Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 17 Your World of Engaging Sports Entertainment Whether he’s overseeing editorial management, commercialisation, or the technical product teams, Barrie Jarrett is a CEO who takes his role within Planet Sport seriously. So much so that he revels in approaching the art of management as one would the role of a sporting coach. He believes that, as is the case with a sports team, a collective cannot function without each of its individual members being on top of the game at all times. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, meaning that Barrie has tirelessly worked to seek out division leaders who are able to guide their respective teams of professionals towards achieving Planet Sport’s overarching goal. This is, of course, to present the world with a means to access quality sports content, while adapting to emerging trends within the technology market. In pursuit of this vision, Barrie has integrated an incredible level of flexibility into his position as the company’s CEO, allowing him to fluidly alter his processes depending on how the industry may shift. This flowing motion of leadership extends to each collaborator under the Planet Sport umbrella, resulting in a collective that’s capable of maintaining quality, regardless of how the path may twist and wind along the way. Barrie trusts his employees to navigate even the most treacherous of waters, as a coach would with their team, ultimately building a foundation for impeccable teamwork. However, following the very recent emergence of artificial intelligence, Barrie recognised that he needed to adapt even further than he already had. In doing so, he cultivated an approach that’s now heavily influenced by the evolution of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural learning processing. Despite the stigma surrounding AI, and more so how many are utilising its name as a trendy buzzword, Planet Sport is wholly embracing the opportunities and challenges presented by these everoccurring technological advancements. Thanks to Barrie’s intrinsic understanding of how it’s ultimately sink or swim within the technological sphere, Planet Sport hasn’t just managed to float, but is being propelled forward by a strong sense of purpose and success. After all, it’s Barrie’s job to keep Planet Sport on an upward trajectory, and it’s clear that he has managed to go above and beyond this challenge. This is all thanks to his commitment to innovation, especially when faced with an entity like artificial intelligence. As opposed to resisting change, Barrie has geared Planet Sport to remain versatile, allowing it to be bent and shaped to harmonise with the evolving opportunities that are constantly presenting themselves. In this vein, Barrie has kept Planet Sport at the forefront of the sports digital publishing and betting industry – a feat that’s astounding to witness firsthand. Though there are doubts revolving around the usage of AI in the modern day, Barrie Jarrett is a man whose dedication to safety, sustainability, and responsibility promises a seamless experience with such a huge technological step forward. Where most are simply scratching the surface, Barrie has equipped Planet Sport with the tools to craft a future that respects its audience and the integrity of sports entertainment. In turn, he has created an award-winning approach to the CEO role that perfectly demonstrates the power of flexibility in the modern day. Contact: Barrie Jarrett Company: Planet Sport Ltd Web Address: https://group. Jan24194 Since 2021, Barrie Jarrett has been the face of Planet Sport – a company that stands at the intersection of sports, media, and betting. Recognised by CEO Monthly as the Sport Media Content CEO of the Year 2023 – UK, Barrie brings a new method of execution to the role that has since propelled Planet Sport further than it has ever gone before. Planet Sport envisions a future where sports content is globally accessible, credible, and engaging, and Barrie is at the forefront of breathing life into this dream. Below, we explore how his leadership method has sought to capitalise on the collective’s potential.