Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 23 Jan24062 Since its inception, Aim has remained steadfast in its Customer First mission, a testament to the company’s dedication to providing solutions that improve management and data governance. With its client-centric approach, the company strives to deliver simple solutions to complex problems to help businesses manage organisations and improve resilience. Through its comprehensive suite of services, Aim provides clients with technological solutions to overcome any challenge. As a globally renowned software technology provider, Aim develops innovative products to help with every aspect of change management. Highly rated by independent global analysts Forrester, Quadrant, and Bloor Research, Aim’s single-platform technology and software services are designed to future proof organisations and help them thrive in the digital age. With its integrated solutions, Aim helps businesses to embrace digitalisation and reengineer their processes to deliver products and services in a more efficient and cost-effective way. Aim’s team of digital business change engineers, utilise cutting-edge methodologies and systems to analyse clients’ operations and upgrade their organisations. Through its technology-driven approach, Aim performs an extensive analysis of an organisation’s processes, IT systems, staff, customers, and supply chain. This in-depth assessment enable clients to optimise efficiency, increase productivity, and deliver an improved customer experience. Aim’s dataEstate® suite of digital regulatory technology (regtech) solutions is designed to address organisations’ data challenges, providing them with an innovative way to understand their data. This understanding, combined with governance, smart case management, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data automation, enables clients to gain valuable insights into their operations and posture. The dataEstate® software platform includes the tools dataBelt® for Data Governance Forensic Analysis and Management; dataTrove® for Enterprise Level Electronic Document Management; dataChain® for Collaborative Enterprise Service and Work Management; and dataServe® providing a smart portal, Virtual Agent and Generative AI for outstanding user engagement and automated information pipelines. Aim’s dataEstate® regtech solutions are just about the most sophisticated and agile tools on the market, created to help organisations integrate technology and achieve an enhanced digital experience. Prior to Aim, CEO Steve Ackland served at several Big Four consultancies and Aim follows a similar business model. This involves Steve and his fellow directors actively engaging with customers and projects. This active leadership approach allows Steve to foster strong client relationships and remain abreast of the latest industry developments. His responsibilities as CEO include major corporate decisions, delivering strategy, supervising executives, governance and compliance, and overseeing growth plans. Steve describes his philosophy as servant leadership, in which the goal is to prioritise the wellbeing and empowerment of his employees. He strives to foster a learning culture at Aim, encouraging employees to grow, expand their skills, and work towards a collective vision. Steve says, “For me, servant leadership means leading by example, being a motivator, being approachable, and connecting with staff. I aim to empower staff by providing transparency, clarity, and trustworthiness and showing commitment to staff development. Influences on me have been around treating people how you want to be treated yourself and seeing in the past how others have led teams badly and making sure I do the opposite. I’d like to think that my leadership style has not changed significantly over the years, because as far as I am concerned that is the style that gets the best results from a team.” During the pandemic, Aim was one of many businesses to suffer from the effects of the lockdowns. It was necessary to place many projects on hold until clients knew when and if their operations could return to normal. Aim took strategic action to ensure that there were no team redundancies so that when the lockdown lifted, the company would easily recover. Another challenge that Aim has encountered is the rapid evolution of AI technology. Through the integration of AI and machine learning, the Aim team has developed several impressive software products in the regulatory technology fields. Nevertheless, the team must stay vigilant to remain informed on emerging technologies and staying ahead of the technology curve. Technological advancement and the increased focus on data and information management has provided Aim with abundant opportunities to develop pioneering software that assists with data governance and management. Aim recognises the borderless nature of data and key differences are how organisations engage with it and democratise its access. This concept has allowed Aim to unite all data disciplines - such as governance/retention, forensic analysis, counterfraud, cleansing, compliance, cyber security, data protection, risk – onto a ground-breaking single technology platform. By leveraging the latest technologies, Aim has provided transformational changes to a variety of organisations including the police, financial services, real estate sectors, legal sectors, and supply chains. Understanding and accurately interpreting data are essential to an organisation’s success with data-driven businesses proven to be the most successful. Since making the strategic decision to add software development to Aim’s portfolio, the company has created value for countless organisations, helping them to futureproof and stay ahead in their respective industries. Moving forward, Aim is committed to investing in local schools and colleges, by providing work experience training, internships and apprenticeships on world-class technologies and services, to help cultivate skills and interests and create the next generation of technologists. Over the past year, the team has delivered several groundbreaking projects that have greatly impacted clients and their communities. For its innovative ideas and single platform approach, Aim has been recognised as a global technology leader in data software and identified by International Analysts as an industry disruptor in reports on the data governance landscape. Steve shares, “This award from CEO Monthly is a great start to 2024 and a fantastic recognition not just for me but the whole Aim team. Aim is very much a team driven environment where everyone supports everyone else. That is been one of our biggest achievements and strengths in Aim. The directors and I ensure we get involved and promote this culture, giving praise and celebrating success wherever we find it.” Looking to the future, Steve will focus on business growth and delivering outstanding value to customers through Aim’s pioneering offerings. With its AIdriven approach, Aim strives to transform operational business, offering clients increased productivity, cost savings, and an improved customer experience – improvements measured at 85%+. By embracing digitalisation and integrating the latest technologies, organisations can overcome technical challenges and deliver products and services faster and cheaper than ever before. Under Steve’s democratic leadership, the team will continue to provide clients with unparalleled value and help them achieve success in the digital age. For his dynamic direction, we have bestowed on Mr. Steve Ackland this year’s award for Most Influential CEO - UK (International Business Services). Contact: Steve Ackland Company: Aim Limited Web Address: