Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 14 ony H. King’s story begins with learnings gained as a child from the Qur’an and his father, who was a Qur’an teacher all his life. Impressively, Tony was one of the youngest children in the world to finish the Holy Book by the age of just five. Not only this, but he was already manifesting for the future, and showing good intuition and decision-making skills. This formed a solid foundation for all that was to come. Soon becoming something of a rebellious teen, Tony was forced out of college and left to find his own way in life by choice. Briefly, he was overcome by aimlessness – until he met his then-partner. At eighteen, the two were all loved up, and discovered months later that they were expecting their first child. They tried to make ends meet, but found themselves homeless, supported primarily by Manchester City Council. Tony knew he needed to turn things around – and it’s here that his real estate career began. Just five years after one of the most difficult periods of his life, Tony found himself exactly where he wanted to be – scaling the ranks of the real estate field, at only 23. Tony went on to launch his own £1m company, create lasting partnerships with like-minded individuals, and become a multi-awardwinning CEO. Now, Tony is the owner of fifteen companies stationed across the UK, UAE, and Egypt, several of which provide comprehensive real estate services globally. Established in Manchester and Dubai in 2022, Gold Ace Real Estates specialises in selling UAE properties from the UK. One of the only companies granted permission to carry out such a service in the UK, its capabilities are coveted by clients far and wide. The company can provide clients access to its expert sub agents with expertise in selling UAE properties on a commission-only basis from countries across the world – from Lagos, all the way to Chicago. As such, the firm has formed significant connections, enabling clients to begin their venture into real estate. One of Tony’s most notable connections is his business partner, Zak Jennings. Situated in Dubai, and overseeing the company’s UAE-based team, Tony recognised that, like him, Zak’s outlook on the industry came from combining work and life experiences to create something revolutionary. The pair now work in harmony to bring their respective dreams to life. To them, “it’s the winning that counts”, and this mindset has invited in astounding opportunities time and time again. The drive was always there for Tony and Zak. Tony remembers back to early on, when the duo were at the stage of their lives where the A Golden Ace in the Hole From humble beginnings to owning a whopping fifteen companies, Tony H. King exemplifies the true power of love, hard work, and dedication. We explore how Tony’s unique perspective on both life and the real estate industry has earned him the title of Most Influential CEO 2024 - Manchester (International Real Estate). focus was on making money to survive, and they were selling Christmas trees at markets in the freezing early hours of the morning for small profits – Their grit and determination has always been undeniable. “I am committed to making a change to the world and the people in it. I am not here to be a follower of anybody, and I have proven to be a leader and a good decision maker with a proven track record and zero regrets.” Tony wanted to do something different within the industry: in addition to selling UAE-based properties, he made Gold Ace Real Estate synonymous with greatness in Manchester too. This shows through its management and sales of some of the biggest apartments across the region, offering a unique same day move in and rent guarantee scheme. Tony comments, “We are giving people a different way of doing things. We have certain clients who pay and guarantee rent who can be more honourable than your everyday tenants.” Partnered with being the only real estate company in the UK to offer a rent guarantee service itself, Tony has distinguished his agency from what is often regarded as a heavily crowded industry. A paragon of determination, Tony H. King’s passion ignites the flames of change within the real estate sector. His taking of previous misfortunes and transforming them into something groundbreaking is astonishing – really separating him from other CEOs within the industry. Though not the biggest fan of education, Tony has immense knowledge and wisdom stemming from his extensive, on-hand experience. In realising his dreams, Tony has developed a real estate agency that captures the heart and soul of the man that made it into what it is today. Whether overseeing the operations of Gold Ace Real Estates, Gold Ace Law, Gold Ace Cars, Gold Ace Trends, or his beloved Gold Ace Charity, Tony H. King’s aspirations know no bounds. For years, he has been devoted to growing both himself and his companies for the sake of his family’s stability, ultimately shaping him into the award-winning CEO he is today. And yet, at the end of the day, so long as Tony can go back to his four children and his matte black Mercedes, he’s a happy man whose success stands as testament to the love he has to give. T Contact: Tony King Company: Gold Ace Real Estates Web Address: