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A business is only as good as its leadership and whilst it takes many hands to make a company work, CEOs hold the majority of the responsibility and power in any organisation.

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Accounting Crunch Time: When Should you Start Preparing End-of-Year Finances?

Do the terms end-of-year finances or taxes fill you with dread? It is a testing time for many companies as they frantically search under metaphorical couch cushions to unearth all of their receipts to ensure the taxman can’t find fault with their accounts.It can be a stressful period as there is a hard deadline for […]

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When Times Are Tough: Tips for CEOs Leading Through Adversity

Great CEOs are made, not born, and while most people do not deliberately seek out adversity, it is in just such times that your leadership skills can be honed to the finest point. When times are tough, as a CEO, that’s your cue to get tougher, finding strategies to lead your company through the hard […]

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10 Reasons Why Focusing on Equality Is Crucial in 2023

Following a turbulent, expensive and divisive year for many, it would be possible to look to 2023 with some degree of despondency but taking positive measures to create equality in the workplace could change the narrative of your business and change the trajectory for the working year ahead. What’s more, becoming a pioneer for equality […]

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