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Everyone’s wealth is different, and the best planners of these services create a system that is entirely bespoke. The team at Century Private Wealth, led by CEO Madhur Kakkar, has made its name in providing new levels of success for its investment clients. Named as CEO of the Year, 2020 – the United Arab Emirates for his work at this loyal asset management firm, we take a closer look to find out more.


Based in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), it’s clear to many that the ideal people to entrust with your financial future are the talented team at Century Private Wealth. Under the staunch leadership of Madhur Kakkar, the firm has gone from strength to strength, leveraging his long service in the industry to deliver a world-leading service.

The goal of the team has always been to provide an experience that is above and beyond the norm within the industry. Working with a mix of professional clients, institutions & private individuals, those working at Century Private Wealth have always placed a high value on the relationships that they’ve developed and cultivated with clients. Their care is the foundation of the firm’s overall success.

The long experience of Mr. Kakkar has been a boon to the firm, with his fourteen years of expertise in the banking, financial markets and services sector allowing him to tackle any challenges that might occur. Before he joined the team at Century Private Wealth, he worked across many global banks in the region, managing multiple teams of wealth managers and ensuring profitability of regional branches and cost centers. These skills have been invaluable to the firm, as he focuses on the direction of the business, and how it grows across business verticals and geographies.

The challenge, of course, is keeping the work that the team do as simple as possible in a complex industry. Clear understanding is key to client satisfaction. The team take the time to ensure that their products and processes have been designed in such a way as to be easy for anybody to comprehend. Some firms offer services that are opaque, but everyone that Century Private Wealth offers is designed to be as transparent as possible. The team reserve from proprietary trading or entering into positions that will benefit their balance sheet. The focus is always on the client, and achieving results that clients are happy with in every way why people continue to turn to the team for their expertise.

The team at Century Private Wealth are proud not only of their heritage, but their ability to shape the future of the investment industry through their exceptional work ethic. The company lives on its bedrock values of stability, honesty, trust, quality, transparency and privacy, operating in the belief that as more businesses take on this approach, the industry as a whole will improve.

Needless to say, the work of Mr. Kakkar has not just been on developing the firm to reach the point it is currently operating at, but on creating plans that will enhance the business in the future and the business as a whole. At the heart of these plans is the desire to ensure that what Century Private Wealth offers clients in the UAE is the best that it can possibly be. The team are understandably passionate about their work, which is shown by their clear commitment to deliver excellence in every respect.

For more information, please contact Madhur Kakkar at Century Private Wealth.

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