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Most Innovative Talent Management CEO (Germany): Thomas Jajeh
<p>Thomas Jajeh:</p> <p>Having worked in 40+ countries physically and as CEO and Founder of twago, Europe’s leading freelance marketplace and talent pool management system, Thomas understands the intricacies of working together and how the working world is changing. In a few short years he has helped large businesses and single entrepreneurs connect with and manage professionals all around the globe. Thomas has more than 15 years’ high-level technical, product and general management working with large corporations such as Randstad, SIEMENS or Nokia. He holds a degree in management and computer science and has finished a senior management program at INSEAD.</p> <p>Twago:</p> <p>Twago is a successful, internationally active enterprise on its way to changing the world of work. In 2016 twago has been acquired by Randstad and is a subsidiary of Randstad Holding since then. Twago is connecting freelancers and business clients from all over the world in order to successfully manage various projects. In 2017 twago launched a new white label platform (twago talent pool) which allows large companies to directly connect to contingent workers using their own brand.</p>