A Wellness Success Story


As consumer demand for CBD and cannabinoids continues to grow, a new industry has sprung up, ready to meet the needs of the market. For the team at Canavation Product Group Inc., Bill Barlow has been an inspiring figure who has allowed them to reach their full potential. Named CEO of the Year, 2020 – the USA, we caught up with Mr Barlow to see how his firm had achieved such success.

Canavation was founded with the aim of improving people’s lives. The team have spent years developing wellness products that leverages natural, exclusive and rare ingredients, particularly cannabinoids which demonstrate significant wellness benefits.

Under Mr Barlow’s leadership, Canavation has gone from strength to strength, ensuring that every product is of the highest quality and guaranteed to deliver its promise to the customer. Naturally, a great deal of focus has been placed on the role of cannabinoids, given their specific properties. It is one of the factors which makes Canavation unique.

Of course, the firm has found doors opening because of its ability to provide clients with ingredients that no one else can provide. Canavation has achieved success with contract manufacturing and joint venture partners to create truly unique products, updating existing formulas creating products that are brand new. As ever, this unique development skillset of Canavation is what keeps the firm in such demand.

An example of this unique skillset can be seen in the firm’s securing of the worldwide rights to sell rare cannabinoids produced by biotech leader Teewinot Life Sciences for use in any consumer product application. Their technology is expected to go online by the end of 2021, producing a host of cannabinoid molecules that very few will be able to produce at commercial scale, pharmaceutical quality or such low cost. The value to both Canavation and the consumer are tremendous, and shows how it is ready to face the future.

Because of their focus on delivering wellness products, when the world went into quarantine, the people of Canavation continued coming into work. Mr Barlow ensured that working protocols were implemented that allowed sufficient social distancing and workspace. More than anything else, this shows how committed his team were to deliver products that improve an individual’s life, and what a strong work culture he has been able to foster amongst his employees.

Looking ahead, Mr Barlow intends to take Canavation international, using a good footing in the US as a springboard for other regions. The benefits of good health and wellness are universal, and this means that there are many markets who will have demand for their services.

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