Issue 12 2023

Issue 12 2023 A Multifaceted Entrepreneur: Chad Pinter Featuring: Western Milling is a company devoted to the legacy of its Founder, Otto Kruse, and his motto of ‘Know thy customer and strive for their success’. As CEO of the company, Chad Pinter leads his team in relentless pursuit of customer success – the mission being to become the leading and most diverse agriculturally-based nutrient solutions business in western USA from its headquarters in California. Well on the way to this being the case, Chad’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Welcome to the December 2023 issue of CEO Monthly. As always, CEO Monthly is dedicated to providing the latest news and features across the business world to our readership. By sharing knowledge, insights, expertise, and success stories from around the globe, we aim to inspire individuals and promote positivity in a world that is in a constant state of evolution. The end of 2023 is in sight, and it reminds us of how extraordinary the past 12 months have been for CEOs and their businesses – and the exciting prospects that lie ahead for them. As such, we’re delighted to be showcasing an array of awardwinning CEOs who continue to go above and beyond and are ending the year on a high. Whether they specialise in investor relations, maritime, lead generation, women’s health, advertising, and more, this issue is jam-packed with inspirational success stories for your perusing. Among these is this month’s front cover feature, CEO of Western Milling, Chad Pinter, whom we have named our Animal / Human Plant Nutrition CEO of the Year 2023 – Midwest USA. In his 16 years at the company, Chad has climbed the corporate ladder, eventually claiming his current leadership position and devotedly taking the reins in order to take it to new heights. This bespoke animal, people, and plant nutrition resource organisation continues to thrive thanks to the hard work of Chad and his likeminded team. I hope you enjoy this issue and wish you a wonderful end to 2023 and a prosperous new year ahead. In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming you back again soon for our January issue. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. A Multifaceted Entrepreneur: Chad Pinter 8. Creating Sustainable Growth in the Financial Sector 9. Maritime Chairman of the Year 2023 (UK): John Garner 10. Lead Generation’s Leading Expert 12. Advanced Solutions for Livestock Traceability 13. Best Digital Chairman of the Year 2023 (France): Philippe Lentschener 14. Wade Herbert: Most Influential Wealth Management CEO 15. A Marvellous Mission to Manage Menopause 16. Leading the Charge in Male Makeup Innovation 18. Creative Solutions to Inform and Influence 19. The Crucible of Contact Centre Creativity 20. Empowering Customers with Multi-Purpose Makeup 21. Managing the Managers of Italy’s Mobility Solutions 22. Cementing the Importance of People and Culture 24. Innovative and Collaborative Leadership 25. A Manufacturing Royle Match 26. Innovation Through Tradition: CEO Gianluca Di Tondo 28. Intelligent Digital Solutions to Improve Patient Outcomes 30. The New Building Blocks of Property Management 31. Artisan Flowers for Any Occasion 32. Best Hospitality Chairwoman 2023 (Turkey): Hilal Uysal Namal 34. Saxo - Helping the Discerning Trader Since 1992 35. This is How eCommerce Works 36. Making Construction Workforce Management & Compliance Easier Contents

NEWS Frozen Food Manufacturer and Ingredient Supplier Harvest Food Group Taps CPG Veteran Amit Pandhi as New CEO

Getwizer, the hybrid consumer insights platform, announced today the appointment of industry veteran Bruce Friend as its new CEO. Bruce is an industry-leading media and marketing insights executive with over 30 years of global expeience in media measurement, entertainment research, brand insights and strategic planning. Most recently, Bruce held the positions of Chief Product and Innovation Officer and Chief Data Monetization Officer at Screen Engine/ASI. His extensive experience also includes roles as President of Ipsos/OTX MediaCT and following that at Vision Critical. He has also held various senior executive research positions at major companies such as Sony Pictures Entertainment, MTV, Nickelodeon, HBO, The Disney Channel, Telemundo Group Inc., Saatchi & Saatchi, and Y&R Advertising. “I’m very excited to be joining Getwizer as CEO to lead the company’s future global development and growth,” says Bruce Friend. “As someone who’s worked in the research technology space for the past 20 years, it is evident to me that Getwizer has built a unique and innovative offering that combines the speed, efficiency and utility of an endto-end, DIY insights platform with customization and exceptional research services support. Simply put, it’s the best of DIY without clients needing to do it themselves.” During his seven-year tenure at OTX, Bruce spearheaded the growth of OTX’s Media, Entertainment and brand Insights practice, helping to elevate annual revenue from $8 million to $70 million, and positioning OTX among the fastest-growing research companies at that time. Bruce replaces former CEO Gilad Gans, who held the position for the previous 3 years and is helping the transition in leadership after managing Getwizer’s acquisition by Prytek in 2022. “I’m delighted to have Bruce continue the growth and momentum we built in recent years with top customers, and take the company to new heights,” commented Gilad on the appointment. As Getwizer’s new CEO, Bruce will focus on client and strategic partnerships, product innovation and diversification, data quality, and profitable growth.About Getwizer. Getwizer is a hybrid consumer insights platform integrating the very best of tech and human expertise to deliver a custom, quick and efficient research experience. We enable insights, product and marketing teams to study whatever they need, whenever they need it, freeing them up to focus on decision-making that drives growth. Getwizer counts among its clients brands such as Reebok, Wilson Sporting Goods, Playtika and Next Insurance. For more information visit Getwizer Announces Appointment of Veteran Insights Expert Bruce Friend as CEO to Drive Growth Harvest Food Group (HFG), a leading copacker, supplier and distributor of frozen food products, announced high-growth CPG veteran Amit Pandhi as the new President and Chief Executive Officer, effective November 6, 2023. Harvest Food Group, which will be celebrating its 25th anniversary in June 2024, was purchased by Industrial Opportunity Partners in May 2023. Pandhi brings a wealth of expertise to HFG. He most recently served as the CEO of Popchips, one of North America’s premier better-for-you snack brands, where he orchestrated a remarkable transformation and revitalization of the company in partnership with private equity firm VMG Partners. Within a span of just three years, he oversaw the construction of a state-of-theart manufacturing facility, devised innovative market strategies, and effectively doubled the business. Popchips achieved a successful sale to a strategic acquirer in Q4 2022 under Amit’s leadership. Prior to his tenure at Popchips, Pandhi served as the President and CEO of Arctic Zero. “I am thrilled to announce the appointment of Amit Pandhi as our new President and CEO,” said Norman Young, chairman of HFG. “HFG is a rare case study of success in all frozen food categories, including Branded, Private Label, Food Service, CoManufacturing, and Ingredients. With Amit’s proven track record of driving growth and innovation in the food space, his guidance will undoubtedly propel HFG to new heights.” As a leading supplier of frozen ingredients in North America, HFG offers hundreds of top-quality IQF vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes and herbs sourced from all over the globe. Investments from Industrial Opportunity Partners have scaled HFG’s manufacturing capabilities, including vertical and horizontal bagging lines that form, fill and seal; a bulk packing line that converts case sizes; a state-of-the-art bowl line that will fill, seal and carton all types of meals; and a specialized cup line that produces convenient, grab-and-go frozen or refrigerated items. These manufacturing lines produce some of the most flavorful, safe, and high-quality frozen food products in the industry. With Pandhi at the helm, customers can expect even higher standards of quality and service. “HFG makes incredible products across so many verticals, and I look forward to building upon its long history to grow our private label, food service, contract manufacturing, branded and ingredient businesses. I also look forward to deepening our relationships with existing customers, from the largest retailers and best global food companies, as well as serving the most innovative emerging brands in frozen,” Pandhi said. “We are proud of the position we have carved out over the past twenty five years as industry leaders,” said Jason Eckert, cofounder of HFG. “Amit will infuse a new source of energy and expand the vision for what HFG can become. His experience in building organizations and maximizing growth and profitability will help position Harvest Food Group to tackle the challenges that our industry faces heading into the future. I can’t wait to see what we are capable of under Amit’s leadership and the support of IOP.” Eckert, who co-founded HFG along with his father in 1999, will transition from President to board member.

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 6 A Multifaceted Entrepreneur: Chad Pinter ith next-level expertise and operational efficiency, Western Milling delivers bespoke animal, people, and plant nutrition resources. With a core focus on innovation, performance, and relationships, the company’s team of industry professionals are diligent and dedicated when it comes to meeting the needs of their customers. And they believe strongly in Otto Kruse’s passion for providing quality feeds to ensure the health of animals. As such, the team develops some of the most innovative and nutritional feeds on the market today in an extensive product portfolio that is distributed through trusted retailers. This range includes dairy, broiler, layer, hog, and cattle feeds with more than 1,700 active formulas, varying from textured and pelleted feeds, extruded feeds, base mineral mixes, flaked grain, and commodities. In addition, the company’s diverse offering extends to agribusiness products, such as soil amendments, planting seeds, fertilizers, and other speciality products to help farmers maximize their investments year on year. It also delivers support services in trucking, Apr23017 Western Milling is a company devoted to the legacy of its Founder, Otto Kruse, and his motto of ‘Know thy customer and strive for their success’. As CEO of the company, Chad Pinter leads his team in relentless pursuit of customer success – the mission being to become the leading and most diverse agriculturally-based nutrient solutions business in western USA from its headquarters in California. Well on the way to this being the case, Chad’s hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. Having spent 16 years at the company, Chad has only spent a short amount of time in his current leadership role, but he has already left an incredible impression on us, making him stand out as our Animal / Human Plant Nutrition CEO of the Year 2023 – Midwest USA. We speak to Chad to learn more about Western Milling and his successful career to date. W rail, and merchandising, bringing creative solutions to customers through an integrated approach. And it doesn’t end there, for Western Milling also provides private label programs, alongside having co-manufacturing capabilities to help its customers optimize their supply chain. Western Milling’s scope of services and products is vast and outstanding – So, what is Chad Pinter’s role in all this? “I’ve been with the company for 16 years,” he begins. “We sold the company in 2022, so a year and a half ago, I stepped into the CEO role in that transition. This makes me responsible for all operations, strategy, execution, and financial returns.” He continues, “I’m not a micromanager. The intention is to empower the employees. Highly skilled employees do not want to be micromanaged. If you get good people, give them the authority and let them go – but within provided boundaries that support the company mission and goals. It’s important to be clear on what the expectations are, the desired outcomes are, and give autonomy within that for people to execute. I expect there to be strong communication with me, their teams, and with their peers. I don’t need to be involved in every meeting or every discussion. I follow up more as a leader and director as opposed to an authoritarian figure.” “I really want to attract and keep people that are forward-thinking, open-minded, strong communicators that want to grow and have a curiosity mindset. I think that curiosity and open-mindedness allows people to continue to adapt into evolving markets.” Indeed, Chad is keen to praise those who are on his team, delighting in the fact that the company’s turnover rate for salaried employees is less than 5%. A key contributor, Chad believes, is the company’s growth mindset, with a strong focus on helping its people move forward and evolve both professionally and personally, and therefore enabling the business to do the same, continuously improving with each passing day. With regard to his own career, Chad spent the first 10 years working in financial roles. He graduated in Finance from the University of Iowa, before becoming an accountant in 1994 and working in various other accounting and finance roles. Next, he moved into a corporate controller role in 2002, and then joined Western Milling in 2007. During his 16 years spent at Western Milling, Chad has been in a variety of roles in corporate management including the VP of Corporate Development, VP of Sales, CFO, COO, and his current role of CEO. He also has significant experience in board roles, currently sitting on boards for different companies in the non-profit and profit sectors. Chad credits his multifunctional experience as a key element in his success. Crucial over the years to Chad’s career success has been his access to mentorship, guided by individuals whom he feels have had a key positive influence on his professional growth. “I feel like my pathway has been enabled by so many people, and as I’ve collected those experiences and relationships, there is just a lot of value in them.” One key piece of advice that Chad

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 7 received early on from one of his mentors was to “take as many accounting classes as you can stand and take all the psychology classes that are offered because if you understand the numbers and understand people, you have a great chance at success.” While he is grateful for the mentorship he received, Chad also found that back in the early days of his career, many professionals generally weren’t open to change and improvement. “When I was in my twenties, I was on a very accelerated growth path, but I was hearing people further in their careers blocking things, and they didn’t have good logic for blocking it. It’s almost as if they just didn’t want to do it because of fear of failure or lack of desire or care for the business. They would come up with reasons from the past why it wouldn’t work today or all the things that could go wrong rather than what could go right and the benefits of the change, so I really try to work hard to be growthminded and have people around me or on my team that are that type.” As CEO of Western Milling, Chad welcomes change with open arms, so the company can move forward with the times and ensure it continues to offer only the very best for all its customers, while also preparing and responding as needed for any challenges that arise. He says, “There’s a constant shifting landscape around which products are making money and not making money. We have a rigorous risk management practice around exposure, whether that’s on the supply chain side or the customer. We spend a lot of time gathering information on both of those ends.” “We’re deeply integrated into our customers’ lives,” he goes on to say. “Our salespeople are very active and involved in the community. Many of our salespeople come from that community to begin with, so they were born into it, and then naturally stay in it. Therefore, we have a lot of ties to our customer base that allows us to continue to learn. Then, on the supply chain side, we have a deep experience in that, too. By monitoring both the supply chain and the customer, it allows us to identify when there’s an opportunity in an area, whether that originated positively or negatively, so we can opportunity solve through it.” “I fit my Aquarius sign where it’s a pretty global, eclectic mix in interest and big picture desire – I have a big picture view and desire to explore and move forward without bounds. I enjoy the possibilities and moving on them.” Ultimately, Chad’s ambition and passion really shine through – not only within his CEO role at Western Milling, but he has other business ventures he is highly excited about too, describing himself as a general businessperson, communicator, and multifaceted entrepreneur. “We’re selling a pet food business right now, which should close next month,” he shares. “It’s not part of the company I work for [Western Milling]; I’m an owner in it and was formerly the President of it as well. I have a number of different things I have passion or interest in and invest in things that match those. One example is an interest in a men’s and women’s tuxedo clothing line named Polarity. My significant other is a fashionista and she designs the women’s tuxedos.” He adds, “I love to travel because I think travel creates joy and perspective that lead to creativity. It breaks a person out of the box that they may be in today and gives them another perspective where they can absorb, learn, and grow. It creates ideas because different parts of the world function differently day-to-day and commerce is different, so to observe that and understand creates new possibilities.” Company: Western Milling Contact: Chad Pinter Email: cpinter@ Website: www.westernmilling. com / chad-pinter-62278a1a7

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 8 ince its inception, Polytems has served over 150 companies, often by supporting them with their Initial Public Offering (IPO). Its clients include mid and small-cap companies and institutional players such as asset managers, banks, brokers, and mutual and sovereign funds. Polytems is a trusted advisor to Board and Senior Executives as well as renowned financial organisations. Its professional team has expertise in several industry sectors to support clients’ operations and create long-term relationships with global investors and key financial media. It is Polytems’ mission to work with companies to help them professionally communicate in financial markets and build a solid reputation for their brand. The business tailors its approach to find the most effective means of growing and protecting clients’ stature. On the role of leadership in her position, CEO Bianca Fersini Mastelloni says, “My most frequent leadership style can be indicated in the coaching style because I like to work with the team and strengthen their skills. This allows you to create a positive work culture and implement their output and retention. You can learn a lot from your team, their experiences, and their needs. When in change, you must be a visionary, transfer the new vision well, and convince people to follow you.” Polytems is dedicated to demonstrating best practices and transparency in its business. Its objective is to assist stockholders in understanding their clients’ business models and offerings. By helping companies position themselves in the financial market, Polytems facilitates brand awareness and promotes sustainable growth. The company is dedicated to fostering professional relationships with customers and building mutual trust. Through consistent communication and transparent advice, Polytems aims to help companies innovate and seek new investors to expand their value. At Polytems, Investor Relations involves communicating the current and potential market value of a company with the aim of reducing the gap between the intrinsic value of the company, the value communicated, and the value expressed by the market. The team at Polytems must study the financial market in order to discover where investments are Creating Sustainable Growth in the Financial Sector Established in 1999, Polytems Hir is a leading Corporate Communication company with a focus on Capital Market Communication, Investor Relations, and Financial Communications for public small and mid-cap firms and institutional players in the world of finance. The business is a pioneer in Italy’s financial sector and committed to evolving its approach to clients’ needs and advancing technologies. Spearheaded by CEO Bianca Fersini Mastelloni, Polytems is dedicated to sharing knowledge and establishing dynamic relationships in the financial community. Bianca Fersini Mastelloni has received our award for this year’s Most Influential CEO - Italy (Investor Relations & Financial Communications). directed. By identifying a stakeholder’s profile, investment style, and potential, the business can determine whether the investor can create value for clients. Polytems encourages clients to look at Investor Relations in an innovative way by anticipating the demands of the financial markets. Possessed with this key knowledge, clients can become forward thinking and achieve lasting growth. With offices in Rome and London and affiliates in New York, Polytems boasts a professional staff from many diverse backgrounds: communication, finance, journalism, and investor relations. The team’s valuable contributions support clients’ operations and continue to shape the future of Polytems. With their winning combination of creativity, integrity, and passion, staff provide quality advice to create a climate of trust between its clients and stakeholders. It is vital that the team is well prepared to consistently offer transparent advice that delivers success to companies. Over the coming year, Polytems aims to help small and mid-cap Italian companies approach the world’s most important financial market, the New York Stock Exchange. This will be a challenging task, but Polytems’ talented team is dedicated to assisting its clients to enhance their value stock ready for the NYSE. Under the leadership of CEO Bianca Fersini Mastelloni, Polytems will continue to help its clients increase their competitive advantage in their respective sectors. With the advice of its team of professionals, clients can refine the most appropriate way to communicate in the financial markets and create a valued reputation for their brand. Polytems is dedicated to continuous research to innovate its services and improve its professional activities. Under the direction of Bianca Fersini Mastelloni, the business will continue to create measurable value for its clients and provide its indispensable services. For her charismatic and supportive leadership style, Bianca Fersini Mastelloni has received our award for this year’s Most Influential CEO - Italy (Investor Relations & Financial Communications). S Contact: Bianca Fersini Mastelloni Company: POLYTEMS HIR Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 9 Maritime Chairman of the Year 2023 (UK): John Garner Established in 2018, JG Maritime Solutions is a family business providing independent maritime consultancy across the globe. The company provides unparalleled personal service and offers strategic advice on all aspects of construction, and ship management of ferries, safety culture, regulatory affairs, and alternative fuels. JG Maritime Solutions prides itself on meeting the needs of individual clients and increasing the value of their businesses. Under the leadership of Founding Director John Garner, the business continues to expand its global reach to provide its extensive maritime solutions to customers all over the world. John Garner has been honoured with a Maritime Chairperson Award for his many years of dedicated work within the maritime industry. At JG Maritime Solutions, the team works closely with maritime industry associations such as the Chamber of Shipping and Interferry, which represent worldwide ferry operators. The business also works with maritime regulators, government led infrastructure developments, and stakeholders within the maritime community to remain informed about regulation changes and trends in the industry. Its core values of honesty, integrity, and trust are the foundational pillars that ensure JG Maritime Solutions continues to deliver a firstclass service and contribute towards a clean and safe maritime environment. Its team utilises their skills of innovation, inspiration, and technical astuteness to achieve a sustainable advantage over competitors. With these qualities and the support of an expert team, JG Maritime Solutions consistently delivers successful outcomes to its esteemed clients. Since its inception, the business has remained steadfast in its values and furthered its understanding of AI, digitalisation, domestic ferry safety and decarbonisation to lead the maritime industry into the 21st century. JG Maritime Solutions caters to clients around the world, employing its detailed knowledge of the maritime marketplace to provide its advanced solutions. The company’s USP is its agility, which enables the business to partner, innovate, and collaborate on maritime solutions that have previously been inaccessible to clients. It is JG Maritime Solutions’ priority to develop new business opportunities that promote alternative fuels, digitalisation, and positively contribute to its community. The business is passionate about investing in people, whether they are clients or employees. JG Maritime Solutions’ workforce have been involved in shipping for many years. The team’s expertise and experience allow them to understand and navigate the changes that clients face. With a supportive internal culture and ‘can do’ attitude, staff’s valuable contributions have enabled JG Maritime Solutions to achieve sustainable success. With over forty years’ experience in the maritime industry, Founding Director John Garner has served as Executive Director, board member, and Non-Executive Director in both the public and private sectors. He has been a member of the Supervisory Board of the UK Chamber of Shipping trade association for more than fifteen years. Since JG Maritime Solution inception, John has been involved with Ro-Ro Passenger (Ro-Pax) ship newbuilding programmes with P & O Ferries, Kiwi Rail, and Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC). He has provided his expertise to numerous industry committees, particularly those dealing with Maritime Regulatory Affairs. John provides independent chairmanship of the Lloyds Register Technical Committee and Interferry’s Regulatory Committee. On behalf of Interferry, John Garner has engaged with the EU funded LASH FIRE project on fire safety and attends sub-committee meetings at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Through his continued engagement, John can remain abreast of current developments in safety culture and ensure JG Maritime Solutions provides the latest solutions. John served in all ranks at sea on car carriers, bulk carriers, container ships, and tankers before sailing as Master/Senior Master on Ro-Ro Container and Ro-Ro Passenger Ferries. His extensive knowledge of maritime has shaped his open and mature leadership style and continues to increase value for businesses. JG Maritime Solutions is committed to providing maritime expertise to clients all over the world. The company is passionate about inspiring colleagues and seafarers to further their own skills and expertise. Through innovation, strategic direction, and strong leadership, JG Maritime Solutions will maintain superiority over the competition and continue to offer its unique personal service. Under the direction of John Garner, the business will remain steadfast in its mission to partner and collaborate with clients to provide advanced maritime solutions that add value and contribute towards a safe maritime environment. For his dynamic leadership and years devoted to the industry, John Garner has received this year’s Maritime Chairperson Award. Contact: John Garner Company: JG Maritime Solutions Ltd Web Address: https://www. Nov23008

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 10 Lead Generation’s Leading Expert hrough the career journey of Trueleads Founder and CEO Tom Happé, hard work and innovation are immediately apparent. Beginning as an internal sales representative, it was not long before Tom had secured the role of VP of Sales, and it was during this tenure that he first identified a key gap in the market, one that could be filled with a global and digital-first lead generation company. It was this realisation that laid the foundation for the curation of Trueleads, a business boasting the mission of assisting technology and software companies in the generating of repeatable and constant leads, without the need of resorting to outdated methods such as cold calling or mass email campaigns. Starting a business during a global pandemic was tough, and Tom was forced to bootstrap the company, helping it to its current sevenfigure enterprise in just three years, all while balancing family responsibilities. As a natural leader, Tom has embraced these challenges, meticulously solving them through the adopting of a mindset that looks forward to tackling adversity. Although challenges related to cash flow, recruitment, staffing, the market, and technical obstacles are not uncommon for CEOs, those who tackle Apr23017 Trueleads Ltd was established in 2020 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and today the company serves to liberate the sales teams of its clients, reducing stress and freeing up time for making deals, forging relationships, and delivering proposals. In the dynamic landscape of modern sales, traditional prospecting is a thing of the past, with sales professionals now managing a diverse range of tools, systems, and data to help make the most of early opportunities. Cold calling too is history, and the future belongs to digital lead generation. Founder and Lead Generation CEO of the Year 2023 – UK awardee Tom Happé has cultivated a successful career in the tech sales and software industry, one that culminated in the founding of Trueleads and the subsequent successes it has faced. We catch up with Tom to learn more about his duties as CEO and how he has spearheaded the future of digital sales channels. T them enthusiastically and learn from their mistakes are the ones who will ultimately succeed. Tom’s prior position as VP of Sales showed him the true power of digital channels such as LinkedIn, and the impact these can have in lead generation marketing settings. Covid-19 spawned the rapid acceleration of the already on-going digital transformation in the industry, cementing such current statistics as 70% of the buyer journey having been completed before speaking to sales and the prediction that almost 80% of B2B interactions will have shifted to digital channels by 2025. Having been founded during the throes of this rapid evolution, Trueleads possesses a firm aim to, “bring honesty, transparency, and humility to an industry historically lacking in these qualities.” By embodying a method of positive disruption and providing an ethical approach to the lead generation concept, clients are afforded the best possible opportunities to achieve success at the hands of Trueleads. Tremendous growth has followed as a result of this ethos, with the company today partnering with three of the top ten global software companies and a host of others. Further stimulating growth is the adherence to strict core values, with these emphasising trust, honesty, flexibility, and integrity above all, echoing Tom’s own key qualities that have been honed over a successful period working as a tech sales professional. Skills and competencies Tom has picked up over the years allow for a style of leadership that is ultimately characterised by a supportive, direct, and open approach that is neatly combined with a keen self-awareness. The latter of these is vital, as it allows for strengths and weaknesses to be recognised and either solidified or worked upon, and Tom has no qualms about delegating responsibilities to trusted individuals in areas where he is weaker than the team of experts he has curated. By proudly empowering his team through a careful blend of autonomy and responsibility designation, the growth of employees is effectively fostered by the wider organisation. Further cementing this is Tom’s overarching goal to cultivate a workplace ethic that is equal parts innovative, inspiring, and fun. This results in an excellent work-life balance for team members, and as a father of four himself, Tom is acutely aware of the importance of securing such a balance and is passionate about ensuring that the same opportunity is afforded to all within the company. It this added personal approach that truly makes Trueleads an excellent place to work, and Tom an excellent leader to work for. With this quality to boot, Trueleads works with clients on a global scale across a variety of sectors and industries, but with a particular focus on helping the leading software and technology companies. Since these larger organisations are oftentimes in possession of larger sales teams, there is a general lack of a repeatable, scalable, and measurable lead generation programme. Although big companies invest in an array of tools, they frequently struggle to extract demonstrable value from them. With Trueleads, the existing data and building processes of clients can be leveraged for future success, as well as being replicated throughout sales teams and channel partners. For Tom and the Trueleads team, the advent of AI has created both challenge and opportunity. Although AI is being used to carry out such tasks as content creation, messaging, and prospect

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 11 targeting on a mass-scale, the results lack authenticity. For this reason, Trueleads prioritises the human connection, refusing to rely on AI and yet recognising that in the future, those companies who effectively combine it with their existing services will lead. Tom, and by extension the wider company, is a firm believer in the ageless saying practice what you preach. To this end, Trueleads utilises its own services across 100% of the business, such as high-quality data, website visitor insight, and targeted account-based marketing through its LinkedIn platform. As Tom explains, “we take pride in this approach and can readily demonstrate its effectiveness to our clients.” After all, is there a better marker in a company’s trust in its own products than using them across its entire service catalogue? All of the success that Trueleads has bred starts with its employees, who not only are integral to the company’s growth, but also essential in successfully combining automation and human interaction. Roles offered by the firm in the fields of customer success, data, and automation are critical in measuring the tangible value clients receive from their existing tech/ data tools, and in return for their hard work, employees are rewarded with a stellar internal culture that celebrates collaboration, progress, and an unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service. Looking ahead to the future of the company and his own career, Tom tells us how, “Trueleads is on a mission to become the global leader in B2B lead generation.” In order to achieve this, plans are in place to further expand the team with fresh talent, in addition to developing the platform the company provides to offer even greater value to clients, not only saving them time, but generating genuine, measurable results. For Tom, there is a like-minded drive to continue growing as a leader, developing himself and his team to guarantee prosperity well into the future. Tom is deeply passionate about the direction in which the business is heading, and he aspires to craft a worldleading team to join him on the long-haul journey. Quintessentially, Tom explains, “my motivation, passion, and humility will remain steadfast as we work to position Trueleads where it deserves to be.” The journey that Tom and Trueleads has already been on is incredibly impressive, as just three short years ago, the business was being operated from his garage. It is the drive to make Trueleads a global leader in B2B lead generation that has led to such sustainable success and growth. With Tom at the helm, the company is sure to encounter continuous prosperity, and his dedication, hard work, and undeterred spirit make Tom Happé more than worthy of being celebrated for his excellence. Contact: Tom Happé Company: Trueleads Ltd Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 12 With its deep understanding of the farming industry, PrüvIT Technologies Inc. continues to evolve its technology to address clients’ changing needs. Through its integration of blockchain AI networks and machine learning, the business has revolutionised how disease outbreaks are managed by making traceability fast and efficient. There are increasing demands within the livestock industry for transparent and effective systems to support the production chain. PrüvIT Technologies Inc. is committed to creating a future where the livestock chain is interconnected with reliable technology to ensure producers can access the resources they need to thrive. With its dedication to innovation, the business aims to usher in a new era in livestock management. PrüvIT Technologies Inc. seeks to craft accurate solutions driven by the needs of its clients to combat real-world challenges. All innovations aim to solve a tangible problem with evolving technology to ensure the company remains at the forefront of innovative solutions. By understanding the complexities of the sector, Steered by CEO Corlena Patterson, PrüvIT Technologies Inc. harnesses innovative technologies to create its efficient livestock traceability systems. With roots in livestock production, the business aims to combine its precise technology with accurate solutions to create an advanced farming application. Under the tenacious leadership of Corlena Patterson, PrüvIT Technologies Inc. is committed to solving real world problems for livestock producers. Here we speak to Corlena Patterson, who has received our award for this year’s Livestock Software CEO of the Year. PrüvIT Technologies Inc. provides transparent and dependable systems that fulfil the business’s pursuit of excellence. The company has matured to expand its advanced offerings to new territories while remaining steadfast in its core values of innovation, reliability, passion, and transparency. PrüvIT Technologies Inc. now uses its cutting-edge technology to preempt industry problems and ensure its solutions are equipped to deal with evolving challenges. CEO Corlena Patterson has dedicated her life to exploring the agriculture landscape. As part of a family that owned a livestock auction mart, her journey has paved the way for in-depth insights into the sector. With a Bachelor’s in Animal Science and a Master’s in Veterinary Studies, Corlena’s academic background has enriched her understanding. In her professional life, Corlena has worked in oilseed processing and pioneered a method of extracting high bypass protein from cold-pressed soybeans. Her passion for education has led her to serve as an adjunct professor at the University of Guelph in both the Equine and Agriculture departments. As the Executive Director of the Canadian Sheep Federation, Corlena has gained valuable insights into the challenges facing the livestock industry. Her education and dedicated work on numerous committees and advisory boards continue to influence her leadership journey. Corlena brings her eclectic experiences and deeprooted passion for agriculture to her role as CEO every day. Speaking on her leadership style, Corlena Patterson says, “My leadership journey has been one of continuous learning, growth, and reflection. If I were to sum up my style, it’s a tenacious and relentless pursuit of excellence. Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to mentor numerous students, offering them extensive experiential and internship opportunities. This mentorship isn’t a oneway street; it’s a symbiotic relationship where I learn as much from them as they do from me. I’m not a leader who stands on the sidelines. I’m right there, rolling up my sleeves, working alongside my team. Recognising and appreciating the hard work of others is paramount.” At PrüvIT Technologies Inc., the main focus is not outperforming competitors but catering to the requirements of the livestock industry. PrüvIT Technologies Inc. prides itself on its continuous research and development to find more efficient and sustainable solutions. As a partner, collaborator, and innovator, the company aims to deliver innovative systems that will shape the future of livestock technology. Looking to the future, PrüvIT Technologies Inc. plans to continue innovating the technology used in its livestock traceability systems with further AI and data integration. Its research team is committed to enhancing its camera vision capabilities to better assess animal welfare and help producers make informed management decisions. Through the integration of AI technology, clients will be better equipped to monitor lesion development and biometric changes, resulting in improved animal wellbeing. Traceability remains at the heart of the business and PrüvIT Technologies Inc. is dedicated to crafting tools that seamlessly collect and report data. CEO of PrüvIT Technologies Inc., Corlena Patterson concludes, “Throughout my career, I’ve consistently aimed to uplift and empower those around me. I believe in fostering an environment where challenging discussions are not only allowed but actively encouraged. I hope my approach has instilled a sense of confidence in others, emphasising the importance of ethical behaviour and the recognition of accomplishments. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of our industry, I remain committed to personal growth and fostering a culture where every voice is valued.” Contact: Corlena Patterson Company: PrüvIT Technologies Inc Web Address: Advanced Solutions for Livestock Traceability

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 13 Best Digital Chairman of the Year 2023 (France): Philippe Lentschener In this modern businesssetting, a new dimension has begun to emerge, with the political landscape forcing shifts to undifferentiable marketing strategies whereby the same words, images, and signs are used across the board by brands and companies. According to Reputation Age, this constitutes a strategic panic, whereby those with voices have forgotten their culture, purpose, and what has made them unique. In essence, they have forgotten themselves. With Reputation Age, companies can successfully build and manage their reputation, allowing them to thrive in this public age. Managing its clients’ reputations through a host of masterful strategies, gathered under the Strategic Sovereignty umbrella, with digital creativity paramount throughout, the company creates targeted programmes that allows it to offer endogenous excellence branding, social media, nation branding, influence, and crisis communication strategies. These solutions help to cut through the mistrust that reigns in a time when all truths are seen as equal, and with a touch of imagination, great things can be achieved. This endeavour is spearheaded by awardee Philippe Lentschener, who possesses an intrinsic passion for strategies and brands, and is convinced that all companies have a prosperous destiny ahead of them, one that can be unlocked through a relentless search to understand the true value that they hold. Over the years, Philippe has been fortunate enough to hold fantastic positions in terrific groups, but due to the constraints present in the financial marketing industry, knew it was time for him to go independent. A remedy for the defeatist attitude held by the sector is sovereignty, with strategies implemented that are fresh and exciting, do not follow in others’ footsteps, and refuse to imitate the competition. The outcome, what is expected, and what the company is aiming for are thus harmonious, and it is the mission of the team to build and exercise strategic sovereignty on a massive scale. Sovereignty of this nature comes from within, it is continuous and exponential, and although difficult to define, is on par with a company’s value chain in terms of importance. Communication is an ageless tool, and marketing agencies have made remarkable progress over the last century in adapting their offerings, going from words to images, press to billboards, advertising spots to screens, and from targeting groups to mass social media campaigns. Yet the industry is out of solutions due to its unwillingness to stray from this model even as it outlives its use, and the tireless job of brand operation and management remains autonomous, because the industry no longer provides any assistance, everything must be curated through independent thought. Likewise, Philippe prioritises independent thought through his position as chair and president, claiming “the last thing a leader needs is followers.” Rather than blindly following, it is the job of employees to not agree on everything, but rather just settle on what is next, and how best to go about achieving this goal. At present, this focus is squarely on imposing the strategic sovereignty model, and this is no easy task, with the business proposing an entirely new way of analysing what lies ahead, it may be some time before people realise the full extent of its benefits. At this stage in his career, Philippe places extra emphasis on training young talent, sharing all of his industry knowledge and acting as a completely open book. For Reputation Age and Philippe Lentschener, strategic sovereignty is a brilliant new philosophy that boasts a set of tools to help clients get there and succeed in their professional lives. With this innovative ethos to boot, Philippe has proved himself to be more than deserving of this award celebrating his excellence in the digital sphere. Contact: Philippe Lentschener Company: Reputation Age Web Address: https:// Oct23629 Reputation Age was created confident that we live in an age of reputation, where anyone will want to know about anyone they will liaise with beforehand, representing a shift to a totally new paradigm in the marketing industry. Some of the most frequent marketing tools have been rendered outdated thanks to their implementation at a time when discourses would take place in protected spaces, but now communication has been given a platform in public spaces, reputation is vital when was called “image” is no longer protecting you. Companies strive to keep control of singular and free speech, and with Chairman and President Philippe Lentschener heading up operations, clients can be successfully navigated through the strategic panic the industry finds itself in. We catch up with Philippe to learn more about his morals, journey, and successes in the digital marketing industry.

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 14 ach member of the team at RMW Advisory Group has witnessed firsthand how their friends and family members have struggled to find the help they needed to map out their financial future. Having been inspired by their personal experiences to become financial advisors, they are confident that, with extensive training and in-depth knowledge of their field, they are well-equipped to help people better prepare for their futures. Since the group’s inception in 2019, RMW Advisory Group has gained a reputation for effectively educating its clients. Using comprehensible language, it empowers individuals to develop an understanding of their personal finances and use it to pursue their financial objectives. The group is proud to provide a personalised, hands-on service, informing clients about financial concepts and products to take the mystery out of investing, insurance, estate conservation, and wealth preservation. Whilst its service offerings are broad, RMW Advisory Group specialises in helping individuals to develop solid retirement strategies, working with clients who are retired or approaching retirement age. The group understands the challenges of retiring in the modern day and knows that many people are concerned about outliving their money. For this reason, it focuses on helping people with money management as well as other issues related to financial wellbeing. RMW Advisory Group believes that, since no two people are the same, each of its clients deserves their own personal financial strategy. For this reason, it provides them with tailored advice based on their unique situation, taking into account their career, life path, and goals. Playing an integral role in the lives of its clients, their children, and their grandchildren, the firm aims to deliver value in its work, simplifying the complex whilst also providing a high level of service that is rarely seen in the financial industry. Every service delivered by RMW Advisory Group is based on a data-driven process that involves three steps. Firstly, the team conducts data-led analysis, which serves as the foundation of everything it does. Secondly, it creates individualised strategies to ensure that the client’s Wade Herbert: Most Influential Wealth Management CEO With offices across Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri, RMW (Rocky Mountain Wealth) Advisory Group LLC delivers financial services like estate planning, investment advice, and financial strategy solutions. At the helm of the group is CEO and Wealth Adviser Wade Herbert, who has recently been named Most Influential CEO 2023 - Denver (Wealth Management) as part of the Most Influential CEO Awards. goals are always prioritised. Lastly, it delivers comprehensive financial management, addressing the client’s every need. Following an impressive 30-year career in the financial industry, Wade Herbert joined RMW Advisory Group in July 2021 as the Senior Vice President of Business Development. Now, having overseen the significant expansion of the organisation through acquisitions as well as the growth of its partner firms, he serves as its esteemed CEO. Since his career began in 1989, Wade has gained extensive experience and training in his field, working his way up to managerial positions. His licenses include the Series 24 - General Securities Principle, Series 26 - Variable Contracts Principle, Series 51 - Municipal Fund Securities Principle, and Series 7, 6, 63, and 66. He also has his Property and Casualty license and is permitted to conduct business in all states. Furthermore, Wade has completed his Financial Advisors Training Systems, Sandler, Tracy, Cotton, Blanchard, Kinder, Cates, Hopkins, and Covey, making him an incredible asset to the RMW Advisory Group team and to any prospective advisors looking to grow their business. In his work, Wade demonstrates a commitment to creating companies that operate based on sincere passion for financial planning, clients, and the community. This ultimately enables both clients and advisors to achieve their goals. For his excellent leadership at RMW Advisory Group, Wade Herbert has been awarded Most Influential CEO - Denver (Wealth Management) in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. Considering his impressive achievements thus far, there is no doubt that Wade will continue to succeed in the years to come. We wish him the best of luck in all his endeavours. Contact Details Contact: Wade Herbert Company: RMW Advisory Group LLC Web Address: Oct23630 E