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Founded by attorneys, for attorneys, WealthCounsel focuses on helping estate planning and business law attorneys practice excellence. Providing continuing legal education, a strong community of thousands of attorneys, and thoughtful analysis on legal topics and breaking industry news, WealthCounsel is at the top of its game. Much of this industry-leading work is spearheaded by the firm’s CEO, Henna Shah, JD, LLM. Today, we find out what makes the firm so exceptional, and why Henna is deserving of the title of CEO of the Year, 2020 – the USA from CEO Monthly.

Having established itself more than twenty years ago, WealthCounsel has had time to build a reputation that precedes it. Today, the organization is perhaps best known for its superior automated document drafting software for estate planning and business law attorneys, with solutions including Wealth Docx®, Gun Docx®, and Business Docx®. Most recently, the company has launched a streamlined solution for trust administration called Wealth Tracx® with outstanding success. Alongside these software solutions, WealthCounsel provides continuing legal education, a strong community of thousands of attorneys, and thoughtful analysis on legal topics and breaking industry news. Since its inception, WealthCounsel has not deviated from its mission to be the number one source for estate planning and business law attorneys who want a complete approach to success for their practice. Internally, four core values determine how the firm goes about this.

First, WealthCounsel seeks to see things through its members’ eyes. Second, WealthCounsel embraces expertise. Third, WealthCounsel employees understand that work can happen anywhere. Finally, they know that they can go further together. These four core values have defined the firm’s success for the better part of two decades and have made the company unique in the industry. WealthCounsel constantly strives to provide comprehensive support for attorneys and their practices regardless of the attorney’s level of experience. The company does this through its own four pillars of service: automated drafting, learning, coaching, and community.

WealthCounsel’s automated drafting solutions are the gold-standard in estate planning and business law document drafting. Wealth Docx accommodates the drafting of both basic and complex estate planning strategies with its Core and Complete versions. Further, it offers single point-of-data entry as well as software integration with practice management systems like PracticePanther and Clio, helping reduce errors in drafting and increase efficiency.

Learning is another pillar of service: WealthCounsel knows the key to a successful practice goes beyond drafting documents. The company understands the importance of a robust, learning-based approach to keeping attorneys up-to-date on current developments in the industry. It provides clients with powerful learning solutions, providing on-demand and live webinars and timely written educational content. WealthCounsel members are consistently educated on the best planning strategies they can implement for their clients.

The coaching and community elements of the business go hand in hand. WealthCounsel welcomes attorneys at every experience level, recognizing that many attorneys are transitioning into estate planning or business law or are looking to take their practice to the next level. There are coaching programs implemented in-house to help members acquire clients, serve their client base, and add the best possible value. Offering such a tailored and individualized approach is one of the best examples of WealthCounsel’s commitment to its members’ success. A WealthCounsel membership offers access to a vibrant and engaged community of members, truly setting the company apart from its competitors. WealthCounsel members provide each other with unparalleled support.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the leadership and vision of someone at the top, steering the ship and helping to keep the company on the right course. For WealthCounsel, that someone is Henna Shah, JD, LLM, the CEO of WealthCounsel. Henna provides the vision and strategy behind WealthCounsel’s steadfast focus on the success of its attorney members. Drawing on her deep pools of experience in and knowledge of estate planning, Henna ensures that every decision benefits both the company and its members.

Before joining the team at WealthCounsel, Henna worked in private practice as an estate planning attorney for several notable national law firms. In these roles, she gained experience and became a formidable force to be reckoned with. In 2007, Henna established her own successful estate planning boutique firm, Shah Law LLC, where she focused on planning for high net-worth families and individuals. Henna has an AB in Political Science from the University of Michigan, a JD from the Indiana University Maurer School of Law, and an LLM in Taxation from the New York University School of Law. Eventually, Henna joined WealthCounsel as part of the Editorial team, spearheading Wealth Tracx.

As exceptional as Henna’s leadership is, the success of WealthCounsel also comes down to the staff that she has surrounded herself with. WealthCounsel’s staff have direct contact with members and are proud of the level of service they provide. The personal attention that WealthCounsel staff offers to members makes a tremendous difference in encouraging an overall sense of community. Many WealthCounsel members have been with the company for years and have formed long-lasting relationships with WealthCounsel staff. The company continuously works with members and staff in the pursuit of excellence.

Ultimately, the work of WealthCounsel continues to be vital for estate planning and business law practitioners across the United States, and that comes from the visionary leadership of Henna herself. As CEO, she continually pushes the boundaries of what her company can do and delivers success after success for WealthCounsel’s members. Henna’s vision and ambition drive the company forward, and the future remains bright for WealthCounsel.

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