MT Finance Announces New Board of Directors After Completing Management Buy-Out


Specialist finance provider, MT Finance, has recently announced a new board of directors members, making 30% of the board consisting of female representation. This news follows the announcement of a management buy-out, consolidating full ownership of MT Finance to Tomer Aboody and Joshua Elash – the original founders of the business. 

Co-founder Joshua Elash commented the following on the buy-out: “This buyout is the start of a new and exciting chapter in the story of our company and will allow the management team to now push forward with our goal and vision of making the MT Finance Group the leading property finance provider in the U.K.”

“We wish to express our gratitude to the teams at Triple Point, EY, and Ashurst for their tireless assistance, day and night, in getting this done under the tightest of time constraints.”


MT Finance’s New Board of Directors

Included in the new board are head of underwriting Lenka Pajkošová, chief marketing officer Millie Dyson, operations director James Anderson and commercial director Gareth Lewis. New chief marketing officer Millie Dyson commented the following on the news:

“We are proud to promote an inclusive environment at MT Finance and strive to drive genuine change in the financial services sector. I am honoured to be one of the Group’s first female board members and will continue to ensure we remain focused in our efforts to maintain a diverse and equal workforce as we take the company forward.”

While co-founder Joshua Elash commented: “We are delighted to announce the appointment of several new directors to the board of the MT Finance Group. Lenka, Millie, James, and Gareth have been valuable members of the executive committee at MT Finance for some time. The appointments add real value to the company and reflect our desire to recognise, support, and empower the wonderfully talented people we are lucky enough to work with. The additions also re-emphasise our ESG principles and commitment to the Women in Finance Charter.”


About MT Finance

MT Finance was founded by Aboody and Elash in 2008, after the two entrepreneurs saw first-hand the impact of the financial crisis. Throughout this time, many companies faced heavy restrictions on the finance they could obtain from high street banks. MT Finance was created to provide finance alternatives, including auction finance and bridging loans, helping those in need to bridge the gap between selling one property and buying another.

MT Finance also offer other products, including landlord loans and second charge mortgages. So far, MT Finance has completed over £1 billion worth of lending.

MT Finance Announces New Board of Directors After Completing Management Buy image

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