Issue 12 2017

Welcome to the December edition of CEO Monthly Magazine, providing you the latest news and updates from across the globe, spanning every major industry and sector during this festive season.

In recent news, Craig Wagoner, chair of the board of the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California, today announced that Arthur A. Sponseller, President and CEO of the Hospital Council since 2005, will retire when his employment contract ends on December 31, 2018.

Gracing the cover of this thrilling edition is OptraSCAN, a new age Digital Pathology system replacing Microscope which is a 150-year-old invention. Founder and CEO Abhi Gholap tells us a bit more about the new, intelligent system as well as describing his responsibilities as CEO, going into detail about his leadership style and how this benefits the company.

Elsewhere in this month’s issue, we discover more about Batavia Biosciences, who’s focus is on accelerating the transition of biopharmaceutical product candidates from discovery to the clinic with improved success and lower cost. The firm is a flexible partner to rely on at all stages of biopharmaceutical process development. Menzo Havenga outlines the biopharmaceutical sector, and describes the services that the company offers.

Also in this edition, we spoke with Bethany Plaza from management, consulting and technology firm, Conscientia Corp. The firm serves clients which include global corporations, departments and agencies in the U.S. federal government. Bethany reveals to us some of the secrets behind the firm’s remarkable success.

Lastly, award-winning boutique investment banking firm based in London, Crasner Capital has a strong focus on emerging markets. Taking time to tell us more about the successful company and his role is Crasner Capital’s Founder, Nick Crasner.

Here at CEO Monthly Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this informative edition and look forward to seeing you in the New Year!

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