A CEO Driving the Future of His Industry


A CEO Driving the Future of His Industry

RAK Ceramics is one of the world’s largest ceramics brands. In August, the firm’s CEO, Abdallah Massaad, was named as the 2018 CEO of the Year for the United Arab Emirates by CEO Monthly Magazine. On the back of this, we spoke to Abdallah who gave us insight into the remarkable work this pace-setting company does on a daily basis.

The United Arab Emirates has long been synonymous with business excellence. It’s a region known for its swift-moving corporate landscape, and technological development – a hub of innovation and reinvigoration. Perhaps no business embodies this more than RAK Ceramics, which has thrived in the face of uncertainty, and blossomed in times of economic growth.

The firm’s success lies almost singularly on the shoulders of Abdallah Massaad, who has spearheaded the company’s expansion despite two economic recessions. It’s an impressive feat, born on the back of a natural talent for large-scale management. Abdallah starts the interview by describing his responsibilities as CEO and how he has succeeded in the face of daunting odds. “Innovation is at the heart of our philosophy and it is through this continued investment into innovation that we have succeeded in strategically positioning RAK Ceramics as a premium international brand known for our experience, wide product range, technological innovation and high-quality products. I believe that dedication, hard work and creative problem-solving is something that always needs to be appreciated and rewarded.”

“If there is one thing I have learned in business, it is that the only constant is change. Any successful business needs to adapt to its environment to survive.”

This approach feeds directly into the company’s culture, which promotes a truly international, dynamic and adaptive perspective to their operations, as Abdallah explains further: “RAK Ceramics is continually evolving as an organisation and we constantly strive to improve our thinking, processes and behaviours. We have developed a set of organisational values which underpins all our work and creates a positive culture. In simple terms, these organisational values are a common set of principles that define how each one of us should behave, think and conduct business at RAK Ceramics. These values help establish a common culture: RAK Ceramics has become a multi-national, multicultural and multi-generational organisation.

Finally, as the interview comes to a close, Abdallah enlightened us on the future of this industry-leading company, as they look towards opportunities for further growth, “Our vision is to become the world’s leading ceramics lifestyle solutions provider. We are ceramics experts and we are already known for our experience, our wide product range, our quality and our innovative approach. We are always looking for opportunities to grow and will continue to seek out new prospects in both our existing and new markets.”

Company: RAK Ceramics

Address: Ras Al Khaimah, P.O. Box 1714, United Arab Emirates

Website: www.rakceramics.com

Telephone: 971 7246 7000

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