Established in 2012, Cloud Theory is a technology firm specializing in customized Salesforce-based client relationship management solutions for financial services. Recently, we caught up with Brian Marchand to find out more about their exceptional product and services the team at Cloud Theory effortlessly provides to their clients.


Situated in the heart of New York, Cloud Theory is passionate about providing alternative asset management and investment banking professionals the tools needed to compete in the 21st century economy. To begin, Brian provides us with a brief overview of the firm and the award-winning solutions the team delivers.

“Cloud Theory was initially founded on the principle of partnership. After working in the consulting industry for such a long time, both my Co-Founder, Min Kang, and I had seen too many firms concerned with revenue growth regardless of the project outcome. Having been used to working with customers who saw consultants as workers and not an extension of the team, our number one goal was to create a firm with partnership as a core value across customers and employees.

“Ultimately, we wanted to build a place where every customer is referenceable, and employees share in our joint success. We specialize in Salesforce solutions for financial services, specifically alternative asset management and investment banking. However, we also work with customers in other industries, including but not limited to insurance, healthcare, and consulting.”

Amongst other key factors, adopting a client-focused approach has been one of the keys to success for Cloud Theory, When discussing the strong bonds the team have with their clients, Brian is keen to highlight how the firm’s personalised approach and attention to detail have rewarded them with a loyal client base.

“Here at Cloud Theory, we approach every customer in the same way. By listening to their existing issues and future goals, we can gain an understanding before we work together to determine the best path forward. While most customers generally have similar goals and challenges, they all have different cultures, skill sets, and processes that don’t provide a ‘one size fits all’ approach. As a company with a product called FundEngine, managed services subscriptions and standard services offerings, we work with our customers to ensure we recommend a solution that will make them successful.”

Regarding the internal culture in place, the firm’s success can also be attributed to the dedication and commitment of its employees, as Brian points out.

“Having worked hard to build a company that cares about every individual that works or has ever worked for Cloud Theory, we strongly believe our family spirit has allowed us to operate in a way that others can’t. Many of our employees are friends, family or former co-workers of current staff. Even with a successful product, nothing happens at Cloud Theory if it wasn’t for the tremendous efforts of our employees.”

Bringing the interview to a close, Brian signs off by discussing some of the various challenges the firm has had to overcome throughout the years, before outlining a few of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for Cloud Theory in 2021 and beyond.

“Some technology vendors often focus on too many things. For example, our least successful year over the last seven came when we tried to make too many changes. As a result, growth stalled. When we regained focus, we returned to the 50% year-over-year growth we had come to expect. The outbreak of COVID-19 has been another challenge. However, we were uniquely prepared as most of us were already acclimated to a work from home environment.

“Moving forward over the next year, the company has several major goals across various offerings. We are focused on providing our client base with several subscription services to make their journey to CRM success easier. With the recent hire of Dana Daly as Director of Change Management, we will be providing a subscription service to change management and adoption. Additionally, our experts will turn the traditional data migration and integration project obsolete through our fully formed product, DataEngine. DataEngine will save significant resources on internal and client teams, and automate any client integration, migration or AI need.”

For further information, please contact Elizabeth Curtin at www.cloudtheoryinc.com

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