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Commonly known as The Tattooed Tycoon, Glenn Flashman has had quite the career over the course of more than thirty years. From joining the British Army straight from school, to working hard in London as a Project Manager and Investment Advisor, to being made redundant and rising again to even greater heights than before, Glenn’s journey has been one to remember, but he’s not done yet. Discover how we at CEO Monthly have recognised the ongoing work of The Tattooed Tycoon by awarding him the title of CEO of the Year 2020 – The United Kingdom.

Starting his professional life in the British Army over thirty years ago, Glenn Flashman soon entered the world of business as he embarked upon the City of London. Having earned the title of The Tattooed Tycoon, Mr Flashman worked in the capital as a Project Manager and Investment Advisor, before eventually rising to the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) at a predominant European dotcom. As well as his experience working in a professional capacity, Mr Flashman also studied hard to gain recognition through an MBA and PhD. However, it turned out to not be enough to save him redundancy several times. Yet, despite these redundancies that he experienced throughout his professional career, they were not enough to keep this outstanding leader down and out for the count. Instead, he picked himself up, dusted himself off, and vowed that he would never work for anyone else ever again, whilst also helping others achieve the same goal of independence and freedom.

Now, three decades after starting his career, Mr Flashman has a wealth of experience, knowledge, and understanding at his disposal, as well as several businesses that have failed, been sold, or are still owned. Where Mr Flashman’s passion truly lies is in his multi-award-winning tattoo studios that are scattered across the United Kingdom. With plans to take the American and European markets by storm in the future, Mr Flashman is currently heading up Tattooed Tycoon Ltd. As part of his work as CEO here, Mr Flashman partners with a team of revolutionary thinkers and content creators to break new ground in leading the way with dynamic business mentoring on a group and one-to-one basis.

When working with his customers at Tattooed Tycoon Ltd, Mr Flashman often asks them one simple question: what one thing would they like help with, or to increase? Very often, the answers involve increasing numbers around customers, money, followers, interactions, or other facets to running a business in the modern world. With almost thirty years’ experience as an entrepreneur, and the last ten of those being in the tattoo industry specifically, Mr Flashman can help his clients increase their customer numbers, create a brand and signature style, create an impressive and meaningful marketing plan, and offer advice regarding a financial security plan.

In essence, Mr Flashman’s work as the Tattooed Tycoon is all about doing more than just increasing a social media following. It’s about engaging with customers and creating something that they can get behind in terms of a message, brand, or signature element, and it does so in a way that offers a one hundred percent success rate in taking a business to the next level. One of the three mentor programs that Tattooed Tycoon offers reveals the specific strategies that can be used to attract floods of customers, attain a wealth of referrals, and build a business that is successful in the long-term. These proven strategies are designed to completely re-think a tattoo business, give clients the cutting-edge strategies that actually work, help clients enjoy sustainable growth regardless of competition, legislation changes, and other factors, and enable clients to give the very best in customer service.

Ultimately, Mr Flashman’s career has been a truly excellent one, and one that showcases the power of not giving up. No matter what has come his way, Mr Flashman has always found a way of making his situation better, and now he is in a place where he makes situations better for lots of other people, too. In a world where it pays to be different, this outstanding CEO helps his clients do exactly that, and he deserves every recognition for that effort.

For further information, please contact Glenn Flashman at www.tattooedtycoon.com

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