Grey stone and ceramic kitchen
RAK Ceramics specialises in supplying ceramic products, all of which are made at one of more than twenty state-of-the-art manufacturing
HIV red charity ribbon
Founded by the Apostle Fred Osei Annin in 1997, Actionplus Foundation is an international organisation dedicated to destigmatising HIV/AIDS within
A new report published by research group, ReGenerate, sets out how the UK government could harness the power of business
LGBTQ equality
In June of 2020, the US Supreme Court handed down a ruling that barred employers from discriminating against queer and
With Boris Johnson signalling that work-from-home guidance is set to be scrapped from June 21st and business leaders calling for
Modern office
As we all prepare for the reality of returning to the office, businesses are asking for more in a workspace
Flexible working
Those aged 25-34-years-old are most likely to expect more flexibility in their typical working week in a post COVID-19 world,
Starting work during lockdown was a mixed bag. On the one hand you got to work from home, never had
Covid recession
As we recover from the COVID pandemic, environmental, social and technological trends are converging, leading to rapid, disruptive and transformative
Team learning
According to LinkedIn, 94% of employees would consider staying with a company longer if there was a clear investment in
The power of community engagement
Making your voice heard within your community is not always been the easiest. With a number of local governments still
Corporate leaders
Those habits books that were all the rage a couple of decades ago are sorely outdated. Nowadays, CEO's and other