“We’re Helping People Get Off The Treadmill” – TieTa founder, Caroline Walton

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TieTa is the outsourced customer service solution that was launched last year and is helping companies to ‘get off the treadmill.’

Founded by Caroline Walton, the Oxfordshire based team of customer service agents was previously part of one of the UK’s largest short term finance companies and processed over 300,000 customer engagements over the course of 8 years.

“We realised that a lot of companies are overwhelmed by their customer services and complaints handling that they cannot carry out their daily activities or do what they do best,” explains CEO Walton.

“TieTa is a fully outsourced customer service solution. We can manage your inbound and outbound calls, text messages, social media customer service, emails, live chat and everything else in between.”

“Charging affordable daily rates, you are getting a highly skilled and often FCA trained customer service agent to work with you – and you can choose how many people you want to assist you with flexible contracts and the option to use TieTa for overflow or out-of-hours purposes.”

With a background in financial services, TieTa is well suited to assist with companies operating in loans, mortgages and insurance services, especially such as general customer enquiries, complaints handling, debt management and claims too.

However, the new brand has recently seen lots of business from clinics who need help with the administration for covid-testing.

“We didn’t expect such interest from clinics,” says Walton. “But when the government approved list of clinics came out, some of these centres became bombarded with test enquiries and we are able to assist with everything including the appointment scheduling, text messaging reminders and delivering of results digitally.”

“This was a classic example of a company on a treadmill that they couldn’t jump off. But with TieTa, we are here to help and things could be better tomorrow.”

For more information, visit Tieta.co.uk

Caroline Walton
Caroline Walton, Founder of TieTa.

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