Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 20 It all began in 2006, when Alan first found himself immersed in the world of carbon management. Before net zero was even a concept, he was going out of his way to try and educate businesses on how to prioritise sustainable practices – a task that was immensely difficult. At the time, not many believed that the environment would need additional assistance, let alone from their businesses, and it was clear that Alan had his work cut out for him. Fortunately, he managed to engage with many early innovators who shared his vision, leading to a select few embracing the change in order to get ahead of the curve. As such, Alan was invited to become a part of many exciting projects that have, to varying extents, become an integral part of shaping the industry. But there was still work to be done, and so Alan proceeded to adopt the role of CEO at Neutral Carbon Zone. As a conduit for Alan’s hopes for the future of businesses across the region, Neutral Carbon Zone helps clients redefine their perspective of sustainability. At its heart, the company exists to bring in a new age of widespread awareness. With a long history of being an influential company amidst many, Neutral Carbon Zone has made quite the name for itself. So far, Neutral Carbon Zone has already become a part of many businesses’ journeys towards net zero. Regardless of the size or sector, its capable team has spent the last two decades creating innovative solutions that really work – solutions that have transcended their origin point and spread across the globe. In turn, clients have been granted access to the integration of ingenious programmes that, at their Sustainability Integrated into Every Business Specialising in creating a credible pathway for businesses who are actively looking to integrate sustainability into their practices, Neutral Carbon Zone is an innovative and industry leading organisation who, under the watchful eye of award-winning CEO Alan Stenson, has already had an incredible impact. Since taking on such a crucial role, Alan has come to earn quite the exceptional level of recognition, and now owns the title of Most Influential CEO 2024 - South East England (Carbon Management). Join us as we delve into how Alan, via Neutral Carbon Zone, is transforming businesses across the region. heart, are helping to set the standard for sustainability success. Though it may have been a farfetched notion in the early 2000s, Alan’s message of environmental preservation has been consistently encouraging a healthier mindset that has only continued to thrive over the years. Yet, what sets Alan apart when looking at his role as a CEO is how courageous he was upon building his team and leadership style. Though it was exceptionally difficult to do so, Alan recognised that, in order to perform efficiently, he had to share the load with those around him. It may have been a risk at the time, but fast forward to the present day and Alan frequently reflects on that very choice as being one of the best he’s ever made. He found the right people, placed his trust in those who respected his outlook on the world, and ultimately created a flourishing collective of aspirational individuals, each lending a hand towards uplifting the company as a whole. CEO Monthly is all about bringing attention to the world’s most innovative and ambitious leaders, and proud owner of the title of Most Influential CEO 2024 - South East England (Carbon Management), Alan Stenson is exactly that. His insight into how the world could be, and his determination to make that happen is inspiring. Backed by an incredible team that’s capable of bringing in this new age of sustainability, we look forward to seeing Alan’s influence spread as 2024 progresses. I Contact: Alan Stenson Company: Neutral Carbon Zone Web Address: https://www.