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National Network Communications CEO – Yousef Al Taweel

Founded in December 2014, National Network Communications (NNC) is a 100% home grown Middle Eastern public relations company dedicated to providing the most strategic and innovative communication solutions. In July, the firm’s CEO, Yousef Al Taweel, was recognised as the CEO of the Year for the United Arab Emirates. On the back of this well-deserved win, CEO Monthly spoke with Yousef to find out more about his innovative firm and work

The Middle East is changing rapidly. It is a region of sustained business growth: an area of almost limitless opportunity for those with the ambition to capitalise on it. Over the last decade, it has become one of the most prominent drivers on the global business landscape, a hub of innovation, and creativity. Nowhere is this more evident than in the marketing and PR industries, with some of the most successful agencies setting up shop in the region, providing best in class, cutting edge solutions to some of the largest companies in the world.

NNC, based in Sharjah, is a firm very much in this mould, representing government establishments, private companies, NGOs, NPOs, and charity foundations. To start the interview, Yousef offers some insight into the company’s operations and work. “We are not only committed to raising the profiles of our clientele among the media through strategies and segmentation, but we specialise in integrating a unique mix of new and conventional communication practices that deliver results: communicating the essentials about the region’s values and cultures to the world.”

Yousef has always had a passion for public relations, born from an interest in reading and journalism. “Reading was my window into the world of journalism and public relations. During my time as an adolescent, I used to participate in many writing and public speaking competitions, with the focus on winning all of them. In fact, I always practiced hard to ensure that I win. Apart from my passion to public speaking and writing, I studied and achieved a strong background in business management. My father was my core influencer in this, as he has multiple businesses across various fields which allowed me to help me understand profitability, operation costs and asset management.”

“As I grew older, I realised that I could engage people when it came to promoting a business in a way that was unique. It was from there that I began to develop my interest in pursuing public relations as a career.In 2004, I got my first job in public relations and pursued a bachelor’s degree in media and communications, as a means to acquire the proper tools to further develop my skills in PR. From there I began my journey of networking, establishing connections with the local and regional media industry and building my reputation among my peers. Now, I’ve been working in the industry for more than fifteen years, where I specialised my efforts in servicing the emirate of Sharjah and its public sectors.”

From the outset, Yousef sought to reinvent best practices from the ground up, creating a focused workforce with a dedication to the highest of standards. NNC was built on a foundation of collaboration, encouragement, and human investment. “My initial methodology was the reinforce my team member with a mind-set that has focused on putting quality at the centre of our work, alongside a focus on communicating and functioning together as a team and as a family. First, I set a benchmark. I continuously coach my team members in understanding the justification behind the value that we provide, and the importance of continuously operating at the highest of standards.”

“Secondly, I make sure that I am always involved. Being the founder of a successful business
doesn’t mean I can now rest and leave the day to day activities to the managers to take care of – I consider being involved as one of the prime qualities of any leader, and has immensely influenced and developed my relationship, trust and honesty among my team members and myself. My vision for an ideal work model was to try to avoid a traditional hierarchy and establish a more horizontal approach that focuses of development and sustainability of our capabilities and qualities. Lastly, I invest in the company, reinforcing my team with the best tools and training to perform, think and deliver work as PR specialists. Whether it is by creating a toptier office environment, or the latest tools and equipment, my key objective is to make sure that NNC delivers quality work with a strategic mindset.”

The conversation soon turns to how Yousef has secured his success, and the advice he would offer others looking to follow in his footsteps. Again, it is evident that Yousef believes in the power of passion, and its ability to invigorate ambition to ultimately achieve success.

“The main key to success is to have the will to succeed by all means, and to translate that will into actionable efforts to achieve it.”

“I believe that through persistence, concentration, focus and commitment to your own end-game, there is nothing stopping you from getting what you want. However, this requires constant investment of time and energy to develop your own character, skills, personal tools, training habit and the willingness to persist. Everybody wants to succeed but not everyone is willing to sacrifice what it takes to succeed. I have worked hard to ensure that this mindset has permeated NNC, and I’m proud to say that the company has been a positive incubator that has provided my team with the means, tools, environment to succeed in an integrated familyoriented culture.””Another key to success for any business, in my opinion, is not the volume of work, but the quality of the services which leads to a good reputation. Without a good reputation, businesses will not last, even if they are making millions in profit year-on-year.”

“My approach to success can be best defined by one of my favourite quotes by Ahmad Shawqi, one of the greatest poets in the history of the Arab world: “Demands are not met by wishing; the world can only be taken by struggle.”

To finish the interview, Yousef takes a moment to discuss the future of NNC as it pivots to focus on strategy and global markets. “Our focus is going to be a lot more strategic, explore global channels and global media markets. Furthermore, we will focus on strengthening our global presence, with frequent visits, appearances and public relations work across key global markets. As it stands our current activities and support to our clients have rapidly expanded to worldwide demographics such as Brazil, the UK, Germany, Italy and France, always ensuring the result of work reflects the same qualities as if they were being executed locally in Sharjah.”
“Our aim is to go to make NNC and our work a global brand, by creating strong, sustainable and long-term bridges with international media and markets. We are currently exploring the potentials opportunities of opening branches in Europe, Africa and Asia, in addition to that we are currently studying and working on a new project that will become a vital milestone for NNC and for the public relations industry.”

Company: NNC

Address: Al Khan Corniche, Office 104, Robot Park Tower, Al Qasbaa Area, Sharjah, UAE

Website: nncpr.com

Telephone: 971 6 554494

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