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Property development does not stand on its own. Regenerating communities is equally important to the success of a property portfolio. This is not only the understanding of Michael Pemberton, but the way in which he has built a vision of success. We take a closer look at how his passion for sustainable building practices and upholding a low carbon agenda has brought him and the team at Building Extraordinary Communities (BEC) to new heights of success.

At BEC, property development is only part of the equation. Pushing the team forward is a passion for people. From small, rural communities to the issues facing society at large, when the team at BEC are involved in a project, these factors are top priority. The aim is to create a space where perpetual regeneration can improve regions, with low carbon and exceptional social outcomes.

Leading the way forward is Michael Pemberton. With an impressive background as a multi-award-winning, strategically and entrepreneurial-minded senior executive with vast experience in public, private, third sector and non-government organisations, it’s little wonder he has been able to guide BEC to its current success. Since joining the organisation in February 2015, Mr. Pemberton has watched the business go from strength to strength in the property sector.

The passion for people that has made BEC into such a successful firm is reflected in the passion that Mr. Pemberton has for teams. His interest in building, growing and improving the performance of staff, and therefore their businesses, is what has driven him through his long career. With what he describes as visionary leadership, that advocates a hands-on, lead-by-example approach to teamwork, Mr. Pemberton inspires people to achieve the very best they can. Working across a diverse array of sectors, in domestic and international markets, it’s clear that the way in which he works can be applied with incredible results.

Mr. Pemberton’s aptitude for leadership first came with a stint at Woolworths. He worked for eight years as a regional business development manager in the south east, and he spent the latter two years of this period with Oxygen Learning Sydney as an executive coach and facilitator. In this position, he was able to work with companies and individuals worldwide to support growth, development, learning and personal fulfilment.

In 2000, Mr. Pemberton spent nearly a decade as an officer in the British Army. Here, his leadership skills were honed and tested as he led teams as part of a highly pressurised supply chain. During this time, he also served as international operations director for the NAAFI. This role allowed him to lead this international business in the delivery of welfare to HM Forces, dependents and local civilians. When this role ended in 2007, Mr. Pemberton became the managing director of National Car Parks Ltd, a branded support service business.

2010 saw Mr. Pemberton move on from his position in both this business and the army, for a path that offered him a direction he was keener on. The result was Peppermint Parking, his own firm. He also took up a role as head of commercial strategy, development and implementation for the retail and catering division of The National Trust. His position as MD of Peppermint Parking lasted until 2012, and he left his role at the National Trust a year later.

Naturally, a passion for people meant that Mr. Pemberton continued looking for role that offered him the opportunity to work with different organisations, while also moving business and enterprise forward. To this end, he began to undertake contract work under the self-employed title of Pemberton Consulting, with his first role being with Westmorland Family where he worked as an executive consultant. The job was complex and the responsibilities numerous. The family-owned commercial centre and visitor attraction business needed repositioning to achieve greater success.

While not an easy position to take on, it was a challenge to which Mr. Pemberton rose with glee. With facilities including operating restaurants, cafes, bars, multi retail, a cinema, gallery, theatre, lecture studio, four conference rooms, two exhibition halls, a fuel station and an adventure play area, there was a lot to consider. It was just over a year before the work was completed and he moved onto equally difficult circumstances with HS1 Ltd in 2014. Here he used his own personal experience with parking to review the current carparking offer across the business, alongside a full review of the contract with the operator. From this work, Mr. Pemberton was able to design, build and deliver new parking strategies that maximised return on space and customer satisfaction.

When Mr. Pemberton stepped into his current role of BEC, it was with all of these experienced behind him. He is a man who has lived a life full of interest, working with a vast range of people across numerous industries. It’s this ability to work with others, to get the best out of them that he brings to his current role. As you will have noted, Mr. Pemberton often takes on multiple roles at once, and this has not changed over time. Currently, he is a director at Derwent Forest Development Consortium, offering his expertise to those who are delivering a landmark development at Derwent Forest, West Cumbria. He is also chair of the board of trustees for the charity AgeUK West Cumbria.

When people think of CEOs, they should think of the way in which Mr. Pemberton inspires others, in which he brings the best to the fore. They should think of the way in which he simply cannot stop working, always looking to improve and make things better. It’s inspiring leadership that guarantees success for businesses and their teams for years to come.

For more information, please contact Micheal Pemberton at www.discoverbec.com

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