Issue 3 2024

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 3 2024 9 Currently ranked as one of the top three soft serve equipment manufacturers in the world, this remarkable feat has only been possible thanks to the knowledge, experience, and dedication of Justin and his expert team. From day one, improving and growing the company into the worldwide force that it is today has been a top priority, and still very much at the helm, Justin now possesses thirty years of experience and know-how that he is constantly applying to fortify Brüllen’s frontrunner status. This has proven exceptionally valuable in not only the design and engineering of these machines, but also in the wider managing of the business, something Justin prides himself on undertaking to the highest possible standard across his CEO duties. In managing a business, Justin implements his three-fold ethos – passion, pride, and profit. Aided by this demonstrably impactful mindset, Justin has not only succeeded in a business setting, but he has used this platform to give something back to numerous global charities that cover both humanitarian and wildlife causes, highlighting his selfless nature and drive to help others. As such, Justin has previously taken part in a Vinnies CEO Sleepout for charity alongside fellow CEOs and businesspeople in Sydney to raise funds and awareness for homelessness in Australia. Justin believes in using his public profile to take a stand for something he feels strongly about; he knows first-hand how quickly one can lose it all, and every Australia deserves food and somewhere safe to live. Brüllen’s success lies not only in its robust machines but also in its commitment to expanding and delivering premium quality. This is the secret behind Brüllen’s sustained success, and the reason they’re stronger now than ever before. From cruise ships and mobile food vans to the famed restaurants and cafes, Brüllen’s presence is felt, and its quality, savored. In any business venture, comprehensive and efficient service goes a mile beyond the product itself. Brüllen is a brand that understands this need, posing as your onestop-shop for all necessities when it comes to maintaining your machine. Offering a wide array of tune-up kits compatible with every model, standard staples such as cleaning solutions, universal cleaning brushes, sanitizing tablets and powder, and even lubricant are readily available via the online store. This only reinforces the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, which is further displayed in its solid warranty coverage. While practicality and efficiency are key, style and uniqueness should never be set aside. Thus, Brüllen’s machines come in a multitude of colours. More than that, customers are given the liberty to choose their custom color or wrapping, reflecting their brand image or syncing seamlessly with the setting’s decor. Brüllen thrives on its ability to provide all-inclusive solutions, confirming it as the top pick for those in the dessert-making industry. The brand ensures its customers’ needs are met and expectations are surpassed, every step of the way. For emerging entrepreneurs, the rapidly growing segment of soft serve ice cream and acai promises fruitful opportunities. But, calculating profits and understanding the business model often pose a significant challenge. Brüllen offers a practical and user-friendly profit calculator to help you map out your path to success with confidence and clarity. Accessible directly from the Brüllen company website, this handy tool empowers prospective customers to assess the potential profits they can accumulate from the booming soft serve and acai business. But why soft serve and acai? The answer is simple; it doesn’t only delight the palate, but it is transforming into a highly viable and lucrative business opportunity. With the right setting and efficient business model, you could witness an astounding 400% gross profit and fast ROI. Justin also reminds clients that we need to be environmentally conscious now more than ever and by using a soft serve machines we can greatly reduce the amount of plastic wastage since soft serve-based products can be served in reusable or edible items. Humans currently produce more than a staggering amount of 350 million metric tons of plastic per year with tubbed ice cream and plastic wrapped ice creams being one of the main contributors. To further sweeten the deal, Brüllen’s sister company, The Bondi Ice Cream Co., offers a delightful range of soft serve mixes and flavors. The Bondi Ice Cream Co.’s first retail store will be opening in 2024 near world famous Bondi Beach Sydney Australia and be structured to allow the right people to purchase their own franchisee anywhere in the world. Looking to the future with confidence, this homegrown company stands poised to challenge international brands with the power of quality Australian produce and advanced Brüllen equipment. In the throbbing heart of the industry, one name continues to make waves and that name is Justin Fischer, the CEO of Brüllen Pty Ltd. Regardless of the challenges and uncertainties that the future might bring, one thing remains crystal clear - Justin’s story is one that defines resilience, drive, and unyielding ambition. An epitome of sterling leadership, Justin’s journey over the decades has been nothing short of inspiring. His vision, focused on delivering extraordinary customer service, pioneering innovation, and taking his enterprise to global heights, has remained unswerving. Brüllen, under Justin’s remarkable leadership, has not only achieved these goals but continues to surpass them. His unwavering commitment and exceptional business acumen have seen the company grow exponentially, making significant strides on the global stage. The recognition of Justin Fischer as Most Influential CEO 2024 - Australia is not just a title. It is a testament to the tireless efforts of a man who dared to dream and chase those dreams and, in doing so, has shown us all what’s possible. Despite what the future holds, one thing is certain: Justin Fischer’s story will continue to be inspirational. Contact: Justin Fischer Company: Brüllen Pty Ltd Web Address: https://Brü Justin doing his regular Quality Control Checks at his Brullen factory in China