A CEO Ensuring his Door is Open to Everyone


A CEO Ensuring his Door is Open to Everyone

RAM Tracking is a multi-award-winning provider of vehicle tracking technology and associated customer success and support. CEO Chris McClellan gives us an insight into what it is like to be a leader, and what techniques he employs to ensure he runs a successful company.

Founded in 2004, and with its services predominantly targeted at SMEs and mid-market firms, RAM Tracking offers intuitive web-based software, a range of dash-cameras and fleet management services spanning vehicle finance through to fuel cards which are perfect for any organisation wishing to develop an effective fleet management strategy, while protecting staff, improving profitability and enhancing environmental efficiency.

Guaranteeing that the company is moving forward in the right way, Chris outlines his responsibilities as CEO, telling us about how his leadership style sees him get the best out of his valued team.

“Here at RAM Tracking, every day is different, and my role is still very much hands-on as well as strategic. Also, I invest a lot of my time in leadership coaching sessions, especially with business experts such as Tony Robbins and Steve Crabb. I, along with the Board of Directors, look to build the bigger picture for the business – identifying opportunities and threats we need to be aware of. In terms of my leadership style, I have a team of leaders in place and empower them to make their own business decisions. I actively invest in extra training for all staff to help them develop the skills to have an entrepreneurial mindset and understand the way I want to shape the business.”

Understanding what customers and employees really want, and aiming to exceed these expectations is an attribute which Chris believes has helped him shape his success. He comments:

“Over the last 18 months, we took the decision to undergo the prestigious Investor in Customers (IIC) survey. The IIC surveyed both our customers and staff to understand if we are meeting (and exceeding) their expectations. It is the first time we have ever put the business through such an exercise in the 14 years of operating, and I am proud that we’re the only vehicle tracking company in the UK to have been accredited for the top Exceptional/Gold customer service levels for three consecutive times.”

In order to maintain a happy and thriving working environment, Chris emphasises the importance in not undervaluing staff, and he sees them as a vital cog in ensuring the company moves forwards.

“Undervaluing your staff and not seeing the importance of nurturing and developing them, is a major common mistake for many business owners. Although I am still hands-on in some areas of the business, I make sure that I empower my leadership team to have the skills and confidence to make their own decisions about the business. I invest heavily in training from external coaches and mentors to help all staff train everyone with the skills they need to act like entrepreneurs, think outside the box and not to be scared of taking any risks that they strongly believe will pay off. In addition to this, every six months we ask independent accessor, Investor in Customers to survey our staff, giving us (Board of Directors) 360 feedback to develop the team further. This way of managing and educating the team, I believe has played a strong part in business growth.”

Adopting an open culture, Chris explains that his door is always open to any personnel who may have an issue or an idea which may be of benefit to the firm. He talks about investing in sales platforms and encouraging his staff to all work towards achieving the same mission.

“My door is always open to everyone that works at RAM Tracking, and I ensure that everyone adopts the same way of thinking. I actively encourage everyone within the business to share their ideas, new products and improvements to the business, after all 100 heads are better than one.

“Furthermore, we have invested in SalesForce as our CRM platform which has boosted interdepartmental communications, everything is transparent and anyone can comment. All staff can be reassured that their comments are reaching me as well as The Board, which really helps in quick decision making.”

In his concluding comments, Chris signs off by predicting what he believes the future holds for the firm, hinting at possible expansion which will lead to RAM Tracking being able to explore a wealth of new opportunities, leading to a job well done.

“Looking ahead, I will be looking at new ways and possibly introducing some new services to make fleet management even easier for businesses with commercial vehicles. The RAM Tracking team is also expanding, so looking at new ways to develop them into new opportunities as they arise within the business.”

Company: RAM Tracking

Contact: Chris McClellan

Address: First Floor, Nelson House, George Mann Road, Quayside, Leeds, LS10 1DJ, UK

Phone: 0330 100 3622

Website: www.ramtracking.com

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