An Attractive Proposition for Growth

CEO of Magnetic Alliance Mark Lim

The growth of business must be a company’s first priority in order to ensure that it continues to achieve success in the long term, but making this into a reality is not always easy. We take a look at Mark Lim, and the firm he co-founded, Magnetic Alliance. Now known in CEO Monthly’s Business Elite as 2021’s Leading Experts in Business Growth Services – Australia, we take a closer look at how they’ve helped numerous businesses to discover the real secrets of their success.


In November 2011, Mark Lim and Jack Gleeson got together to create Magnetic Alliance. While they started as colleagues, they quickly become business partners and friends who played a crucial part in the growth of many companies in Australia.


Mark’s work as CEO has secured the firm for the future. The team he has built focuses on helping business owners achieve business growth by providing end-to-end solutions. These solutions take a client through every stage of growth, piecing together the business puzzle until tangible results have been achieved. From the moment a client starts to their point of exit, Magnetic Alliance is on hand to offer the vital assistance and second perspective that all firms need to thrive.


Key to Mark and his firm’s success has been the development of a sophisticated system that has helped many businesses to boost their revenue, profits, ROI and free up time to do what they love while achieving consistent growth. The system works in a variety of different industries and has proven to be incredibly successful for those who take advantage of what the team has to offer.


At the heart of the firm’s impressive process is the value of people, and empowering teams to become the best that they can possibly be. Mark and his team believe strongly in the value of relationships, knowing that people who are happy in what they do, perform to a higher standard. When the team works with business owners, it takes on a “client for life” mentality. This comes from the top, and Mark knows that by building relationships that can last the long term, he can succeed alongside his clients. This drives further growth for all concerned.


Needless to say, the passion with which Mark approaches the industry makes him an ideal leader. Few could argue that his strong approach to growth has brought about incredible success as he has worked with some of the most impressive entrepreneurs in the region. Not only can he support leaders in the field, but he is a wealth of knowledge to those who have just started out in the industry.


This passion comes from a lifetime of experience. Alongside his business partner, Jack Gleeson, Mark has spent years working within the sector of corporate affairs. Here, he was responsible for the operation of large-scale global business portfolios, the running of complex business transformation programs and implementation of strategic profit and growth improvement initiatives. His track record in this field is without parallel, as these initiatives yielded 100%+ to 500%+ profit improvement upside in businesses turning over $3.2 Billion in revenue. That success is why the firm is in such high demand to this day.


The success of working with Magnetic Alliance speaks for itself. Under Mark’s capable leadership, the firm has been able to secure 8 years of consecutive growth in its first 8 years of business from trading in May 2012. The team thrive on being able to secure that incredible level of growth for their clients too. It’s why Mark and his firm have been able to achieve so much since opening their doors.


For business enquires contact Mark Lim of Magnetic Alliance via [email protected]

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