Tips for increasing online sales

Generate leads

Anyone who owns an online store has a need to increase sales whenever and however they can. The thing is, how can they do that? 

While there will be times when you can make sweeping changes to the marketing strategy you employ or even to the store itself, there will be other times when what you need is master data management or something of the sort. You may just need to test and change a few of the smaller elements on the site. Let’s take a closer look at a few other tips for increasing your sales.

Customer Service

If you want to keep the customers you have and earn even more through word of mouth, customer service is critical. Always make sure you have a customer service phone number listed on your site and that the phone lines are manned by friendly and knowledgeable customer service agents. You may also have live chats online and customer service on social media, but there will always be customers who prefer the more familiar and human touch of a phone call. It makes them feel like their issues are truly being heard.

Call to Action

Measuring conversion rates is something that’s essential to sales, and because of this, it’s critical to optimize that conversion with a call to action. This is the part of the page that asks the visitor to complete a specific action. As an example, if it’s a product page, there might be a button that says “add to cart” or “buy now”.  However, it might also be something that asks them to share content, follow your social media page, or even join a mailing list. 

Clear Headlines

When it comes to commerce growth, the text of your headlines is also a factor that’s essential. It doesn’t matter if this is a headline for your homepage, a squeeze page, a product page, or even just for an article, this is typically the first thing a visitor reads. They need to garner enough attention for them to continue browsing and reading. It needs to be clear and concise.

Clutter-Free Site Navigation

Most of the time, you’ll prefer the call to action to be the actual focus of the page, but even so, decluttering the navigation menus for your site is also important. When you minimize the elements related to navigation on your critical pages, the eyes of your visitors will be drawn more to the calls to action, and this can make them more apt to follow through on more of them as opposed to simply bouncing from one page to the next.

Text Optimization

Yes, your call to action needs to be the absolute center of attention, but that doesn’t mean that you can simply ignore those other elements that surround it. The text that is around or even just near that call to action can have a massive impact on your conversion rate. 

Pop Up Offers

When you hear the phrase ‘pop-up’, you might instantly think of annoying distractions that jump right out at you when you’re attempting to look at a website. That said, when utilized strategically and sparingly, they can assist with lessening the rate of abandoned shopping carts while also increasing your rate of conversions. Learn how to use these advantageously and you might be surprised at the results.

The process of increasing sales, also known as conversion optimization, is meant to increase how many visitors to your site become actual paying customers. For those new to online business, this is something that’s crucial and can help you with maximizing each visit customers make to your site. The more you can turn these visitors into customers, the better your bottom line will be.

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