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Only the most inspiring, forward-thinking and dedicated of Chief Executive Officers achieve CEO of the Year status from CEO Monthly. Meherezad Dastoor is part of this elite group and has been integral in driving Media Lounge to demonstrate great things for the sector. Here we take a closer look at the business and at the pioneering work of its CEO.

International media and entertainment agency Media Lounge is the home of bespoke experiences that engage, captivate and inspire audiences across global markets. The team offer solutions to businesses operating in the media and entertainment sector, customising a strategy for each client offering a bespoke service in order to achieve maximum results. Service areas include but are not limited to media consultancy, advertising, public relations, events management, media production, embedded marketing services and sponsorship management. Meherezad Dastoor and his team, work as an integral part of each client’s core team to determine the correct strategy and execution plans to meet and exceed expectations. With offices in Abu Dhabi, New York, London and Singapore, the Media Lounge team and network of consultants have a combined experience of more than 30 years across global markets ensuring that businesses are in safe hands when they come to this innovative advisory firm for assistance.

Meherezad Dastoor is a highly skilled media professional with in-depth knowledge of market trends, business practices and trade laws in the media industry. Through his dedication, commitment to client service and his thirst for client success Meherezad has been able to drive great things for the business. The results-driven Chief Executive Officer goes above and beyond for clients crafting solutions tailor made to each brand and each client. Client satisfaction is vital to Meherezad and his team and regular check points with each client are essential to him in ensuring complete satisfaction with the results achieved, delivering real value is a must and client commitment is key in ensuring great results.

Truly great CEOs can only become so through their inspiration and guidance to others. Businesses will only grow and succeed if those at the helm are able to drive their desires and their aspirations throughout their workforce. Meherezad is a great example of how a committed and innovative approach to business can be passed down to inspire team members into achieving great things. His hands-on approach to clients allows others to watch a master at work so to speak and learn from his negotiation and networking skills and how his willingness to dive into work head on is key to his success.

2021 will undoubtedly be a key year for Meherezad Dastoor and his team at Media Lounge, we look forward to hearing more of the successes of this brand and its dynamic leader.

For more information, please visit www.medialounge.ae

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