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Bywire News is a vision of the future for the news industry. It allows readers to see the best of independent news on a single platform. Under the leadership of Michael O’Sullivan, the firm has achieved the remarkable. For his efforts, Mr. O’Sullivan has been recognised as Most Influential CEO, 2021 – Richmond-Upon-Thames, the United Kingdom for his work in this disruptive field. We take a closer look to find out more.

What does it mean to be accountable for your actions? For the team at Bywire News, it means to create space where mistakes and errors can be called out. It means denouncing fake news as opposed to doubling down. It means taking a platform which is often maligned and creating somewhere full of hope for the future.

Bywire News is that future. Today, democracy is at the risk of total collapse as we slip steadily towards a post truth, post fact society. Bywire offers a way around that, with accountability and attribution built into the very fabric of how this new web 3.0 decentralised app, network, and web platform works. The team’s technology is stored on the blockchain, which means it cannot be censored or blocked by hostile corporations and tyrannical governments. The truth will remain available to the public, regardless of the censor.

With big tech, decisions can be made a million miles away, but the work of Bywire is explicitly transparent and democratic. The Bywire network is government by an executive council, which is made up of its publishers and creators. Sitting on the council is by democratic means and is renewed regularly. Readers are invited to participate in as much or as little of the democratic process as they wish.

At the heart of this start-up is Mr. O’Sullivan, a man who has always run his own businesses and gone his own way. An entrepreneurial spirit has always been in his blood and has led him along numerous paths. While a man with a passion for web development and how this medium can be used, he is also incredibly politically active, working for the Labour Party, Vote Leave and being a founder of Labour Future. These two interests, combined, formed the heart of Bywire as an idea – one which could change the world.

Mr. O’Sullivan started Bywire with the idea that the public wants to consume news through media with greater trust. They don’t want news put through a political filter, but presented in a way that is as accurate and non-partisan as possible. Knowing that many are suspicious of models which provide free content in return for data collection, Bywire allows publishers to earn revenue from the Bywire democratic ad-network and the revolutionary micro-payments and reward token systems, build around the unique Bywire crypto token: Wirebit.

As a relatively young CEO, in a new and exciting position of the market, it’s clear that Mr. O’Sullivan’s challenges are going to be unique. Currently, however, it’s the growth of the business that is the biggest difficulty. Expanding at the team’s current rate brings difficulties in the form of scaling issues and urgency, but they are also challenges that are good for any business to have. Currently, the team are exploring options for new investors who share the firm’s strong sense of ethics. Finding the right person is key, and it’s worth taking the time to ensure they’re a good fit to secure the future of the firm.

When we think of news, we think of whether it can be trusted. Mr. O’Sullivan has developed a platform where everyone can trust what is being offered. Using blockchains and cryptocurrencies, he has secured freedom of speech and incredible levels of accountability for all. We celebrate his success and look forward to what the future brings.

For further information, please contact Michael O’Sullivan or visit www.bywire.news

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