Machine Learning
Having our machines learn for us may still seem like a bit of a novel idea, but in reality, the
Alpha-G is fusing generation Alpha and artificial intelligence to form exemplary AI and augmented reality products. Lead by an ambitious
Run by influential CEO Phillip Campling, Millbrook Healthcare Group reflects on its past operations and the acquisition that changed everything.
Work life
New research from Bupa UK found a drop in employee wellbeing and job satisfaction, with 34% of older workers (55-64)
Global Network
With a brand-new CEO at its helm, TaskRabbit, the global service platform, is preparing for the next stage in its
When Paul Evans started working for EasyTelecom in November 2016, he couldn’t have known that he would become the company’s
Automation Technology
Working hard to make advanced automation technologies available to all, Mekkanos is a young company that has quickly made an
Bywire News
Bywire News is a vision of the future for the news industry. It allows readers to see the best of
Fusion dashboard screen
Founder of Fusion Care Solutions, Martin Jones, tells us how his company and its innovative cloud based software is providing
Acara Bradbury, CEO of AvA-V, is a born leader, who has been in managerial positions since she left school at
Female Leaders
Female representation on company boards is improving, but there is still a way to go before equal representation is achieved.
The hospitality industry has experienced a strange and transformative period since early 2020, with the repercussions set to alter operations