Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 7 Jan24414 In 2008, Justin Fischer, a visionary entrepreneur, saw a crucial gap in the market for reliable, high-performance, and high-quality soft serve, acai, and dessert machines – an opportunity too sweet to ignore. With his enterprise, Brüllen Pty Ltd, he started manufacturing frozen dessert machines, a move that has since revolutionized the industry. And he didn’t just jump into this blindly; his decision was underpinned by deep market insight. Today, Brüllen has solidified itself as a global industry leader, manufacturing, exporting, selling, and servicing soft serve ice and commercial dessert equipment, as well as frozen yoghurt and acai dessert machines, on a global scale. The journey Justin has undergone to get to this point has been inspiring, emotional, and reassuring all at once, and as a result of his unwavering commitment to the cause, we are proud to bestow Justin Fischer with the rightful title of Most Influential CEO 2024 – Australia. Brüllen Pty Ltd, under Justin’s vigilant guidance, has been filling the frozen dessert market space with high-quality products that not only meet the needs of businesses but exceed them. Utilising modern technology and innovative designs, the company has consistently produced machines that deliver high performance and longevity, ensuring customer satisfaction is always at its peak. Justin’s mission has always been about more than just good business; it’s about delivering solutions with a blend of innovation, efficiency, and quality that satisfy the sweetest of cravings, enhancing the quality of frozen dessert offerings and improving the bottom line for businesses across the globe. Justin Fischer’s decision to tread an untrodden path and his consistent focus on delivering reliability and top-notch performance, encapsulate the spirit of true entrepreneurship. His journey offers valuable lessons and inspiration for other business leaders looking to fill the gaps within their own industries, ensuring that their companies not only survive but thrive. Brüllen’s success story serves as a clear testament to the transformative power of business acumen, market intelligence, and innovative thinking - the key ingredients for a recipe of success in today’s everevolving business landscape. Unleashing Dreams into Reality: A Taste of Success with Brüllen’s CEO and Founder, Justin Fischer “Write your dreams down and never stop chasing them.” This is the powerful sentiment of the dynamic CEO and Founder of Brüllen, Justin Fischer. With an entrepreneurial journey spanning more than twenty-five years, Fischer’s mantra has guided him across the treacherous terrain of business, transforming his boldest dreams into an awe-inspiring reality. His arduous journey, crowded with unyielding obstacles, has culminated in an extraordinary success story - one that thrives in the heart of the enchanting Australian city of Sydney. Today, Justin stands as a pioneering and dominant figure in the world of frozen desserts. His brainchild, Brüllen is rapidly carving its niche as a leading frozen dessert machine manufacturer globally. Justin’s entrepreneurial adventure reverberates with a tune of triumph that resonates worldwide. Mirroring the breathtaking beauty of its home city, Brüllen reflects a harmonious blend of superior craftsmanship and global appeal. This has enabled the company to rank within the golden top three in the industry - a stature that it has secured partially due to its consistent delivery of quality and excellence. Justin’s German heritage adds to the company’s engineering prowess. Here, the spirit of the company is encapsulated in the powerful German word “Brüllen”. The term translates to “roar”, like the sound of the majestic lion- a metaphor that seamlessly symbolizes the relentless dedication and no-frills approach that this company embodies. In the highly competitive arena of international business, the raw power of Brüllen is what distinguishes this company. Akin to a lion in the wild, the business not only survives, it thrives, propelled by an unflagging determination to maintain its supremacy. In the heart of South West China’s industrial hub, a symphony of machinery hums, where Brüllen machines are proudly assembled. The company, a beacon of Australian enterprise, boasts a 100% Australian ownership, serving as a testament of its heritage and commitment to the exceptional quality. Echoing its German lineage, Brüllen machines are meticulously crafted, reflecting the renowned precision and reliability that’s typical of German engineering. Once assembled, these machines don’t just come with a promise; they come with a bona fide, worldwide 12-month warranty - a key component of Brüllen’s comprehensive after sales service. In an era of digital convenience, Brüllen takes a step further with the newly launched service app, available on the AppStore and Android. This innovative tool facilitates prompt and efficient service resolution, keeping downtime to a minimum - a testament to Brüllen’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Behind these machines and services stands an exceptional team led by the visionary, Justin. His strategy to employ only the best reflects in the company’s reputation for excellence. This talented workforce forms the backbone of Brüllen, working tirelessly across all its worldwide territories to ensure the company’s lofty standards are maintained. From Childhood Entrepreneur to Successful CEO: The Inspiring Journey of Justin When it comes to success stories, Justin’s life story personifies determination, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit. Today, he is a well-known figure leading a successful company, and the path to the top has been dotted with both incredible victories and challenging setbacks. Justin’s youth was spent in Port Moresbay, Papua Nui Gini, and at the tender age of eight, he demonstrated his first signs of entrepreneurial acumen. He began breeding mice, a common enough hobby for a child. But Justin wasn’t just keeping these creatures as personal pets. He was selling them for twenty cents each to his schoolmates and the local pet store. This venture was Justin’s first taste of business ownership and the first hint at his innate knack for spotting and capitalizing on opportunities. Justin doing his regular Quality Control Checks at his Brullen factory in China