Entice The Best Candidates By Writing A Compelling Job Advert

Business man in a suit looking over the job adverts in a newspaper

In order to entice the best candidates into applying to work for your company, you need to write a compelling job advert. When a potential applicant looks at your advert, you need them to read the entire piece. This will help weed out any overqualified applicants or those not suitable for the role, and it should give the candidate a good understanding of your business.


However, when candidates first open a job advert, they skim it before they settle in to read the information entirely. They do this to get a quick idea of if the role is a suitable fit; if it’s not, they move on. If your job advert is a wall of text instead of formatted with bold and concise subheadings to make skimming the information easier, they will most likely move on without reading your job advert at all. 


We’re here to help you write a captivating job advert to attract the best candidates for your role.


Understand Your Target Candidates

Candidates apply for jobs that they are excited about; tap into that emotion to encourage your prospective applicants to respond to your job advert.


Create a persona for your target candidate; what are their professional goals? What will make them happy and excited? Use this information you compile to create promises your company can keep and that your target applicant will be looking for. The right benefits and guarantees will make it more likely that a candidate will respond to a job advert, but be careful to only include ones that your company can deliver on. It’s essential to stay away from off-putting language as that can also cause candidates to ignore your job advert.


Advertise On Multiple Platforms

Once you have a clear and exciting job advert, you need to think about how to advertise a job. The first place that many companies go to is generic job boards, posting their advert with as many as possible. This can be detrimental to the quality of the candidate that you have responding to your advert. Instead, choose one or two of those boards, and place your advert on an industry-specific job board alongside them; this will increase your visibility without diluting the quality. 


How to advertise a job online is the easy part. Next, you want to look at other platforms to get the most out of your advert. Take to social media to get the word out to your followers that your company is hiring. Tailor your approach to each social media site you use; some social media sites expect a more professional language, whereas others prefer a casual and fun approach. 


Respond To Applicants

An auto-response mechanic is an excellent way to reply to every applicant with what to expect next; set a clear time frame for when you will be contacting successful candidates. Doing this will not only make your company look better to job seekers, encouraging them to apply again if unsuccessful, but it also eases the workload for you in not having to reply individually. 


Create a shortlist and narrow that down again to have the applicants you wish to interview. For the candidates you liked but didn’t make the cut for interviews, reply personally to wish them luck in the future. Again, this encourages them to apply for future roles.

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