of expertise, Lythix’s engineering team focus on distribution and transmission powerline design, power system engineering, relay and recloser programming, power quality studies, system/ facility arc flash, secondary electrical design and BOM, utility and client project management, power system mapping with GIS integration, power system construction inspection and secondary electrical facility inspection. Lythix also has a fully operational UAV team. UAVs provide faster, more accurate data, which allows the client to see issues before they become large system outages. Catching these issues before unplanned downtime occurs can save the client money, deferred production and potential equipment failures system wide. All UAV thermal and OGI inspection is reviewed by certified OGI inspectors and certified thermographers and then reviewed by qualified powerline inspectors prior to being delivered to the client. The UAV team provides OOOOa inspections (OGI), thermal and preventative maintenance inspections, LIDAR, monochromatic mapping, pipeline inspection and ROW inspections. As a result of her exceptional leadership of Lythix LLC, Toni Jameson has been named Most Influential CEO - Southern USA (Energy Engineering) in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2024. Considering her remarkable success thus far, there is no doubt that she looks towards a promising future, and we look forward to seeing what she goes on to accomplish. Contact Details Contact: Toni Jameson Company: Lythix LLC Web Address: Toni Jameson: Leading Lythix LLC to Success