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A Subscription to Better Health

Concierge medicine provides a more personalized medical care and service than other alternatives. But one company in particular is using a model to take that personalized service a step closer, working closely with physicians to preserve, protect, and optimize the patient-physician relationship.  This is all led by the winner of Most Influential CEO, 2022 – New York, the USA: Dean McElwain, Ph.D.


Castle Connolly Private Health Partners (CCPHP) partners with exceptional physicians to offer concierge (membership-based) programs to individuals who prioritize health and wellbeing. The model empowers and protects the physician-patient relationship, helping physicians practice the way they intended, and Ltd patients receive the care they deserve and need.


Its CEO and Co-Founder, Dr Dean McElwain, has his own story in healthcare, leveraging 30 years of progressive leadership experience in the healthcare field. He also has provided instruction and guidance, specifically in the field of concierge medicine itself. Lecturing and consulting with prominent companies, organizations, and figures in the healthcare world while bringing his robust portfolio of knowledge and experience to guide the team at CCPHP.


As a leader ,Dr McElwain’s overarching directive is to create an environment that fosters value. Creating value applies not only to shareholders and their physician partners but, most importantly, to members. The member experience is the driving force behind its core values of collaboration and empowerment. These values inform not only how the team operates daily, but the directions leadership takes in ensuring the delivery of its promises to all.


Additionally, Dean recognizes that his team members are essential in delivering the excellence associated with the Castle Connolly brand. He ensures the team is brimming with innovative collaborators who have a passion for exceeding expectations for both partner physicians and members. The work culture of CCPHP is centered around kindness, directness, and accountability. Its three-fold focus exists to create an environment where the team can openly share and collaborate on problems to find innovative ways to deliver exceptional service together.


At Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, members pay a fee for a wide array of amenities and enhancements for convenient, comprehensive and personalized healthcare. Its concierge medicine model supports strong physician-patient collaboration, with an intense focus on patient wellness and preventive care to a degree far greater than competitors.


Patients and physicians of CCPHP forge unbreakable bonds of trust and comfort, resulting in stronger physician-patient relationships —all leading to higher patient satisfaction and wellness, increased job satisfaction and less physician stress.


Thanks to years of forward thinking and the development of its membership model, CCPHP was minimally affected by the change of circumstances during the pandemic. The healthcare industry (primary care in general) faced unprecedented challenges. With the onset of the pandemic, primary care physicians saw the evaporation of visit revenue and a pivot towards virtual care. Specifically, CCPHP’s membership model practices were minimally affected, as they had sustainable revenue streams and a pre-pandemic capability with virtual care.  The robust migration of primary care physicians and patients moving toward the membership model has benefited patients and physicians in the unstable environment of primary care. 


This innovative approach remains at the forefront of the leadership’s mind. Dean has already set up a growth plan for the practice that spans the future years, looking to integrate many tech-based delivery platforms and implement further primary and specialty care options.


He also plans to develop the company’s presence by continuing to create great partnerships with leading physicians in both independent and group practices, as well as larger system environments. They are also working with existing independent concierge practices to take equity stakes and invest in their continued growth and success.


Dean and CCPHP are both equally as impressive. What the company has built and accomplished makes it a shining light in the industry. But the man who led them there is not only a credit to the business, but to the industry – doing far more than guiding his team, and those around them, to greater heights. His influence and insight cannot be overstated. Thus, his award for Most Influential CEO of 2022 for New York is well warranted.


For business enquiries, contact Anastasia Economides from Castle Connolly Private Health Partners, Llc on their website – https://ccphp.net/

Dean McElwain
Dean McElwain

Everyone’s a Winner: The Undeniable Case for Supporting Neurodiversity in Business

By Paul Graham, Managing Director at Britvic plc

With the number of job vacancies in the UK at an all-time high this year, it’s more important than ever for businesses to think about how they recruit and retain people. This should be particularly true for the neurodiverse population that work and workplaces so often fail to consider.

Representing 15-20% of the UK population, neurodiversity, according to Harvard Health Publishing, describes the idea that people experience and interact with the world around them in many different ways. Having experienced neurodiversity first-hand through my son, I think it can be put more simply as people who experience and interact with the world a little differently.

Let’s flip the narrative from weaknesses to strengths

The neurodiverse population is brimming with unique talent, and I urge businesses to wake up to the incredible skills they offer. We shouldn’t adopt a mindset of thinking about what they’re unable to do, but rather what they can do.

Neurodivergent people often possess mental strengths that are particularly well developed compared to the neurotypical population – and they’re also very broad. From an incredible eye for detail, to an ability to focus on one task for an extended period of time, these skillsets – when supported – can offer unrivalled opportunities for success in the workplace.

Of course, there are also challenges – challenges which are often exacerbated by many modern workplaces. To overcome them, businesses need to understand and consider the differences between those who are neurodivergent and those who aren’t; they have a moral responsibility to do what they can to set all employees up for success with a great working environment and equal opportunities.

We only need to look around the office to see changes as a result of the pandemic, with smart meeting rooms and fewer desks as offices facilitate hybrid working and prioritise collaboration. Why isn’t the same spend and willingness to change applied to adapting for the neurodiverse population?

Employees who don’t feel valued and supported aren’t going to work to the best of their ability, so when businesses fail to support these employees, they further risk limiting the overall success of the business. The more diverse and inclusive a business is, the more creative and successful it will be. 

Creating an inclusive culture

The first step in supporting neurodivergent employees is prioritising awareness, education and listening – especially important when we consider that neurodiversity is often invisible, and neurodivergent people are skilled at masking their differences.

Neurodivergent employees have different thought-processing abilities and methods for retaining information that may challenge the ‘traditional’ ways of thinking. To embrace these differences, they must first be understood!

At Britvic, we foster a culture of communication through our Belonging network, a volunteer employee-led action group focused on listening to employees to make the workplace as diverse, equitable and inclusive as it can be. It’s dedicated to attracting and championing the needs of our employees, which is more important than ever as businesses look at ways to retain their workforce.

I’m proud to be a member of the Britvic B-Seen network in the GB business, ensuring that the needs of my neurodivergent colleagues are represented in the leadership team. Networks like B-Seen are vital because they visibly show support and foster an inclusive culture where everyone knows they have a voice that’s heard.

The importance of action

Support for inclusion is not enough, businesses must follow up with action to support neurodivergent colleagues.

Listening to the input of our B-Seen network led to us working on a recent redesign of some of the Britvic offices, ensuring the spaces properly consider all who inhabit them. While many of us may not think twice about a busy office, for someone with sensory sensitivities – common among neurodivergent people – it can be distracting and even physically painful.

When designing rooms we looked to ensure that our neurodivergent colleagues could thrive, taking into account such factors as the colour palette, lighting and acoustics. With neurodiversity – as I’ve learned – it’s these small details that are important. The result is rooms with soundproofing, softer lighting and muter colours to help our neurodivergent colleagues perform to their best.

As well as changes to the workplace, we are also constantly looking at our company policies to ensure they’re as accessible as they can be. This has seen us introduce a flexible working policy that empowers neurodivergent and neurotypical employees to work in a way that suits them best.

These are just a few of the many ways that businesses can support their neurodivergent employees. The most important lesson to learn is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when adapting for neurodiversity.

Giving the whole business the greatest chance of success

When businesses foster a diverse and inclusive environment, they not only give their employees the best chance of success, but also the business. You’re empowering your employees to work better, enjoy work more, showcase their best and be stronger together – a cornerstone of our culture at Britvic.

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Leading The Way Forward

Good management is hard to find, but makes an enormous difference to the smooth running of any organisation. Christopher Puntureri has found himself not only able to lead the way in guiding businesses to new heights, but also able to be the change he wants to see in leadership. As CEO of Nacre Group, he has reached indescribable heights, earning the title of Most Influential CEO, 2022 – Texas, the USA. We take a closer look to discover how he’s done it.

Nacre Group was created to help hospitality and multi-family owners to thrive. As an experienced team of consultants, they have knowledge of Engineering, Building, Maintenance, and Information Technology that ensures their clients can face even the most difficult of challenges. Leading this group forward is Christopher Puntureri, whose legendary background in hospitality has allowed him a unique insight into many of these areas.

At the heart of Nacre Group is a passion for communication and a love for the needs of their partners, associates and clients. These two desires ensure that no matter what, the team go above and beyond when they are finding solutions to support organisations through challenging times. The guiding hand of Mr. Puntureri has proven invaluable to many businesses, as they have tried to prosper in difficult times.

Part of the reason behind Nacre Group’s incredible success has been because the high standard of staff. As a result of Mr. Puntureri’s incredible calibre of employee, the business has over 20 years of proven track records at being some of the best in numerous industries. This depth of understanding means that instead of focusing on what has happened, Nacre Group can explain why something has happened and why something needs to be done to change the situation. This attitude means that the guidance provided is thoroughly empowering to those at various levels. They can solve problems, make decisions and accelerate the process of delivery.

Because the team at Nacre Group has such a strong track record, they take great pride in their ability to achieve the desired outcomes at all times. Their competitive edge means that they won’t accept losing as an option at any point. The team is committed to doing what is necessary to achieve the results their clients want. This drive and determination comes from the top of the organisation, and is why Mr. Puntureri has such a strong record of success behind him.

Whilst Nacre Group takes up a great deal of his time, Mr. Puntureri is also COO of Iridescent Hotels. This position, alongside his consultancy work with Nacre Group, has allowed him to ensure he knows the unique challenges facing people in his specialist area. Whilst many in the consultancy industry are far removed from what their clients face, Mr. Puntureri has spent years on the front line facing them, and still remains there today.

When Nacre Group was founded, it was to help hospitality leaders to better use their time in a more efficient and effective way. Few understand this better than Mr. Puntureri, whose career has been not only spent in this arena, but exceling within it. We celebrate his tremendous success and the way in which he has decided to explore ways of sharing his immense understanding with others.

For business enquiries, contact Christopher Puntureri from Nacre Group via email – [email protected] or on their website – https://www.nacregroup.com/

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Identity Verification, Made Easy

As an identity verification expert, Tu Identidad has seen all sorts of systems and processes come and go, each more complex than the next. With this in mind, CEO Ricardo Robledo, the ‘Most Influential CEO’ in 2022 for Mexico has developed the Tu Identidad platform, hoping to usher in a new era of better standardised processes that protect the information gathered and make it less stress on the side of both the information gatherer and the information giver.

When it comes to identity verification, all past processes and procedures have become known as full of bloatware for both customer and verifier, resulting in an incredibly irritating and unnecessarily time-consuming experience. Seeing this, Tu Identidad has responded by resolving to change all of that. Attempting to overcome the current systems of cumbersome, risky, complex, and unfriendly identification verification solutions that foster an air of distrust and suspicion between the parties involved, it has vastly trimmed the fat from the process with its identity verification platform. Led by front-running professional Ricardo Robledo, he has made this possible with the supportive and respectful management style he uses in order to cultivate a healthy atmosphere within his team and inspire a true commitment to his clients.

It is his vision to spread the word of its flagship innovation. Tu Identidad has developed a process taken care of by an exemplary, user-intuitive, and easy to use platform in which a bank, institution, company, or market participant can identify the customer, partner, supplier, or shareholder; after this, the final user or information owner will complete a secure digital file that will identify itself by mobile device. This creates a simple, friendly, and unintimidating give-and-take with its own internal standards that are consistent across the board, a far cry from the usual industry standard of a total lack of consistency.

Streamlining the processes and shirking the common data integrity issues of its peers, its platform guarantees all necessary verifications will be carried out in a timely and reliable manner. Thus, the clients it serves include traditional finance institutions such as banks, insurance companies, Fintechs, and those companies involved in the prevention of fraud who implement digital processes, and its way of working has quickly endeared it to such companies. With an obsession for meeting goals, customer service, determination, always growing, and being humble and realistic about its development, it strives to be the best of the best whilst acknowledging how much there still is to learn.

This allows it to graciously accept client feedback – an invaluable element of platforms such as the one it has created – and to implement said feedback in a meaningful way. Furthermore, listening to its clients has gone a long way towards endearing it to its market segment, something that each member of its team has worked hard to make a cornerstone of the business and a courtesy that is also extended to the staff in its yearly strategic planning meetings. Ricardo Robledo himself takes a ‘lead from the front’ ethos in this way, and with 25 years of leadership behind him, he looks forward to facing down any future challenges and implementing AI and machine learning technology into the business to further improve fraud prevention.

For business enquiries, contact Ricardo Robledo from Tu Identidad on their website – tuidentidad.com

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In Defence of Data

With its founder Phyllis Elin Ph.D earning accreditation as the ‘Most Influential CEO’ in 2022 for New York, her company – Knowledge Preservation – has been making waves throughout North America with its incredibly well designed and thorough data protection strategies. Implementing infrastructure that promises to take its clients’ organizations to the next level and future-proof their gathered information in a holistic sense, it specialises in the protection, restructuring, and empowerment of data assets.

As one of the most trusted data protecting companies in New York, Knowledge Preservation has cut its teeth on the defence, structuring, and empowerment of it’s clients’ data assets. For this company, the truth of its ambition lies in its name – Knowledge Protection – as this describes the structural work it does to rebuild its customers’ organizational memory into something that will preserve their company’s information and safeguard it well. Founded by exemplary mind in her industry and pioneer of governmental information management, Phyllis Elin Ph.D, she has turned this company into a front-runner of industry and leader of information governance and consultancy practice.

Its team, experts in synthesised information, use deep information governance and technological skills to create holistic, cost-effective, and best-practice information restructure in their work. Thus, it has been able to protect and empower their core data assets since its beginning. Making a name for itself in this manner was never a struggle for Knowledge Protection, as in everything it has made its professionalism and diligence known, serving one client at a time with truly incredibly levels of customer service that keep them at the very heart of its concerns.

Helping clients to create, deploy, and maintain its strategies, Elin herself is a CCPA, GDPR, data privacy, data security, and governance expert, working in the New York City Metropolitan Area and serving her clients with an exemplary level of pride that each of them appreciate. After all, she sees her duty towards her clients as a duty of care, one that will better the corporate world in the macro scale. Her information governance work has been developed thusly over the past 30 years, allowing her to build an in-depth and highly impressive portfolio of past clients, each of whom have benefitted from the enterprise-wide information consultancy she has delivered to clients from financial enterprises to pharmaceutical companies. She has also served customers in healthcare, the legal sector, higher education, and the public sector.

Its services include the development, deployment, and maintenance of data defensible governance systems, each of which have made a name for itself in the market for the excellence that unite them. Fundamentally, although each of its services are highly tailored to fit the client, their needs, and their specifications, they all share this as a common trait, as well as sharing the outstanding level of customer service that goes into their implementation and implementation; its staff take great pride in making sure each customer feels taken care of throughout the entire process.

When it comes to needs assessment and gap analysis, it uses an in-depth and industry leading understanding of data assets to conduct itself and re-organise a client’s informational structure. Firstly, its work with a client begins by identifying client priorities right from the word ‘go’, teasing out the individual needs, specifications, and priorities that they find the most important in order to ensure it can do its best work. Knowledge Protection then uses this information to assess, evaluate, and isolate any high risk and high value data compliance and litigation risks, presenting these to the client in a manner that is holistic and unladen by jargon in order to give them a comprehensive idea of what it is they’re dealing with and what the implications are.

After all, above all else, it is aware of what a minefield its industry can be to the uninitiated – and even for those who are more intimately familiar with it. Knowledge Protection gives its clients the opportunity to shuffle any stress caused by this enigmatic and complication consideration, instituting remediation plans that address gaps and weaknesses in a manner than leaves no stone unturned and no factor unconsidered. After all, the benefit of gaining the help of a foremost expert such as Elin and her team means that a client can rest assured that this will happen in a reliable fashion; between her own expertise and the knowledge of her team, her experience means that she is adept at seeing all variables at play and act accordingly.

Developing reporting, communication, and accountability structures with this in mind is a sure-fire way to increase their dependability. This, effectively, future-proof’s a clients’ businesses by co-ordinating gap remediation planning, analysis, and reporting, each of which can happen quickly, efficiently, and without draining a client’s own internal resources, which will usually always be of better use elsewhere. Due to this, clients can focus on what matters to them – the ambitions of their business – and leave information protection in the capable hands of Knowledge Protection and its team, resting assured that they have made the right choice.

Indeed, Knowledge Protection has aided many clients in this way, and does not wish for any new clients to simply have to take its word for it. Elin and her team are staunchly dedicated to the collection of and action regarding client feedback, and Knowledge Protection is always anxious to keep improving and developing accordingly, with a pro-active approach to feedback that has seen clients depend on it time after time. With the exemplary retention schedule implementation it handles, the politics, procedures, and training it delivers, and the customer service that exists behind every service it offers, Knowledge Protection and Phyllis Elin herself are looking forward to a continually improving future for itself, its clients, and the wider world.

For business enquiries, contact Phyllis Elin from Knowledge Preservation on their website – www.knowledgepreservation.com

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The Path To Constant Success!

The customer experience is so important to many businesses, but so often overlooked when trying to manage every other part of the process. The team at Woven, under the capable leadership of Paula Constant has been able to transform this process for many businesses since its inception. Recognised for her efforts by being named Most Influential CEO, 2022 – London, the United Kingdom in CEO Monthly, we decided to dig a little deeper and uncover just some of the secrets of her success.

Woven is the partner of choice for many companies because of their proven success to create bespoke customer experiences. When thinking about the customer journey it is so important to provide an exceptional service to maintain loyalty and no one understands this better than Paula Constant and her talented team. With a leadership team that comes predominantly from the ‘other side’ of FTSE250 customers, where they’ve owned the customer goals, targets and P&L, they make sure that when their clients outsource to them, they deliver the high standard of service that is expected from both them and their customers. Woven offer services ranging from call answering solutions to a fully outsourced customer experience operation including robotic automation, social media monitoring and much more!

Leading from the front, Paula has a wealth of experience behind her in a range of different positions, switching from conversations with the board to working the front line without skipping a beat. Paula’s career began at Accenture, specialising in telecoms strategies, before moving to Vodafone and British Telecom. She spent ten years here, morphing from a strategy professional to running sales, service and engineering battalions in the small business, global business, and consumer fields. It was an incredible chance for her to learn from the best in the business whilst pushing the standards of service ever higher. 

Being hands on has always been a core component of Paula’s approach to work, and this is emulated through the Woven proposition which makes them unique in the marketplace. Her talent is finding data driven solutions and pushing the boundaries on sales into service, marketing for loyalty, and appetite for amazing digital experiences.

Paula has a huge focus on the employees that make up ‘The Woven Family’. The contact centre job is tough, and a lot of work has recently gone into replacing classroom training for employees. Training needs to be fun and radically reinvented. She has led the way by including music, drama, art and sport into this often-challenging field. With their inspired workforce, working harder than ever before, she was able to increase pay by over 20%, providing people with a living wage plus bonus, significantly above national wage, even with the industry effects of Brexit and Covid.

Having to navigate any business through the COVID-19 pandemic would be an impressive feat, but it’s especially true when there is a 1,200 strong workforce depending on you making the right decision. The contact centre market has dramatically shifted in this time towards digital solutions and will accelerate further. Woven have identified this shift and are evolving their innovative digital solutions such as chat bots, voice bots and live chat. But there is still an important role for the human touch in customer service, with the appreciation of a need for vulnerable customer management far more prevalent than ever before and the requirement for complex customer issue management through a specialist is really critical.

During the last two years Woven has built out its offering and developed new ways of working that have allowed it to thrive. Paula has managed to build a company that has a trusted, and singular, identity from five very culturally different organisations. It’s a credit to her skill and the team’s trust in it that the results have been so positive. She has also made a point of working closely with the CWU to ensure that the union was part of the firm’s ongoing strategy.

Looking ahead, Woven has plans to expand their people proposition, growing their 16+ years Academy which offers young adults their first job experience, their highly successful bureau business, as well as consolidating the utilities and financial services play through acquisition. Woven want to ensure that as they expand, they maintain the level of personal attention, both to their clients and their workforce.

Paula has experienced a huge amount of change in the last year, having relocated from Australia to the UK during the pandemic, she is excited about the various plans to build out Woven in the long term. It’s an incredible business with incredible potential. We can’t wait to see what she does, either!

For business enquiries, contact Paula Constant from Woven via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.wearewoven.com

Paula Constant
Paula Constant
Business woman delivering a presentation at a conference

Corporate Social Purpose & ESG – New Business Essentials

A global shift is redefining the contract between businesses and their communities from simply “being responsible” to creating real social value. Consumers, investors and employees increasingly expect firms to leverage their corporate DNA – and address complex societal issues through the adoption of Environmental-Social-Governance (ESG) & Corporate Purpose frameworks. Governments and society are urging firms to consider a wider lens – believing that firms can and must create both shareholder & societal value.  Despite the heightened politicization of ESG, societal forces shaping the future of business are not moving backwards; the pandemic has illuminated examples of the positive role firms can play in addressing societal issues, while concurrently delivering shareholder value. As such, firms who fail to adapt to the new reality will risk losing the global race for brand trust, talent, relevance and long-term competitiveness. Defining and owning your Corporate Social Purpose is the most critical competitive advantage of our time. Shareholders & Society will benefit.   Dare to make the leap. 

The Goodman Sustainability Group and affiliated entities are focused on catapulting global action on Corporate Purpose.  This means brands of all sizes, clarifying why they exist beyond a ‘profit-only model’ and establishing their imperative to deliver on both shareholder and societal value. We are Canadian based with a globally focused mandate, underpinned by an ethos of inclusive growth, a transformative leadership mindset and undaunted resolve to encourage corporate action on societal issues. We consult with firms of all sizes – demystifying and enabling their corporate sustainability strategies. 

 We hold the view that the new frontier for competitiveness and sustainability fundamentally includes bold action on Corporate Social Purpose; this is the over-arching strategic framework for momentum on Net Zero & Environment, Social, Governance (ESG).  Net Zero and ESG strategies untethered from Corporate Purpose, will struggle to be successful in the long-term.

Notwithstanding the current uncharted context of geo-political risk, market risk & stakeholder complexity, we are nonetheless observing a historic corporate shift underway; society compelling firms of all sizes to step up and take bold action on sustainability.

The race for talent, relevance and competitive advantage runs through Corporate Social Purpose.

This new reality means adapt or be left behind. Corporate history has examples of iconic brands that ignored the “signs of the times” and are no longer here. Failure to heed the current signals has the potential to impact competitiveness and survivability.

So, what does this mean?

As corporations define their strategy in an uncertain global context, it will important to consider the implications of the following top 10 Sustainability Emerging Themes: 

  1. C-Suite Transformative Leadership Mindset (linked to competitiveness): In establishing a sustained ability to deliver on both shareholder and societal value, a transformational leadership mindset will be essential. This means organizing the firm for long-term competitiveness by imagining a sustainable future that currently does not exist and innovating to make that future a reality. The hallmark of progress will include heightened transparency, along with ‘courage & trust’ as compelling currencies for success.
  1. No firm left behind: Small & medium enterprises/ entrepreneurs (SME’s) in the developing and developed world will increasingly join the corporate sustainability agenda. The most recent World Bank report on SME’s indicates that this segment makes up about 90% of businesses; they contribute more than 50% of employment world-wide and 40% of GDP in emerging economies.  SMEs are vital to the global corporate sustainability transformation and in many cases, they are the back bone of critical supply chains. Of interest, large firms are not only tackling their own sustainability agenda’s but proactively “enabling, mentoring and incentivizing” the sustainability of their respective supply chains.  This is a powerful SME shift.    https://www.worldbank.org/en/topic/smefinance
  1. Evolution of Net Zero/ESG & Purpose Frameworks:  The multiple ‘frameworks’ currently lacking clarity in some cases will eventually be resolved and will enable inclusive participation. Globally recognized, authoritative frameworks that are ‘fit-for-purpose’ will evolve over time as society makes progress on sustainability.

The evolution will eventually make corporate ‘Reporting & Compliance’ a minimum entry door – replaced by bold action & impact as the new normal.

  1.  Linking Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Communities and Corporate Social Purpose will be increasingly linked and more pronounced.  Cities are also in a global race for sustainability & competitiveness as they seek to attract and retain business, capital and families.  Smart, Resilient & Sustainable cities will be attractive to purpose-led brands. This is the new normal.
  1. Public-Private-Partnerships:  Prevalence and value of Eco-System Approaches for addressing Societal Issues:  In the context of an ‘all of civil-society sustainability approach’, the Corporate Social Purpose agenda will increasingly embrace new thinking and co-creation with NFP’s, Social Enterprises, community groups & various levels of government.
  1.  Leveraging Financial instrument innovation: Due consideration should be given to recent innovations in financing models for Public-Private-Partnerships like Blended Finance models, Social Impact Bonds, Sustainability Bonds and their derivatives, as just some examples of instruments to enable and enhance sustainability progress.
  1. Emergence of modernized Policy enablers: Government policy innovation impacting corporate and societal sustainability will increasingly “enable the agenda”. Governments will continue to nudge all areas of society to act sustainably by implementing modernized-innovative policy approaches that addresses impact, design, multi-disciplines, eco-systems etc.
  1. AI and Technology will dominate the sustainability future: Transparent and accessible ESG data along with AI enablers are already ‘disrupting’ this corporate sustainability eco-system. The Arabesque platform of “ESG-Book” which recently launched in early 2022, is an illuminating example.
  1. CEO as brand leader for sustainability: The momentum for groundswell corporate sustainability change has begun; in a recent KPMG report, the Chair & CEO Paul Knopp makes this claim, “the word ‘CEO’ will soon be synonymous with ‘ESG’ (KPMG CEO Knopp”:  This is a sign of the times – leadership on these important societal issues will increasingly fall to the CEO. KPMG CEO Knopp: ‘CEO’ Will Soon Be Synonymous With ESG .  
  1. Support for all sectors on-deck – Low Carbon transition:  Stakeholders will increasingly confront the innovation imperative to deal cohesively with ‘trade-offs and complexities’ of economy-wide decarbonization and sustainability.  Achieving these goals will require society-wide transition plans that will undoubtedly become more concrete, aligned, better understood and the challenges mitigated over time.

In summary, our related entity VeriStell Institute, includes a captivating quote on the website (www.veristellinstitute.com) capturing the challenge of this corporate moment in history;  the words of Roman Stoic Philosopher Seneca 64 AD – “It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.”  Our resolve is to enable the global uptake of Corporate Social Purpose and ignite a roaring worldwide conversation that encourages firms to take action; this will benefit business and society equally. Dare to make the leap!

For business enquiries, contact The Goodman Sustainability Group on their website –https://goodmansustainabilitygroup.com/

Faith Goodman, CEO
Faith Goodman, CEO
iWONA Logo

Innovativeness, Dedication, Leadership

Dr Millicent Stone is one of the creative minds behind the innovative digital platform, iOWNA, a clinician patient engagement tool that enables clinicians to send trusted relevant personalised information to patients to help improve outcomes and importantly, facilitate patient empowerment in their health and wellbeing journey. For her innovativeness, dedication, and leadership, Dr Stone has been recognised as Most Influential CEO 2022 – London – Join us as we learn more about her career and iOWNA.

Dr Millicent Stone’s inspiration for iOWNA stems from her own experience of being a mother of a very ill child. Her daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at a young age, and she realised the importance of having the right information at the right time – as that is what helped her and her daughter to better understand the nature of the treatment path and how to navigate each step of the way to survival.

The other factor that inspired her was her approach with her own patients: Millicent builds relationships with her patients and is enthusiastic about the benefits of engaging patients in their treatment journey. Above all, the purpose behind iOWNA is to enable people to live longer, healthier lives.

It was in August 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, that iOWNA was launched by DigitalHealth.London, with the initial product to facilitate clinicians in sending trusted information directly to their patients. This helped with the increasing remote care monitoring of patients. Since then, iOWNA has developed the app to enable a two-way trusted information exchange between clinicians and patients to improve patient experience and outcomes. It was recently commissioned by Milton Keynes University Hospital in a partnership programme to drive patient empowerment in the NHS. Milton Keynes is a flagship NHS digital trust. Pilots are ongoing at Imperial Healthcare Trust Lung and Cancer Departments and University College London Hospitals.

Dr Millicent Stone is a consultant rheumatologist and key opinion leader in her field. She began her career by training in Ireland and Canada, and worked in Toronto as a rheumatologist for several years before returning to work in the UK. She chose a career in rheumatology as she enjoys getting to know her patients and helping them over the course of their conditions. She is involved in research, having trained as a clinical epidemiologist in Canada to understand how diseases affect people with arthritis, and her current area of research is development of a sustainability rating index for digital healthcare ventures that can be used to align sustainable innovation to investment in the healthcare sector. This is the focus of her thesis for her degree in healthcare entrepreneurship which she has been doing at Cambridge University Judge Business School over the past two years since leaving her full time role as an NHS Consultant at Guys and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to pursue healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship full time.

Millicent says, “Sustainability is key to enabling effective innovation to drive improved outcomes and harness the power of the people and the planet to help people live longer healthier lives.” Millicent runs a podcast (www.livelongerthepodcast.com) with focused conversations around her passion for enabling people to live longer, healthier lives and is a changemaking activity for which she was shortlisted for the VC social impact award last year at Cambridge University.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see that Dr Stone is a highly respected figure within her industry, having published in top quality peer review journals and held prestigious peer review grants in the UK, Canada, and USA. She is an established entrepreneur and changemaker; and has also won many prizes for her research in clinical outcomes, including the BMA Doris Hillier Award. Now, she has deservingly achieved extraordinary success within the Most Influential CEO Awards 2022, and we can’t wait to see where her career takes her next. 

For business enquiries, contact Millicent Stone from iOWNA via email – [email protected] / [email protected] or on their website – www.iowna.com / www.millicentstone.co.uk

Dr Millicent Stone
Dr Millicent Stone
Businessman analyzing company's financial balance sheet

Manage Liquidity with Confidence

three+one® is a Rochester, New York-based financial technology company that offers innovative liquidity data and cash management solutions which deliver better financial outcomes for public entities and higher-Ed solutions – and for those they serve. Its unique liquidity data tool, cashVest®, endorsed by the National Association of Counties (NACo), as well as 17 state associations, has brought over $500 million in new revenue to communities nationwide.

Company CEO, Joseph Rulison, believes in leading by example with great passion and an eye towards the future in an ever-changing financial marketplace. He has been recognised as Most Influential CEO 2022 – New York in this issue of CEO Monthly. We got in touch with Joe to learn more about three+one and his career.

Forecasting the liquidity position of a government entity or higher-education institution is all about vision. As a pioneer in fintech, that vision meant manifesting a solution to a problem plaguing every public sector entity, still one that no one had yet devised. For three+one, that vision came into sharper focus when Joseph Rulison, an investment advisor by day, public official, and university trustee by night, looked hard at how his professional paradigm of data and money-management could serve a marketplace of elected and appointed officials charged with the financial stewardship of their organisations.

As a company, three+one saw an underserved marketplace in the sectors of public entities and higher-Ed institutions. Specifically, it felt it needed to better understand the role of liquidity and how to view and capture all aspects of cash. In a changing banking landscape, the industry was being challenged with fewer financial resources, and it could profit from the new sources of revenue three+one could offer.

three+one brought to market two fintech platforms, cashVest® and rfpPrep®, which are unique to the public sector and higher-Ed. Combined, this pioneering technology provides multi-million and billion-dollar entities the confidence of reliable data, not opinions.

The first of these fintech platforms, cashVest, enables stress-tested data analysis, time-horizon, and liquidity data across all accounts to maximize the value of all cash on deposit. The second platform, rfpPrep, has revolutionized the oft-mandated Request for Proposal (RFP) process for banking services and investment management by digitising the protocol, thereby streamlining the RFP evaluation timeline by as much as 75%. In creating this technology, rfpPrep transforms a difficult & tedious manual procurement into a smooth, hassle-free, and fair-bidding tool.

CEO, Joe Rulison explained, “We needed to be seen as a positive disruptor in the public financial marketplace. To that end, we created a core value for the company: to ‘exceed expectations’ for our clients, our employees, and our stakeholders. We’re proud to say that core value has been woven into the very fabric of three+one.”

By “exceeding expectations”, three+one has maintained a very strong client retention rate (99%) and 100% employee retention. It has also helped its clients find new sources of income and savings amounting to over $500m; these additional funds have gone back to the communities and entities they serve. Without three+one’s innovative liquidity data technology, these results would never have been attained.

Though Joe Rulison was confident in his vision for how three+one would substantially elevate public sector & higher-Ed entities in a dynamic financial landscape, the biggest test was yet to come. Joe was in Washington, D.C. talking to public officials from across the entire United States during the closing days of February 2020, a time when the public at-large was just learning about this newly discovered, but rapidly evolving virus that would become the COVID-19 pandemic.

With lockdowns forcing people out of their jobs and into their homes, it became the responsibility of public officials to initiate a comprehensive pandemic response. That responsibility trickled down to the counties, towns, cities and villages where local leaders struggled to contain the spread of a virus, let alone balance the financial books. As a fintech solution to the monetary uncertainties of a regular fiscal year, the liquidity-management and data gleaned through cashVest and the analysis provided by three+one became the lifeline for understanding the economic impact to local communities everywhere. So much, in fact, that during the COVID-19 pandemic, three+one was deemed an essential service by its clients in managing their liquidity needs who likewise relied heavily on the Pathway to Recovery®, a program created as model for entities negatively impacted by the upheaval of the marketplace.

The most crucial value to clients, however, is rooted not just in three+one being the singular provider of liquidity data services, but also from the lens through which it offers a common understanding with those they serve. The founders and key management have in the past been, and continue to serve as, public officials in their own communities.

CEO and Co-Founder Joe Rulison’s vision for what was to become three+one stems back to the 1980s where he was originally an investment advisor, and he saw the potential growth of professional money management. Following this, he purchased a Register Investment Advisor (RIA) firm in the late 1990s and named it Rulison & Company. During that time, Rulison & Company specialised in working with high-net-worth individuals and non-profit organisations. Joe commented, “We soon needed to differentiate this firm in a fast-growing, more competitive workplace. We needed to become more creative and become a community leader with board involvements. These market factors pushed me to become an entrepreneur.”

In 2001, together with the great help of his business partner, Peter Forsgren, Muniflow, a division of Rulison & Company was sold to Bank of America. His bank experience as Market President with Bank of America, coupled with the role as Managing Director of J.P. Morgan, provided Joe with the opportunity to learn from the best in strategic planning, distribution, risk-and-compliance oversight, and partnership agreements.

Joe said, “My experience as an entrepreneur, a public official, a college board chair and trustee, and a government banker provided me with the broad experience necessary to offer a 360-degree perspective in building a company, gathering a very talented team, and attracting a unique client base with tremendous growth potential.”

In discussing his idealized vision in the early days of three+one, Joe reflected on the unexpected and nearly debilitating health setback to his own vision, his eyesight. At the age of 58, just a year after officially launching three+one with his business partner, and now-COO Peter Forsgren, Joe lost sight in both eyes. The firm was growing and adding talent, major funding had been secured and put behind the technology, yet Joe quite literally could not see it happening.

Thankfully, through dozens of surgeries and procedures over the span of three years, Joe was able to regain most of the sight in his eyes, and his vision, both his own and that for his company, now stem from a markedly deeper meaning. “This was a journey built on ‘blind strengths’,” Joe stated. “I was not going to be stopped from making a dream become a reality for my team, our clients and shareholders, and my family.”

And while most fintech firms build the technology first and see if the marketplace will respond, three+one took a different approach. Joe explained, “Upon identifying an underserved marketplace, the three+one team created a need, developed innovative solutions to fill the need, then worked with our clients to tailor specific liquidity modelling that could build a national presence. As a result, we created and are now distributing liquidity management services that public entities and higher-Ed institutions are adopting.”

three+one continues to stay ahead of the curve in technology, looking to drive the highest standard of client service, while developing new markets, with new product platforms, and in new areas of the country. It achieves this through creative branding, heavy social media, national distribution, and strong client references and word of mouth. Joe has said that he therefore foresees three+one’s revenue growth to exceed 100% annually over the next five years, with high client retention and ever stronger adoption of its platforms nationally.

In terms of his leadership approach, Joe believes that there is no issue that cannot be resolved with a well-developed solution. “I firmly believe in the highest values and ethics of business,” he said. “It is far easier to do everything right the first time rather than taking up time correcting wrongs or repairing ‘cut corners’. To me, clients always come first, and our strong, positive company culture ensures that always happens.”

He continued, “Vision, belief, passion, and determination in making a difference to the public entities and communities we serve form the foundation three+one is built on. It is in our company’s DNA and our social conscious commitment to serve the financial interests of public entities and higher-Ed institutions of all sizes and locales. We are as unique as a company as we are as a team. We’re a jigsaw puzzle comprised of many pieces of incredible talent that together create an image of hope, growth, and a bright future for those entities, their communities, our employees, and those who have invested in three+one.”

“Ultimately, one’s reputation is everything. But legacy is setting a path for others to walk alongside, while creating new paths for an even better future.”

Regarding the future, three+one is only just getting started. Joe shared, “We will not feel complete until we have reached every local community in the United States and beyond. three+one is in a unique niche that offers great value to our clients and prospects. We want to make a difference in each community and organisation we serve, and it is our goal to reach over $1.0b in new savings and income for the communities we serve by the end of 2022, and over $10.0b by 2025.”

And speaking about his plans for his own career, he said, “My passion is to continue building three+one and to help communities benefit from what we have learned. As a family, my wife, Karen, and I love to give back to our community and financially support causes that help those who cannot otherwise help themselves, providing them with the same opportunities that were granted for me.”

For business enquiries, contact Joseph Rulison from three+one via email – [email protected] or on their website – www.threeplusone.us

Joseph Rulison
Joseph Rulison
desktop keyboard and mouse blurred out in a blue colour

Empowering Change

Women In Games International (WIGI) works to normalize women, nonbinary, and femme-identifying professionals in the global games industry by eliminating barriers and increasing access and opportunities for everyone. WIGI works to normalize a safe, inclusive, and diverse workforce in the video game, tabletop, and esports industries by developing and cultivating free-to-access resources. Over the past twelve months, WIGI’s CEO Joanie Kraut has led the organization’s rebranding, assembled a dynamic team of experts, and overhauled the programs’ portfolio to include over ninety programs, workshops, panels, and initiatives. Joanie was named the 2022 Most Influential CEO for California, USA, and she shows no sign of slowing down.

Joanie Kraut is a powerhouse advocate and mentor who has committed her career to empowering those who feel powerless. As the CEO of Women In Games International (WIGI), Joanie has transformed the organization’s trajectory through financial solvency, global expansion, and strengthening community engagement for large-scale impact.

WIGI’s mission is to cultivate resources to advance economic equality and diversity in the global games industry. In doing so, WIGI promotes excellence through increased representation, access to technology, and knowledge-sharing with a vision to advance the success of women, nonbinary, and femme-identifying professionals in the global games industry. These programs also serve as an excellent building block for those seeking opportunities and inspiration to continue training as mentors and leaders themselves, championing sustainable change within the games industry with an emphasis on more diverse representation.

Leveraging her background in financial strategy and nonprofit management, Joanie successfully navigated the nonprofit’s turnaround, restructuring the organization from operating at a deficit to securing the largest gift in the organization’s history of $1 million (unrestricted).

WIGI is proud to be empowering women, nonbinary, and femme-identifying professionals to gain the confidence and skills necessary to navigate a successful career in the games industry. Under Joanie’s leadership, WIGI has been championing change through developing sustainable programs and initiatives to create meaningful change through diverse representation. WIGI strives to uphold a level of representation and inspiration for people everywhere, from every background, and with everything seemingly against their ability to succeed.

WIGI offers professional development opportunities to empower marginalized individuals to strive to succeed beyond all expectations, empowering the next generation of leaders and providing a platform to amplify the voices of underrepresented gaming professionals everywhere.

For over fifteen years, Joanie has operated in the tech and gaming space within different verticals throughout her career. She has served as an advisor and consultant for studios, startups, and nonprofits in the tech and gaming space. Her expertise resides in business development, financial strategy, and DEI initiatives.

Joanie was recognized as a 2019 CalCPA Women to Watch in Finance and Accounting, Experienced Leader for her significant contributions to the profession and her community. She was also named the 2020 Top 100 Global Leaders in Finance presented by GCIF and Prism Events to recognize fintech innovators and global financial leaders driving significant industry impacts.

Joanie has been named the 2022 Most Influential CEO, California, USA, for her tireless efforts in championing change in the global games industry. Joanie also serves on the Board of Directors of Techbridge Girls, is an Advisory Board member for the California State University East Bay Big Data program, and is a mentor and guest speaker for Lesbians Who Tech & Allies, the Wonder Women Tech Foundation, and The Expat Woman group.

For business enquiries, contact Women In Games International via email – [email protected] or on their website – https://www.getwigi.com/

City in UAE, with buildings and skyscrapers

Fast Track to Success

With more than two decades’ experience in marketing and leadership, Your Marketing Chief (YMC) transforms organisations to become marketing, digital and innovation driven, using the best-in-class FUZN™ marketing system.

Mido Chishty is CEO and CMO, a maverick who brings thought and cultural change to organisations. Recognised as Most Influential CEO, 2022 – UAE, we delve into learning more about his company and career.

Mido Chishty is a solutions-focused CEO and CMO with more than 20 years’ success in multinationals and start-ups. Having worked across consumer goods, retail, tech, fintech, agritech, esports, gaming, telecoms, financial services, entertainment, and tourism, his broad areas of expertise include leadership, marketing, inclusive team building, digital transformation, innovation, sustainability strategy, big data and AI, blockchain, and the metaverse.

Having founded Your Marketing Chief to apply Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) AKA Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) best marketing practices across a number of industries and businesses, Mido engineered the FUZN™ marketing system which has transformed numerous organisations into marketing, digital and innovation leaders.

At the foundation of the stewardship YMC provides are values of growth, culture, leadership, innovation, and balance. These are all key to ensuring business success. Due to the nature of the rapidly evolving world, there has become a need for CMOs to broaden their roles and take the lead on new initiatives, including being the voice of the consumer and customer; designing the company purpose; creating a framework for humanistic leadership and mindfulness; utilising marketing to drive business growth; leading in digital transformation including being the custodian of Big Data, AI, UX, UI, and the metaverse; creating sustainability strategy; driving innovation; producing inclusivity programmes; partnering with CEOs and boards; and influencing shareholders. Each requires robust marketing to all stakeholders – consumers, customers, employees, shareholders, industries, partners, and change agents. This marketing alphabetisation leads to a balance of profit and people and ultimately planet amelioration. Hence, CMOs are by default becoming CEOs whilst maintaining the CMO responsibility, as marketing is everything in the new age of blockchain, crypto, web 3.0, and marketing 4.0.

Prior to establishing YMC, Mido gained industry experience at Procter & Gamble, Unilever, PepsiCo, and Nestlé. He holds a Master’s in Business and Marketing from Brunel University Business School UK, and a Bachelors (Hons) in Economics and Management from the University of Manchester, UK. He also attended executive programmes with top schools including Stanford GSB, Harvard Business School, USC Marshall, UCLA, and UC Berkeley Haas. Mido is a chartered marketer, certified marketer, and certified digital marketer, and he is an active member of key leadership and marketing bodies including CIM, AMA, DMI, and GCC BDI. In addition, he serves on a number of boards providing marketing and leadership guidance.

Mido is a visionary who passionately and transparently sells his vision to his diverse team. He is highly supportive of his people, able to recognise their strengths and how he can help them to achieve the very best. He encourages people to find their path, to take their passion and propel their career, while seeking joy and gratitude. His team are the ones who play a vital role in the success of YMC, with their desire and belief in the company, combined with drive and ideas, and being great collaborators. For the YMC team, it is more than just a job; it’s about communities coming together.

Mido’s career goals and path have been influenced by the places he has lived, with California, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) having inspired him the most. The economy of California is the largest in the USA, estimated at around $3 trillion, and if the state was a stand-alone country, it would rank as the world’s fifth largest economy. It is this combined with the innovative spirit of Cali and out-of-the-box way of doing things that has created new industries, companies, and innovative hubs such as Silicon Valley. Mido says, “I love being part of creating those Cali ideas and bringing them to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) to accelerate rapid growth in the region, which then inspires innovation of its own which in turn calls for further Cali input. It’s a cycle of innovation that keeps turning and is intoxicating.”

The GCC includes countries such as KSA and the UAE. Hence, turning to the GCC region, we can see that H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (MBR) has put Dubai on the world map with iconic projects such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Arab, the Palm, and Expo 2020, showcasing Dubai as world-class and an innovation hub. Additionally, H.H Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (MBZ) has ensured that the UAE and Abu Dhabi shine as a beacon of stability for the region and the world. We are also witnessing H.H Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud (MBS)’ inspirational vision to transform KSA with futuristic projects such as NEOM, the Line, and TROJENA.

Mido comments, “It is a really exciting time to blend the Californian spirit with the innovative leadership in the region. It is truly maverick. This inspired me to create Your Marketing Chief to bring the highest level of marketing and leadership to regions most deserving of it. That is the core strength of the company. I embed into organisations as CMO so that they emerge successful and grow aggressively.”

Mido’s sights are now set on a bright future. Profit, people, and planet amelioration.

For business enquiries, contact Mido Chishty, CEO & CMO from Your Marketing Chief (YMC) via email – [email protected]; [email protected], phone – +1-424-235-1652; +971-52-893-8700, on their website – https://yourmarketingchief.com/ or through LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/midochishty/

Mido Chishty
Mido Chishty
suitcases by airport window with plane taking off

Travel Without Limits

Based in Dubai and with the capacity to send its customers all over the world, Travelwings.com has made itself one of the best and most expansive UAE based travel websites on the market. A gem of e-commerce, a trusted expert in travel, and with over 25 years of experience in the travel and hospitality domain, it is led by Albert Fernando, winner of the ‘Most Influential CEO’ award for 2022 in the United Arab Emirates.

Being one of the best online portals through which one can book their travel plans, covering everything from flights and cruises to holidays and insurance, Travelwings.com has made itself as comprehensive as it is user intuitive. With an impressively customer-focused site, a commitment to making the holiday booking process as stress-free as possible, and a track record for naturalistic growth made possible by client trust, it has expanded exponentially since its founding. Fundamentally, since its beginnings in the United Arab Emirates, it is now proud to say that it covers 32 different countries across the globe, a number that will only continue to get bigger as it pivots its focus to PAN Africa driven bookings.

Led by CEO and leading industry figure Albert Fernando, it is easy to see why this company has become such a big name over its years in operation. Driven forward by his vision, Travelwings.com wishes to take its customers on a journey through all the most magical parts of the world at large, showing them travel without boundaries and a holiday with convenience and adventure in abundance. It achieves this by sticking to its values of integrity, honesty, quality, customer service, passion, and teamwork, all things that Albert Fernando himself has worked hard to instil in the company from his very first day on the job, proving the adage right that it is best to lead by example.

With each of these qualities having been humbly recognised by customers and employees alike, the resulting company has been able to build a kind of reputation for community around itself. Its staff help its clients, who help the company at large by leaving glowing reviews and giving word-of-mouth-referrals to peers, family, and friends, earning the company more clients as a direct result; in addition, it has enjoyed the development of an unblemished reputation across third party review sites such as Glass Door and Trust Pilot.

Thus, it prides itself on client satisfaction, yes, but also on the way it trains and takes care of its staff, allowing them to provide this. Within the company, there is plenty of room for growth and upward momentum, as the CEO himself is a leader with the goal of making more leaders, always showing his teams the rationale behind each decision and considering each of their opinions on it. Oftentimes, he finds that when his teams are given the right tools, information, and access, the day after a proposition is made, they will usually find him with bigger, better ideas that will even go above and beyond the original plan, allowing the company to constantly push for the best of the best.

That, in essence, is the nature of success. Not just thriving because of one’s own work, but thriving due to the collaboration between everyone’s work, bringing it all together to make an exemplary result that will serve clients to the best of the company’s ability. Above all else, Albert Fernando’s leadership style is about giving his staff the support and infrastructure they require to operate to the best of their ability, showing them how they make positive impacts on the lives of customers, stakeholders, and fellow staff alike with their efforts. Additionally, he is big on giving people room to grow and improve.

Indeed, he knows that no one is perfect, and that in order to make it to the right decision one must often make many wrong ones; this has meant that his leadership style is also defined by the grace he shows his staff should they make an error at any point, giving them the support to fix it and learn from it. It is a necessity for Albert that Travelwings.com feels like a welcoming, encouraging, and operationally sound family. In this way, therefore, Travelwings.com has created a company-wide ethos of listening, observing, and learning, as well as giving people the credit they deserve for the points they make and good ideas they come up with.

Travelwings.com has benefitted from the unified front this creates. As a throughline for the business, having a sense of understanding about where the company is heading in the long run is nothing but a good thing, as it means that everyone understands not just their role, but how it is effectively contributing to the helping the company reach it goals and what those are. Therefore, they can more easily envision their place within this future. Clarity, one-ness, and tenacity make it possible to serve clients from all over the world, from people who know exactly where, when, and why they want to travel to travellers who currently have no set plans, and all those people in between.

Serving all ages, genders, financial brackets, and more, Travelwings.com aims to provide a warm and welcoming environment in which a customer can get in touch to find out about the latest and greatest deals, and take advantage of them accordingly. It is through this that is has been able to develop an online booking experience that takes just a few clicks, and takes a huge amount of stress and pressure off of the client, making the process of sorting the logistics behind a holiday that much less daunting. Having taken the pandemic in its stride and worked hard for its clients and staff alike, Travelwings.com is looking forward to spending the next 12 months with a high focus on more product offerings, technology, and expansion, hoping to bring the best travel opportunities to people all over the world.

For business enquiries, contact Albert Fernando from Travelwings on their website – Travelwings.com

Albert Fernando
Albert Fernando