Fitness Trends for Businesses

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Fitness Trends for Businesses

With a renewed focus on sustaining health, more people are embracing physical fitness along with a healthy diet. Listed below are new fitness trends that businesses should consider using to increase their bottom line.

A Changing World

Just as companies now allow employees to work partly from remote locations, gyms and fitness centers must adapt to the next generation. Younger people want a lifestyle that’s convenient. In order to increase membership, facilities are doing things like offering packages for part-time users to fill in the gaps and enhance their at-home workouts. Most gyms also have professional trainers on staff who can answer questions with regard to the best exercise to lose weight in certain areas of the body. 

Floor Classes

Fitness centers now offer a variety of classes to cater to the needs of diverse workouts. HIIT, also known as high-intensity interval training, is one of the new highly regarded extreme workouts. The reason for the attraction is that in a 20-minute session you can burn off more calories versus a 45-minute typical exercise session. Along with removing cellular debris, HIIT keeps the body in intense motion with a short rest period, getting the heart rate up and the blood pumping. A PiYo class is another on-trend form of exercise that combines the intensity of a pilates class with the strengthening and improving flexibility obtained in a yoga class. The combination of the two helps to define and build both small and large muscles. Cardio fitness classes are all the rage where you dance to the beat of the music and reap the benefits of an intense workout while having fun. 

Gym Equipment

Gym equipment is still popular. Bikes and treadmills at many gyms across the state have been updated. They have high-tech additions including different speed settings and levels of intensity. Many of the new machines also have Bluetooth capabilities. In recent times, row machines are in demand. People are starting to see that by pulling they not only increase their strength and build lean muscles but also work to improve their posture. Strength training using barbells and hand weights helps build a six-pack and a core to die for. 

Community Members

Today, thanks to social media, gyms and fitness centers are benefiting with community exercise sessions. Family and friends share a common goal of getting fit by attending live-streaming classes. It’s an addition that many of the facilities are embracing as a way to keep members in shape on days when they can’t attend the gym. As a result, the community becomes closer and healthier. 

Alternative Exercise

Along with various classes and equipment, some gyms also have areas designated for things like kickboxing and traditional boxing. The sessions burn a lot of calories and improve balance, speed, posture, and build lean muscles. 

Fitness Apps

If you’re not able to get to the gym, bring the gym into your home with a fitness app. Increasing in popularity, these live-streaming classes offer a variety of workouts including yoga, pilates, endurance orangetheory, cardio dance, strength training, and stretch workouts. There are also classes conducted by celebrities. 


In addition to strength and core training, many studios also end their sessions or have separate classes dedicated to meditation. Winding down at the end of an intense workout using meditation is beneficial to quick recovery of muscles to reduce the pain. Meditation on its own is also growing in popularity as a way to find inner peace after a tough day at the office. 

Gyms, studios, and fitness centers are making changes that benefit their membership and their clients’ busy lifestyles.

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