Most Innovative Cyber Security CEO 2020 (Turkey): Alper Yilmaz
<p>CRYPTTECH was founded in 2006 with the aim of developing technology products for a safe cyberspace. Today the company employs over 90 engineers at 4 locations in Istanbul and the capital city Ankara. CRYPTTECH’s founder Alper Cem YILMAZ established 2 other cyber security companies in Silicon Valley, California in 2016 for global markets. </p> <p>The products developed are used by over 3000 corporations in Turkey at various sectors. Besides servicing private sector, CRYPTTECH has been servicing Turkish Armed Forces cyber security center, Presidency and Prime Minister’s office. Turkish Armed Forces has been ranked as the Second Largest Standing Military Force in NATO in 2015. </p> <p>Besides cyber security software solutions, CRYPTTECH provides SOC – Security Operation Center services and technical support 24/7 with its multi-language speakers. In the sense of professional services, company does penetration tests, malware analysis and obtains a hacker team to stay up to date of current evolving malwares around the World. </p> <p>The company dedicates itself to government and public safety. CRYPTTECH made a live threat map available to public that is integrated with 80 open sources + its own intelligence. This map shows live attacks with their IP addresses in each country. You may check out at </p> <p>CRYPTTECH is making steady progress towards becoming a well-known global cyber security company.</p>