Meet TieTa, The Company That Will Handle Your Complaints


For businesses, one of the most stressful parts of the job is likely to be dealing with customer complaints. As companies grow, so do the number of complaints and enquiries- and this is inevitable. Plus, it can interfere with the daily running of the business and divert attention from staff members who need to be doing tasks elsewhere.

But help is at hand, thanks to a new startup that has just launched in Oxfordshire.

TieTa offers a fully white-labelled solution to the complaints your business receives. As soon as a complaint is received, TieTa’s team of highly skilled and friendly customer service agents act on your behalf by handling these complaints, logging them, and feeding back to your company. As well as complaints handling, TieTa can help your business with general customer services including text messages, telesales, live chat, and emails across industries such as finance, retail, and health.

TieTa was already ahead of the curve when the COVID-19 pandemic struck with staff members already set up remotely and ready to help firms who couldn’t access their premises.

They thrived during this time, helping businesses of all sizes and finding a real niche with clinics offering COVID-testing customer services by handling their text message alerts, appointment scheduling and delivery of test results.

Founder and CEO of TieTa, Caroline Walton, explained:

“For the last 8 years, we have operated as the customer service team for one of the UK’s largest lenders. Working in a highly regulated environment and dealing through thousands of enquiries daily, we gained some excellent hands-on experience and we are delighted to launch TieTa and be able to offer our customer service and complaints handling solution to businesses of all sizes.”

Caroline continued: “The onboarding process is fast and effective, with a training session with your brand and our advisors to perfectly understand your business, get the right tone and script so that we can answer any query that comes our way. We understand that customer service and staying on top of never-ending enquiries can be draining for businesses and it can sometimes feel like you are on a treadmill that you cannot get off. TieTa offers a very affordable and innovative solution – and we are here to help you get off the treadmill today.”

Customer service agents are available on a day rate, based on their level of expertise and the complexity of the business. Clients have the option to use TieTa’s staff for as many or as little days as they wish, including out of hours support, overflow customer services, evenings and weekends.

“With TieTa you can scale us up or down as you wish, we are very flexible in this way,” Walton explains. “We want to learn about you and your business and truly help in anyway that we can.”

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