Surprisingly Simple Yet Revolutionary Products Changing Businesses Worldwide

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There are a lot of problems out in the world without complete solutions. However, tech is moving us toward smarter solutions that are sustainable. Let us take a very close look at some surprisingly simple yet revolutionary products that are changing businesses around the world.

Robotic exoskeletons

First and foremost, robotic exoskeletons have been hailed as some of the most amazing inventions of the 21st century. At its core, the idea is pretty simple. Create an artificial skeleton to give disabled individuals full control of their bodies. At the same time, these designs incorporate elements of robotics for automated features. This has broken down barriers to what we previously thought was possible with prosthetic limbs. Robotic exoskeletons are equally as powerful as a normal human body, and with a couple of modifications, could even surpass this threshold in the near future.

EPS foam blocks

What exactly is expanded polystyrene? Otherwise known as geofoam, EPS foam blocks consist of a lightweight fill material that reduces stress on nearby fixtures. The incredible properties of geofoam blocks include thermal insulation, extreme lightness, and the ability to stabilize slopes. Geofoam is produced in mass amounts and has uses in dams, landslides, and construction sites. Because geofoam is thoroughly covered up on the surface, many everyday locations could have a geofoam foundation to your surprise. As tech improves, geofoam becomes lighter every year while simultaneously more durable.


E-readers might seem like a simple extension of laptops and mobile phones, but they are distinct in many ways. Because the device is specifically designed for reading, it eliminates many unnecessary features. These e-readers are changing the way businesses operate on a daily basis. Instead of workers taking home piles of textbooks and instruction manuals, they can access all of the above on an e-reader. This allows for extreme efficiency overall, especially with a remote workforce.

Multi-use rockets

Multi-use rockets look to be the future of the space industry. In the past, it’s been assumed that a rocket can only be used one time. However, companies today have shown that this isn’t necessarily true if the rocket is designed with care. Multi-use rockets can potentially save millions of dollars, allowing for more space expeditions in a shorter timeframe. Although it might be crazy to call these rocket simple, researchers have deemed them to be less complex and farfetched as once imagined.

Touchscreen glass

Last but not least, touchscreen glass is often overlooked, but should actually be hailed as an amazing product. Touchscreen glass serves as the foundation for all touchscreen devices on the market today. In the absence of this type of glass, manufacturers would have to resort to rubber pens or even metallic keyboards on smartphones. Can you imagine how bulky your smartphone would be with an extended keyboard? Touchscreen glass has paved the way for more compact devices than ever and precise tapping that goes down to the pixel.

When all is said and done, these are some surprisingly simple yet revolutionary products that are changing businesses around the world. In the near future, look for these products to be abundant and highly acclaimed. They might even be incredible pickups for your very own business!

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