Machine Learning Machine Learning: a Must-Read Introductory Guide for Managers Having our machines learn for us may still seem like a bit of a novel idea, but in reality, the (smart) robotic revolution has been gaining steam for years. Machine learning (ML) has been transforming companies from the inside... AI Most Influential CEO, 2021 - the USA Alpha-G is fusing generation Alpha and artificial intelligence to form exemplary AI and augmented reality products. Lead by an ambitious and tenacious guiding hand in CEO Sergio Emanuel Cusmai, this company is quickly and efficiently blazing its own trail... Healthcare Millbrook Healthcare: Supporting the NHS to Support Patients Run by influential CEO Phillip Campling, Millbrook Healthcare Group reflects on its past operations and the acquisition that changed everything. We caught up with the CEO himself to find out what has made the company pull ahead of the... Work life National Worklife Week: New Research Reveals Exactly What Employees Want From Their Career New research from Bupa UK found a drop in employee wellbeing and job satisfaction, with 34% of older workers (55-64) finding the workplace less inclusive when working remotely. Similarly, 17% of employees reported longer working hours resulted in a... Global Network A Helping Hand With a brand-new CEO at its helm, TaskRabbit, the global service platform, is preparing for the next stage in its evolution, a move which has been accelerated by the global pandemic. Telecommunications British CEO Secures Swedish Success When Paul Evans started working for EasyTelecom in November 2016, he couldn’t have known that he would become the company’s CEO the following August. Since his appointment, he has seen the firm through many unique challenges. Now, with the...

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Issue 10 2021

After a period of almost two years that have been trying for so many on so many levels – be it emotionally, financially, professionally or otherwise - in the corporate world, it has required the steady hands and confident guidance of CEOs and business leaders to maintain stability and continued development in the face of multifaceted adversity.

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