Employees 5 Return to Work Tips for Your Employees After a Crisis It can be challenging to know what to do after a crisis. Even after an emergency subsides, it’s not always clear how to proceed with work when everyone comes back. After the COVID-19 pandemic, these questions seem especially relevant. Teaching` Lessons from the CEO Working to Build a More Equitable Society As a purpose-driven entrepreneur and a father to three children, I’m proud to have played a part in several movements to drive positive, sustainable changes within communities. First and foremost, my experience in the education sector has left me... High Street Will High Street Stores Turn to the Dark Side to Survive Their Battle with E-commerce The reopening of non-essential stores has seen shoppers flocking back to the High Street. Footfall soared over 90% during the first week that non-essential stores reopened. However, the home delivery expert ParcelHero is warning that the High Street may... Warehouse What's Happened to the Flexibility in Warehousing that Businesses Desperately Need? Economists predict that the UK economy will show a dramatic recovery from the pandemic – but this could be curtailed by a simple shortage of storage space. Our clients tell us of a serious market failure, yet, extraordinarily, in... Garden Office Are Garden Offices the Future for the UK Workforce? When it comes to our work life, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted all our lives in one way or another. For those in occupations were working from home is possible, this became the new norm in 2020 and still continues... Creative Team Empower and Engage: The Key to Developing Your Team in Innovative Companies When employers are looking to build up a team for an innovative project, they can often fall into the trap of looking for someone new rather than realising the potential of their current workforce. It is often the case...

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Issue 4 2021

Leadership has been vital during the pandemic as businesses have taken charge of their own situations in order to survive during these difficult times. Not content to sit back and wait for things to blow over, these CEOs and business leaders have carved out their own success, despite what the world has thrown at them.

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