Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 16 When it came to the process of testing her developing product, Natalie not only had a series of enthusiastic students on hand, but also her own four children, whose incredibly honest and direct feedback on the dough ultimately enabled her to craft something that was the perfect incarnation of what she was seeking. Natalie knew this since the children in her In a world where young children are increasingly reliant on the technology around them, Toy Manufacturing CEO of the Year 2023 – Canada recipient Natalie Sabri has a different approach in mind, continuing the long-standing tradition of the fond memories that stem from using dough to imagine, shape, and craft wonderful creations. An educator in the early years and thus well-versed in the importance of sensory play, Natalie spent more than a decade tirelessly making and refining the product that is today manufactured by her business, Dough Parlour Inc., an excellent dough recipe that is sure to yield epic experiences for children and adults alike. care would request to play with the dough she had made on a daily basis, and with regular use came the realisation that the nostalgia-filled, distinctive scents that Natalie had used in the creation of the dough had seen her classroom transform into a masterclass of colour and fragrance, reinforcing the effort she had put in regarding potency, scents, and colours. As a mother herself, it was of the uppermost importance for Natalie to ensure that the well-being of the children she looked after took priority, something she kept in mind when choosing 100% nontoxic ingredients to make up the fabric of her dough. But more than this, Natalie sought to optimise the experience, providing children with not only a fun time, but the chance to improve their physical and cognitive abilities. Aiding her in this task was her deep understanding of the strong connection between smell and neurophysiology, so across all of the scents in her dough, she used food-based smells which serve to not only stimulate the senses, but also kindle emotions and happy memories. Not only then was this dough soft, fresh, and an easy sell when it came to keeping her students engaged, happy, and learning, but it also fulfilled its most basic function – to provide a positive and calming play experience. The calming effect the dough had extended beyond just her children, with Natalie even using it at times when she found herself to be distressed. In fact, Natalie believes that the quality of a good dough can be assessed by how much adults seek to play with it, something that was corroborated first-hand when she took the product on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. Not only did one Dragon comment positively on the dough’s texture, but they all said they would keep it to relieve stress in their own lives. Aside from the well-chosen smells and texture, colour was another area that Natalie afforded great time and care, as she knew that this was one of the most important things in getting children to engage with the product. Since the psychology of colour is known to impact how a person feels, Natalie’s unique scent and colour combinations furthered children along their learning journeys, with the dough being purposefully created with soft hues and in neutral and pleasant pastel colours to nurture an environment that is warm and calming. New colours and scents are being added every season, providing customers with joy whenever they open up one of the boxes. Moving on to the products that are available in Dough Parlour Inc.’s expansive online store, The Dough Parlour, a variety of doughs are offered in the company’s signature “scoops” line, with some of the most notable of these being bubble gum, grape, cotton candy, lemonade, banana split, and chocolate. In addition to this, a number of accessories such as cutters and playmats are available, as well as gift sets that are perfect for that special occasion. Those planning a party can enjoy a number of “scoops”, favours, accessories, and stickers that are suitable for the occasion, with many of these coming in sizeable sets with multiple items, incredibly convenient for keeping the children occupied and entertained. Ultimately, Natalie Sabri and Dough Parlour Inc. have succeeded in creating a product that not only offers an epic sensory experience, but also keeps another generation happier and healthier through the love of play. With all of this in mind, Natalie is more than deserving of the title of Toy Manufacturing CEO of the Year 2023 – Canada. Contact: Natalie Sabri Company: Dough Parlour Inc. Web Address: https:// The Sweet Scents of Play Dough