Issue 12 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2023 18 NJI Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Nathan Imperiale and Josh Shultz have revolutionized public affairs with their visionary approach to best-in-class creative. Their ability to cultivate relationships, build networks, and identify emerging trends has driven year-over -year growth of 20% over a remarkable 16-year span. NJI helps clients achieve their goals by infusing the agency’s core values into everything it does: Give a Damn, Make it Personal, and Never be Satisfied. These values are not theoretical NJI solves complex public affairs challenges with fully orchestrated, elegantly crafted solutions that reach global markets. With over 16 years of experience, it has established a reputation for high-caliber work and a commitment to pushing boundaries. NJI Co-Founders and Co-CEOs Nathan Imperiale and Josh Shultz are the recipients of our Advertising CEO of the Year 2023 – Virginia award, and they are the driving force steering this agency toward success. statements; they are deeply ingrained into the team’s culture and serve as the foundation for the agency’s relationships with clients and among employees. Nathan and Josh believe that how the team works together is as important as what the team creates, so they have built a harmonious work environment that emphasizes mutual respect, kindness, and integrity. Their dedication to diversity and inclusivity has fostered a creative atmosphere filled with unique skills and perspectives. NJI’s certifications as an LGBT-owned business and an employer of veterans exemplify its commitment to equal opportunities, with women comprising over 60% of the NJI team. The co-founders both kickstarted their careers in digital media while working on Capitol Hill. After eight years of working with policymakers and founding the first digital media offices serving the House of Representatives, the duo saw a need for a public-facing creative agency geared toward trade associations, corporations, and non-profit organizations. The pair draw their inspiration for business leadership from family role models who instilled purposeful values and a commitment to excellence that has shaped them into the successful CEOs they are today. After more than a decade in business together, Nathan and Josh align on the desirable qualities that make a good CEO: accountability, adaptability, effective communication, a strong client focus, and an ability to solve problems. As co-CEOs, trust and continuous communication have proved to be the backbone of successful leadership. Leaning into their individual strengths and embracing their accountability have enabled the two to successfully co-lead a global agency. To stay competitive in the creative industry, Nathan and Josh are vigilant about staying ahead of the curve. From generative artificial intelligence to virtual production, creative technology is revolutionizing the way people produce and consume content and, in turn, changing the way clients reach global audiences. NJI is committed to keeping up with trends, pushing boundaries, and stepping out of comfort zones. The agency continues to expand, boosting its global footprint through offices in London and Singapore and growing virtual production capabilities. In a culture that puts people first, NJI’s employees have a voice in the agency’s growth and play a critical role in driving initiatives forward. Rooted in diverse life experience, the team’s well-rounded authenticity is the foundation of boundless creativity. Nathan and Josh believe the key to success is to “hire good humans who are enjoyable to work with”. As Josh says, “When you enjoy working alongside people you genuinely care about, the rest naturally falls into place.” Contact: Nathan Imperiale and Josh Shultz Company: NJI Web Address: Creative Solutions to Inform and Influence