Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Your Business

Putting Wellbeing at the Heart of Your Business

Sam Fuller founded The Wellbeing Project in 2007, and has built an expert team of people who focus on designing and delivering bespoke healthy high performance, wellbeing and resilience projects. Sam goes into more detail about the success of The Wellbeing Project, as well as her own, as she features in the Business Excellence Awards as MD of the Year 2017.

Being in business for over ten years, The Wellbeing Project now boasts consultants, worldclass coaches, psychologists, trainers and facilitators, dealing with clients throughout Europe, America, Middle East, Far East and Africa. Sam talks about the programmes that the company runs, and how its unique and inventive programmes deliver the utmost customer satisfaction.

“Here at The Wellbeing Project, our programmes are grounded in science and draw on evidencebased methodologies, allowing them to be insightful, informative and highly interactive. It is this combination that is valued by our clients, as is our ability to guide individuals, teams and even whole organisations through the key steps to building greater wellbeing and resilience into everything they do. We seek to educate, empower and inspire, not lecture, spoon-feed or judge.”

Throughout its years in business, The Wellbeing Project has developed long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with clients spanning both the public and private sectors. Sam explains further about the team’s credibility, which has led to the building of trust and fruitful relationships.

“In 2014, we developed two validated online assessments, both evidence-based and founded on extensive research. These give us the ability to accurately measure, benchmark and build workplace, team and employee wellbeing and resilience. It is this step that further enhances our credibility in a fairly new area of business focus and enables our clients to see shifts in their employee engagement and performance, and ultimately their return on investment.”

Placing an emphasis on client collaboration, Sam discusses the importance of understanding the individual or group’s needs, looking to build on their capabilities to provide and support excellence.

“Working in the field of consultancy, coaching and training, we are continually looking to listen, observe and strengthen our understanding of the working contexts in which our clients operate today, building the skills and capabilities which support excellence. Our role is to help them understand how these pressures and demands are impacting both positively and negatively on the performance of their people, and drive results by maintaining high levels of engagement, commitment and motivation within their workforce. Employee wellbeing builds a strong and robust platform from which we can increase our clients’ competitive advantage to be first in line to seize the opportunities of tomorrow.”

Every company must face its own unique challenges, and with mental wellbeing in the workplace being under the spotlight, Sam’s role is becoming more influential in minimising the number of reports of distress in any working environment. Sam encourages people to speak up, so that the team can help the individual in their time of need.

“As mental wellbeing is placed under the spotlight at work and increasing incidences of distress recorded, I take our role incredibly seriously. As key individuals bravely come forward and speak more openly about their challenges and experiences, I feel a duty of care to respond with encouragement and respect, offering highly accessible and practical yet affordable support for everyone. As we bridge this gap, confidence and progress will undoubtedly be built.”

Making a difference in a client’s life is the most important aspect of Sam’s work, as well as the rest of the team’s, and it is the overall mission of the company to make it as easy as possible for employers to create a culture of wellness where employees excel, and businesses thrive.

In her concluding comments, Sam signs off by telling us what the future holds for The Wellbeing Project. The business and the team are expanding but Sam urges caution in how quickly they will expand, emphasising that the right people must be on board, and their skills utilised appropriately, as they are all integral to the success of The Wellbeing Project.

“Moving forward, the focus I have for the business is to always learn from our experiences and never take our success for granted; as a team, we will continue to challenge and stretch one another in a healthy way. As the business grows, customer satisfaction and experience are always top of the agenda for me; a watchful eye on the needs of our customers and some amazing, practical, fun and experiential learning tools to support that need. Important but careful choices lie ahead on how we expand and support this dedicated and highly professional group of people who bring their expertise, new ideas and creativity to our products. They are the core, the absolute nucleus, of The Wellbeing Project.”

Company: The Wellbeing Project

Contact: Sam Fuller

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: 2b The Votec Centre, Hambridge Lane, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5TN, UK

Phone: 0800 085 6899

Website: www.thewellbeingproject.co.uk 

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