Welltodo Releases 2019 Business Of Wellness Trends Report


Welltodo, a leading global platform dedicated to helping people build incredible businesses and careers in the wellness industry, has announced the launch of its new 2019 Business Of Wellness Trends Report.

Exploring the eight key industry developments impacting wellness businesses and industry leaders, now and in the future, the comprehensive report presents Welltodo’s unique perspective on the business strategies impacting this $4.2 trillion industry*.

Challenging current thinking and exploring new strategies to unlock innovation, the 2019 Business Of Wellness Trends Report offers a glimpse into the future of this dynamic and influential marketplace.

Uncovering and interpreting insights into key industry trends such as digital disruption, radical transparency, hiring for wellness, fresh thinking partnerships and more, this new 50 page resource builds on Welltodo’s influential 2019 Consumer Wellness Trends Report, to shed light on how businesses can navigate these industry-wide trends to future-proof their brand, and leverage consumer preferences.

“As the wellness industry continues to experience an unprecedented level of growth, new product launches, mergers, acquisitions and investments are all helping to fuel the industry’s upward trajectory – despite an increasingly savvy consumer,” comments Laura Hill, Senior Editor, Welltodo.

“In what’s becoming an even more competitive and challenging market, for the wellness brands of tomorrow, it’s time to get clear on how these industry shifts can help you ensure profitable and sustainable growth.”
Below, you’ll find an exclusive preview of the report:

Digital Disruption
As technological advancements continue to accelerate, wellness brands are creating a new-age health ecosystem that speaks to digital natives. By inspiring consumers to approach their wellbeing more holistically, in turn, it’s driving the growth of the industry.

Transparency Gets Radical
In order to push the narrative surrounding transparency forward, collectively, the wellness brands of tomorrow are interacting more openly with their customers. These trailblazers are taking advantage of a new conversation economy to cultivate the leading brands of tomorrow.

New Realms In Marketing
With authenticity now the word on everybody’s lips, for wellness brands that want to cultivate credibility in the face of so much scepticism, they’re being forced to employ new methods of influencer marketing in a bid to restore trust.

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