Issue 3 2024

4. News 6. Frozen Dessert Machines CEO’s Warming Story of Triumph 10. Toni Jameson: Leading Lythix LLC to Success 12. Stuart Anderson: Trusted GDPR Compliance Expert & Data Security Consultant 14. A Golden Ace in the Hole 15. Kyle Collier: Accelerating Digital Economies and Everyday Shopping 16. The Sweet Scents of Play Dough 17. Your World of Engaging Sports Entertainment 18. Kyle Whitehill: Most Influential CEO 2024 - UK (Satellite Communications) 20. Sustainability Integrated into Every Business 22. Data Solutions for Business Transformation 24. Excellence in Welsh Broadcasting 25. Cultivating a Resilient Corporate Culture: Leadership Strategies for the New Normal 26. Franchising Home Healthcare for the Greater Good Contents