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A business is only as good as its leadership and whilst it takes many hands to make a company work, CEOs hold the majority of the responsibility and power in any organisation.

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5 Things to Consider for a Healthy Business Life

Business people usually go into their various ventures out of a passion or due necessity to make their lives better. However, it quickly becomes the only thing going on in your life, and you may sacrifice more than you initially anticipated. However, by enhancing your tactics and defending what matters to you, you can alter […]

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Best Leadership Development Business Leader 2023 (East of England): Nigel Hughes

The further we step into the digital age, the more we start to disconnect from one another. It becomes far easier to approach certain methods of development through technological means, as opposed to face to face. Whilst this may be convenient for most, it starts to strip away our ability to connect with one another […]

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Why Is No One Talking About Ageism In the Workplace in 2023

By Thom Dennis, CEO of culture and leadership specialists, Serenity in Leadership The most common form of workplace prejudice reported is age discrimination, with more than 1 in 10 UK adults saying they believe their age has been a factor in not getting jobs they applied for. Globally every second person is still believed to hold […]

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