Safe As Houses CEO Secures Success


Everyone is looking for the perfect home, but new build properties bring challenges that many just aren’t aware of. After facing her own difficulties when settling in, Nichola Venables of New Build Database Ltd was determined that no one else should have to struggle like she did. We take a closer look at why she has been named CEO of the Year, 2020 – the United Kingdom, and how a personal approach has inspired her to move forward.

When Nichola purchased her new build home nearly five years ago, she was amazed and horrified at the lack of quality post sale service. Her home was eventually identified as lacking cavity barriers, a major failure of fire safety procedure. It meant that her home did not meet building regulations. Her mission was soon clear, to find out if other people had been affected and to create a system of support in a challenging time.

Nichola started the business after eighteen years operating within the finance sector and gained a further 7 years experience in risk consultancy. The clear gap in the construction market however inspired her to make the leap to running her own business. By its nature, the construction industry is in constant flux, with new rules and regulations running rampant. As such, Nichola has had to work hard to stay on top of any and all developments.

The result of her hard work has been the New Build Database, a unique offering in the construction market. Nichola’s development is like a ‘Trip Advisor’ for the construction industry, allowing clients to access a single national record of New Build Home issues, residential fire safety issues, a free DIY snagging service,  a free snagging report and a public Benchmark of Residential Construction Developers. The aim has been to make the process of snagging all the easier, with a simple step-by-step process.

New Build Database is designed to appeal to homeowners and developers. Each has their own distinct requirements from the firm. Homeowners who struggle with the costs of hiring a snagging company can do a lot of the work themselves, undertaking a basic snagging process to ensure that the house is live-able in. This does not take away from the work of snagging companies, in fact it enhances what they can do. Not everything can be identified by a layperson, and often the most important aspects of a new build’s quality can only be measured by an experienced trades person.

Developers, too, benefit from the team’s work. The reports made by New Build Database identify Issue and Risk Themes and locations and Customer impacts. This can be supplied to the Developer as Raw Data or in a purpose written report with recommendations. This allows developers to ensure their properties are completed to the highest possible standards.

Nichola has reached out to people in many different ways over the previous months, using a variety of techniques. Word of mouth and direct business contact have proven to be effective amongst the firm’s various clients, but this is likely to change and evolve as the business becomes better known.

The support information is out there, but it’s often hard to find. Nichola has created a place where everything is gathered under one roof, spending hours researching and even utilising Freedom of Information requests where needed. The construction industry is often opaque, and where standards slip, no one is willing to take responsibility. As Nichola continues along her path of success, we expect to see the industry as a whole change for the better.

For more information, visit: www.nbdb.co.uk

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