Laird Assessors

Laird Assessors

Best Vehicle Accident Damage Reports CEO (UK): Nik Ellis

Laird Assessors are the UK’s leading independent Automotive Experts, sitting at the forefront of the technical evolution. With a range of solutions to assist the legal, insurance & motor trades, such as API to allow clients, suppliers & third parties to connect seamlessly, with guaranteed 100% accurate & instant data transfer. Tech such as their Image App, AI powered chat bots & client self-service portal mean unprecedented levels of service, accuracy & speed.

Laird have won a series of awards for their customer service, due to a full training & development program which runs through the heart of the company, drawing on internal teaching, external courses and a bespoke mentoring system.

Laird have evolved from simply providing reports; from total-loss programmes to automated triage & high volume desk top solutions, Laird are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is expected from an engineering company.


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