Digital transformation Is Digital Transformation the Key to Business Survival in the New World? After a turbulent year, enterprises are returning to the prospect of a new world following an unprecedented pandemic. Around the country the way we interact with customers, how consumers buy, and what interests the public has rapidly changed. Successfully... Legal services Achieving Success for American CEO Founded by attorneys, for attorneys, WealthCounsel focuses on helping estate planning and business law attorneys practice excellence. Providing continuing legal education, a strong community of thousands of attorneys, and thoughtful analysis on legal topics and breaking industry news, WealthCounsel... Leader vs Manager There Are 4 Key Points for You to Follow to Be a Leader, Not a Manager Managing a team of people comes with a new level of responsibilities. But have you ever considered the vast difference between being a manager and a leader? Harvard Business Review reports that 30 is the average age of a... Sportswear Cool Clothes CEO The clothes industry is one that is constantly moving forward, and the team at Kewiloo are no exception. Under the stalwart leadership of Jonathan Cohen, this impressive team have moved from success to success. We take a closer look... Ramadhan at work Ramadhan in the Workplace Monday 12 April 2021 signifies the beginning of Ramadan, the holy month of the Islamic calendar in which Muslims often commit to a period of fasting during daylight hours. Considering this, here are three top tips for supporting staff... Imposter syndrome 77% of the UK Experience This Work-Related Syndrome You may read the phrase “imposter syndrome” and be surprised that there’s a phrase for something you feel without realising it’s a common thing. Have you ever felt like you’re not good enough for the career you have? Do...

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Issue 4 2021

Leadership has been vital during the pandemic as businesses have taken charge of their own situations in order to survive during these difficult times. Not content to sit back and wait for things to blow over, these CEOs and business leaders have carved out their own success, despite what the world has thrown at them.

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