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Issue 6 2023 Building Better Public Services For All The public sector is absolutely integral to the operation, movement, and progression of society. Owned and run by the government, the public sector is the part of an economy that is completely controlled by the state. Of course, we need businesses that work with the public sector to improve the way it functions, so that our future can be brilliant. Here we look to Rhys Evans as he wins Most Influential Public Sector Support CEO 2023 – London. Featuring: Innovation and Internationalisation in Italy YoooGroup: Innovation With Yooo In Mind

Welcome to the June 2023 issue of CEO Monthly. As always, CEO Monthly is dedicated to providing the latest news and features across the business world to our readership. By sharing knowledge, insights, expertise and success stories from around the globe, we aim to inspire individuals and promote positivity in a world that is in a constant state of evolution. In our last issue, I was talking about how wet the weather was here in the UK, but now it feels like summer is here already, with us already experiencing our first heatwave of the year! We’re looking forward to the long summer days ahead! For now, we welcome you to this issue of CEO Monthly to explore a range of exciting CEOs and their businesses who hail from sectors such as travel management, shed manufacturing and sales, renewable energy services, private security, telecommunications, and more. Then, gracing our front cover is Rhys Evans from AdRoc, who is our Public Sector Support CEO 2023 – London. With over a decade of experience within his role, Rhys is completely dedicated to development and building better public services, while inspiring his team to be a part of something bigger than themselves. As you read through our feature about him, it will quickly become clear how Rhys has come to achieve such success. I hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to welcoming you back again next month. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. News 6. AdRoc Group: Building Better Public Services For All 7. Unique Travel Experiences at the Best Prices 8. Best Sheds & Stone Homes: Thomas Chacko – Leading Productive and Efficient Teams 10. YoooGroup: Innovation With Yooo In Mind 12. ARBO Consulting LLC.: Luke Traina: Most Influential CEO Under 30 13. Relight Energy Services: Lighting the Way Forward 14. Business Changers: Welcome to the next generation of innovative technologies. 16. SIRCO and Groupe SIRCO: Success Led By Passion 17. Fibre Network: Industry Leading Planning & Network Design 18. Innovation and Internationalisation in Italy 20. Ronati: Best Collectibles eCommerce Company CTO 2023 (Tampa): Mikael Salmela 22. Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center: Redefining Addiction Recovery 24. Aesthetic Designs Uganda LTD: Building a Better World Through Sustainable Architecture 26. eurobahn GmbH & Co. KG: Leading Reliable Transport 27. Aqua Metro: Most Influential CEO 2023 – Australia (Civil Engineering) 28. Condor Security Inc.: Leading Security Provider That Cares 30. Corbiota: Natural Animal Health and Welfare Solutions Contents

NEWS Steffen Helmling joins etherna as Chief Business Officer

Star Alliance, the world’s first and largest global airline alliance, is pleased to announce that Theo Panagiotoulias has been chosen to become its next CEO. Mr Panagiotoulias has more than 25 years’ international experience in the airline and aviation industry. He joins Star Alliance from Hawaiian Airlines, where he had been Senior VP for Global Sales and Alliances since 2014. Previously, Mr Panagiotoulias was VP and GM (Asia Pacific) at travel technology provider Sabre Corporation, as well as a 15year veteran of American Airlines, where he held several commercial, operational and management positions. His full biography is appended. “On behalf of the board of Star Alliance, I would like to congratulate Theo for being named the next CEO of Star Alliance,” said Scott Kirby, CEO of United Airlines and Chairman of the Star Alliance Chief Executive Board. “Theo’s international commercial and airline experience have given him a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our industry today. I believe he is the right person to lead Star Alliance into the future.” “Star Alliance connects the world,” said Mr Panagiotoulias. “More than 200 million customers fly with its 26 member airlines each year, on more than 16,000 flights each day. The Alliance has also led the revolution to promote a more seamless passenger experience. I am honoured that I’ve been chosen to lead the Star Alliance team and work directly with our 26 member carriers, as we continue to innovate as the world’s leading airline alliance.” Mr Panagiotoulias will succeed Charlotta Wieland, who has been seconded from SAS – Scandinavian Airlines to serve as Star Alliance’s interim CEO since January 2023. With Mr Panagiotoulias coming on board, Ms Wieland will return to SAS, and also rejoin Star Alliance’s Alliance Management Board as the representative for SAS. Mr Panagiotoulias’ appointment is expected to take effect within the coming months, upon the completion of certain administrative processes and clearances. “On behalf of Star Alliance and its member carriers, I would like to thank Charlotta for her service to Star Alliance as interim CEO, and welcome her back to her seat on the Alliance Management Board,” said Mr Kirby. Star Alliance was named the World’s Best Airline Alliance by Skytrax in 2022. It aims to facilitate a seamless, high-quality traveller experience across its 26 member carriers, with smooth transfers across an extensive global network, together with rewards and recognition for frequent international travellers. In 2022, the Alliance celebrated its 25th anniversary as the longest-running international airline alliance. It also marked several important milestones, including the launch of the world’s first airline alliance credit card with HSBC Australia, and the formation of an intermodal travel model, which extends the Alliance’s network beyond air travel to other transport ecosystems, such as rail networks. Star Alliance names Theo Panagiotoulias as New CEO • Combines strong US business development track record with indepth mRNA expertise • Global remit with focus on growth of etherna’s portfolio of partners • Integrated offering key differentiator – Proprietary customized RNA chemistry and lipid nanoparticles (cLNPs) expertise combined with GMP process knowhow Etherna, a leading mRNA technologies company, announced today that Steffen Helmling, PhD has been appointed Chief Business Officer. He joins as the Company continues to invest in its proprietary RNA-based medicines and LNP delivery platforms to exploit its expertise in the field. Leveraging over 18 years of experience in business development, alliances and pharma partnering, Steffen will focus on growing etherna’s portfolio of partners globally. Steffen Helmling arrives from X-Chem, Inc., the Boston-based pioneer of DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology where he was Chief Business Officer in charge of business development, licensing, marketing and alliance management. Steffen holds a PhD in RNA processing from Tufts University’s School of Biomedical Sciences. Steffen commented: “I am excited to be back in the transformational field of RNA-based medicines. etherna is a highly innovative leader in the mRNA and lipid nanoparticle field. I look forward to driving our business strategy of being the premier discovery and development partner to pharma and biotech to create novel medicines for patients.” Bernard Sagaert, interim CEO of etherna, added: “Having Steffen on board will be invaluable in helping us reach out to partners with a route into mRNA therapeutics based on our industry-leading leading platforms. His extensive US network will help us accelerate this process in this key market.” Since etherna was founded in 2013, the Company has established an integrated set of proprietary capabilities for end-to-end design, development and manufacture of next-generation mRNA products, with a focus on modulated expression delivery platforms, optimized RNA chemistry supported by proprietary process techologies. These include molecular designs, lipid biochemistry expertise, customized lipid nanoparticle formulations (cLNPs), mRNA-based T cell adjuvants, and advanced manufacturing processes, and overcome the current challenges facing the development of mRNA therapeutics. etherna’s business model utilizes this suite of capabilities as enablers to deliver superior products for partners in both early-stage research as well as later-stage development for mRNA therapeutics.

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 6 Mar22259 Building Better Public Services For All The public sector is absolutely integral to the operation, movement, and progression of society. Owned and run by the government, the public sector is the part of an economy that is completely controlled by the state. Of course, we need businesses that work with the public sector to improve the way it functions, so that our future can be brilliant. Here we look to Rhys Evans as he wins Most Influential Public Sector Support CEO 2023 – London. Working with the UK Government to improve public sector services, AdRoc is a team player which consistently upholds its values. At its very core, AdRoc always strives to improve the public sector for everyone. It provides “high performing multi-disciplinary teams, specialists, and managed service solutions to the UK Public Sector.” By developing and delivering multiple usercentred services to millions of individuals across the UK, AdRoc is becoming a giant in its industry. From discovery to alpha, beta, and live, its services are aiding others in ways they haven’t experienced before. AdRoc works diligently to create and provide cloudbased services to users, stakeholders, policy teams, and agile development teams – in order to meet their needs entirely. It is a software development partner, working alongside GDS, UKMOJ, DFE, and BEIS. AdRoc’s team always adheres to GDS standards to increase cost savings, flexibility, guarantee success, and so much more. Its technical architecture services are created in a completely bespoke fashion. It centers on clean, simple architecture to increase scalability and development to an incredible standard. In fact, everything it does can result in cost savings and success. Its skills across every segment of its work guarantee improvement, agility, skill advancements, and the satisfaction of user’s needs. Rhys Evans, CEO of AdRoc, has over 10 years of experience in his role. After an admirable career path in software development and consulting, Rhys swiftly positioned himself as a fine choice for the CEO spot at AdRoc Group. With AdRoc’s founding in 2012, Rhys decided to share his vast knowledge, experience, and support with a team of individuals who each look to be part of something bigger than themselves. More than a machine that drives products forth for profit alone, AdRoc’s team create opportunities for people to experience better services across many areas such as the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, Ministry of Justice, Legal Aid Agency, Department for Work and Pensions, Public Health England, Department for Education, and more. Rhys has now won Most Influential Public Sector Support CEO 2023 – London, and things are getting better and better for his already flourishing career. Gaining recognition is part of his development, and we’re pleased to celebrate his win. Contact: Rhys Evans Company: AdRoc Group Web: Feb23464 AdRoc’s CEO, Rhys Evans, truly stands out from the crowd due to his dedication, zest for development, and ability to help “build better public services. “ “

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 7 ravel is not just a break from our exhausting daily lives, instead it is an experience that stays with us forever. believes that the desire to travel is synonymous with the urge to experience, which is why it strives to deliver tailored vacation packages through expert knowledge and unparalleled customer service. The company is dedicated to providing customers with the opportunity to create memories that they will always cherish. Headquartered in Dubai, Travelwings. com is a technologically innovative online travel portal that makes it easy for travellers to book their holidays for the best possible price. The company is making waves in the travel domain, offering holidaymakers a seamless experience, from booking to vacation. By making travellers’ dreams come true, the company aims to become the world’s most admired and trusted OTC. As a people-first business, the priority at is always the happiness of its travellers as well as the wellbeing of its staff. This has truly been at the heart of the business since it was founded by Albert Fernando, who was inspired by his love for travel to create a comprehensive platform through which people can book their entire travel experience, from flights and hotels to cruises and activities. Having worked in travel since he was 17, when he began his career helping customers book their holidays over the phone, Albert has grown into an experienced and successful leader in the industry. Today, he boasts a proven track record of specific expertise, including travel management, business development, operations management, profit and loss management, travel technology, and more. Over the years, Albert has built into a highly successful company, catering to holidaymakers in over 32 countries across the world. The company has especially become prevalent in emerging markets where it is the only OTC in 19+ of these 32 countries Unique Travel Experiences at the Best Prices Driven by desire to help customers embark on truly lifechanging journeys, is a Dubai-based Online Travel Company (OTC) that delivers some of the best vacation experiences in the world, offering packages that cater to any budget and desire. Established in 2016, the company is headed by Albert Fernando, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, who has recently been named Most Influential CEO 2023 – Dubai (Travel). Here, we discuss his experience and leadership style. in which it operates. To do this, he has crafted a business that is equipped with the best talent in every department. Albert believes that a company cannot be successfully run by one person alone, so he strives to hire people who possess specialised skills and experience in their fields, filling the gaps in his capabilities. In his leadership, Albert has primarily focused on providing his team members with a vision to achieve, then giving them the freedom to make logical decisions to bring it to life. He understands that people make mistakes, so he does not frown upon them. Instead, he believes that mistakes are beneficial for the learning process, allowing staff and leaders to gain experience and better themselves. For this reason, when things go wrong, Albert is always there to provide support and help in any way he can to get the situation back under control. Through his outstanding methods of leadership, Albert enables his staff to deliver the best booking experience to travellers with innovative technology and excellent customer service. For this reason, has amassed an impressive 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot, with numerous reviews praising the excellent, patient, and professional customer service as well as the stressfree booking process they received. Many reviews state that they did not experience any issues when booking with Travelwings. com. The few who have faced challenges tend to express satisfaction with the way in which the company’s team assisted them in an effective and efficient manner. As a result of the leading tourism brand he has created, which provides customers with competitively priced holiday packages, flights, hotels, and more, Albert Fernando has been awarded travel’s Most Influential CEO in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. We congratulate Albert on this achievement and look forward to seeing how Travelwings. com continues to grow. Contact: Albert Fernando Company: Web Address: Apr23293 T

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 8 Thomas Chacko – Leading Productive and Efficient Teams Best Sheds and Stone Homes (Best Sheds) is a market-leading Australian company that manufactures and sells high-quality steel sheds and garages, delivering customers the best possible value for money. The company has grown considerably since its formation in 2012 and is now headed by CEO, Thomas Chacko, an innovative, experienced, and hardworking leader. As a result of his impressive accomplishments within Best Sheds, Thomas has won Most Influential Shed Manufacturing and Sales CEO in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. Here, we speak to Thomas to discover more about the success of the business. ith combined experience equal to over 150 years, Best Sheds and Stone Homes is an Australian family business owned by Dennis McFadden and it is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers and sellers of steel sheds and garages. Most of the shed components are locally manufactured in Port Kembla, Australia, and are sold in a kit form, directly to the customer with a 20-year warranty. With no middleman, Best Sheds is able to sell its products at competitive prices, so customers can trust that they will be paying the lowest possible price for the best quality shed. Since its establishment in 2012, Best Sheds has achieved organic growth, with its revenue and earnings increasing steadily yearon-year. As the leading manufacturer of sheds in Australia operating a direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales model, Best Sheds has captured the market share from competitors who largely generate sales through intermediary arrangements. This has been supported by the company’s promotional pricing strategy, which involves consistently pricing products at over 20% lower than competing brands. Delivering both quality and value to customers across Australia, Best Sheds aims to become the number one shed company in the world. To achieve this goal, the company must be headed by a driven leader who is not afraid to tackle the challenge of maintaining profitability while continuing to offer enticing, competitively priced products. In 2018, Thomas Chacko joined the company as CFO and, after just six months in the role, was appointed CEO of the business. With over 25 years of experience including prominent Australian brands such as BlueScope Steel, Downer EDI, Fletcher Buildings, and Viadux – Reece, Thomas is well versed in the challenges of leadership, having worked in various managerial positions throughout his career. He is known for his ability to align teams with a business strategy and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to increase market share and profitability. Born in a remote village in South India, Thomas lost his father at the age of 8. He believes working through this extremely challenging experience so early in his life made him the resilient and determined person he is today. After migrating to Australia from India in 1999, Thomas worked in various accounting roles while achieving tertiary and professional qualifications such as his MBM and CPA. Throughout his career, Thomas has always been dedicated to working with integrity and excellence. Thomas says on the topic, “I enjoy my work and contribute to the best of my ability. I have always aimed to be a happy, productive, and valuable member of any team I work for.” When he was appointed the CEO of Best Sheds, Thomas was thrilled to Apr23092 W take on the exciting new responsibilities that came with the role. “As Chief Executive, I lead all operations and strategic direction, with full responsibility for bottom line factors, including setting up safety systems and processes, developing and implementing long-term and short-term strategic plans, driving market share growth, increasing productivity, reducing waste, and developing IT infrastructure,” Thomas explains. “I also provide cross functional management support of the manufacturing, sales, commercial, finance, and IT departments. As well as this, I oversee the company’s 100 employees and am responsible for the revenue of the entire Best Sheds and Stone Homes group.” The three key portfolios in the business (Sales, Logistics, and Manufacturing) are run by visionary and driven family members (Graham, Michael, and Steve), making the decision-making process within the business smooth and efficient. Thomas is proud to be responsible for the continuous

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 9 development of the business and has contributed towards its increasing success in many ways. For example, he has been successful in working with the COO, Steve in improving manufacturing efficiency at Best Sheds through the development of skills matrices and the introduction of new technologies. The company now utilises a lean manufacturing method of production, which is designed to reduce the time taken to produce items and increase supply chain efficiency. Additionally, the manufacturing plant is now largely automated, reducing waste and further heightening efficiency. In order to reduce expenditure, Thomas has led procurement strategies with the director of logistics, Michael, aiming to reduce the procurement costs of materials and efficiency in transport fleet. The company purchases steel through multiple local distributors that source a percentage of materials through costeffective Asian imports. This strategy benefits customers because it enables Best Sheds to offer significant discounts, leading to increased market share and boosting profitability. Thomas strongly believes that mid-level managers are the key drivers to achieving business goals. Effective leadership at all levels is important for the success of the whole company, which is why recruitment of middle management is crucial. New hires for these positions must be reliable, possess the correct skillset, and display commitment to the position. Thomas comments, “All middle managers are expected to develop desired leadership behaviours that align with the company’s vision and values. The 360-degree feedback process then helps them understand the extent to which their own behaviour matches the desired behaviour.” Aiming to develop a team that tightly aligns with the organisational objective, Thomas utilises his skills to foster an environment for both business and individual success in the workplace. To create a productive workforce, employees at Best Sheds are paid based on their performance. This increases employee retention, motivates staff to work hard, and makes them feel that their efforts are rewarded. With quality leadership and high performance at all levels of the business, Best Sheds’ efficiency and productivity as a team is reflected in its revenue. Thomas adds, “As a CEO of the business, I work for every section in the business by providing resources, business intelligence, and regular feedback to ensure all sections of the business succeed.” In terms of boosting sales and revenue, Thomas is experienced in brand equity and personality building. He works with the passionate and visionary sales director, Graham; engineering partner, Venn Engineering; and marketing partner, Barking Dog Marketing to identify and develop marketing strategies which effectively promote the brand to the intended customer base. Throughout his career, he has mastered various strategies to ensure cost-effective digital and traditional marketing techniques, which he has utilised to expand the reach of Best Sheds’ brand. Furthermore, Thomas is passionate about customer service and works to ensure a smooth experience for anyone who purchases from Best Sheds. To do this, he has collaboratively worked with the sales leadership team to introduce various new technologies to enhance the customer experience, for example a user-friendly online shed designing tool. He also understands the importance of maintaining an easy-to-use website, which is the company’s main source of sales. In his personal life, Thomas is a church-going Catholic who is frequently involved in community initiatives. He is the director of his local Lions Club, an organisation dedicated to serving the community. Thomas strongly believes his discipline, honesty, faith, and belief have made him resilient and capable of facing challenges in all aspects of his life. Supported by his beloved family, he always strives to be a better person, which positively impacts his leadership in the workplace. As a result of Thomas’ dedication to Best Sheds and Stone Homes, the company is currently thriving, experiencing rapid growth as revenues continue to increase. For this reason, Thomas Chacko has won Most Influential Shed Manufacturing & Sales CEO in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. With a genuine passion for leadership, Thomas will no doubt lead Best Sheds to achieve its goal of becoming the number one shed company in the world. Moving forwards, he strives to facilitate the further geographical expansion of the company, continuously working to boost its productivity, efficiency, and sales. Contact: Thomas Chacko Company: Best Sheds & Stone Homes Web Address:

Innovation With Yooo In Mind

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 11 Apr23189 Businesses that truly push their customers to the forefront of their every move are absolutely imperative for the advancement of the corporate landscape. Founding, organising, and overseeing a plethora of companies under his parent company, YoooGroup, Benjamin Willmore has caught our eye. We take a closer look at the admirable work that Benjamin does as he wins Most Influential CEO 2023 – Surrey (Investment Management). In 2017, Benjamin Willmore launched YoooGroup, a private-owned investment firm, to incorporate YoooServ, Yooodle, Bomboni, Bookify, and Bla Bla. With an exciting mixture of bars and cafes to an estate agency, premium office spaces, and software, YoooGroup has swiftly become more than substantial – it is an unbreakable goliath within the business world. With YoooGroup, Benjamin had formed a business that would make waves across a selection of industries whilst putting customer satisfaction and team morale first. One of his greatest achievements is YoooServ, which was launched in 2019, after years of hard work and a vision for a better way of doing things. Linking quality with affordability, flexibility, and fantastic customer service, Benjamin embarked on a journey towards unrivalled success as YoooServ completely took off. Benjamin’s background within the working world covers many areas from hospitality to estates, making him a well-rounded, informed, and talented as a jack of all trades. Benjamin’s experiences led him to working with, and for, many companies over the course of his career – and taught him a lot about how he prefers to manage people. In an article from the Successful Founder (Meet the Successful Founder: Benjamin Willmore | The Successful Founder) we learnt more about how his negative experiences also shaped his future as a successful founder and CEO of the group. He said, “YoooServ was spawned accidentally as a direct response to my own negative personal experiences of trying to find the right serviced office for my estate agency business Yooodle. I was really unimpressed with the quality and service of what was available locally. “Having been fed up with these poor standards, I wanted to create something different – a new way to work, with well-designed spaces and outstanding facilities that foster better culture, productivity, and staff retention.” Benjamin also tells us more about his leadership style. He says, “Mine has been grown from years of grafting in different trades and industries. I spent so much time watching others and how they interacted, seeing their mistakes and nurturing my own style. I have never been one to read a book about someone else or follow others as I feel that I can write my book and make my own mistakes.” Benjamin is proud of his team and what they do, but without his drive, vision, and innovative approach YoooGroup would not be where it is today. He is a CEO with compassion, and he always looks out for his staff so that every member of the team can feel part of something that is bigger than themselves. He tells us, “I interact with the team every day. They will come to me if they have troubles in their life, they feel relaxed and know that they can approach me on anything.” From the very beginning, this opendoor approach has never been alien to Benjamin. A successful CEO, or any member of senior management, incorporates care into everything they do – and Benjamin is particularly influential due to his approach. When elaborating on the importance of his team, he enthuses, “They are the success; I had the ideas and vision, they have implemented it and brought it to life. Sitting here, I can hear laughter in the background. I can see the team working away on different projects. It’s a really good buzz.” As YoooGroup continues to serve small businesses to global billion pound/dollar companies, Benjamin’s approach keeps both them and the end customer in mind. He believes in making their industries a better place, keeping people happy, and flexing his creative muscles throughout every endeavour – daily, weekly, yearly. Any challenges that YoooGroup has faced have been met with an innovative approach and a positive attitude. YoooGroup has grown substantially over the years gone by and now, with so much experience behind him, Benjamin can proudly lead a team exactly the way he believes teams should be led. For the future, Benjamin is in talks with numerous investors and funds to help build his vision while the team are planning on opening 3 more serviced locations – and add in 4 more corporate managed tenancies. Benjamin shares, “Our app company Bookify.Space is growing extremely well, with new clients joining each month The cafe business Bla Bla has its first location, with a second being secured, we plan to add 2-4 new café’s a year for the next 5 years.” “I will just keep going and going. I love watching people grow, seeing them develop, and for the team to always feel secured. I guess in a way, I won’t stop as the end goal isn’t decided.” Winning Most Influential CEO 2023 – Surrey (Investment Management) is yet another fine achievement for Benjamin as his upward trajectory continues. We are excited to see where his career takes him next. From serviced offices and managed office spaces to indulgent, top-tier bars and restaurants, YoooGroup has Yooo covered. If you would like to find out more, please visit the website today. Contact: Benjamin Willmore Company: YoooGroup Web Address: YoooServ is proud to cover commercial office space in order to shape a better world for us all. “ “

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 12 s a consulting firm, ARBO’s goal is to unlock its clients’ maximum potential by helping them optimise their digital presence and drive traffic to their website. The company’s brilliant design team will bring their visions to life, creating visually pleasing designs that perfectly encapsulate the essence of their brand and leave a lasting impression on their audience. With ARBO’s comprehensive digital solutions and customised strategies, the possibilities for business growth are endless. From large businesses to startups, the firm effectively helps its clients find the wings they need to fly. Using data to inform its recommendations and strategies, ARBO offers digital services that are data-driven and clientcentric, designed to perfectly address clients’ specific needs. The firm offers turnkey solutions, delivered by a team of professionals who are experts in a multitude of areas, ranging from development and design to digital marketing and data analytics. Those who work with ARBO can trust that the firm will maintain full transparency with them about the process and the results it expects to achieve. With a proven track record of success, ARBO is proud of its ability to consistently deliver results to clients, no matter their size or industry. Along with its other unique factors, this makes it an ideal partner for companies looking to improve their digital and technological capabilities. As Founder and CEO of ARBO, Luke Traina oversees all of the company’s projects, manages clients’ portfolios and relationships, and takes an active role in the hiring process. Since its establishment, he has built the firm into a well-oiled machine, powered by the talented professionals he has sourced. This strong team plays a crucial role in the success of ARBO, effectively bringing the firm’s solutions to life. For this reason, Luke’s leadership is incredibly important, ultimately determining the performance of the team. “As a young CEO, my leadership style is constantly evolving. I strive to be handson and inspirational, setting a positive example for my team,” Luke comments. “I believe in leading by example, and I am not afraid to get my hands dirty. Over the years, I have learned that effective leadership is not just about telling people Luke Traina: Most Influential CEO Under 30 ARBO Consulting LLC. is a fullservice digital transformation consulting firm dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes navigate the online world to achieve overall growth. The firm was established in 2021 by Luke Traina, Founder and CEO of ARBO, an experienced and dedicated entrepreneur who has led the business to impressive heights. As a result of his excellent leadership, Luke has been awarded Most Influential CEO Under 30 in the Consulting category. what to do, but also about listening to their ideas and concerns.” As a result, Luke focuses on fostering a culture of communication and collaboration within the firm, building strong relationships with his team. He explains, “I believe that every team member has valuable insights and perspectives to contribute, and I make it a priority to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their suggestions.” Innovative ideas are crucial in the growing consulting industry, where it is becoming increasingly important that firms are able to differentiate themselves from competitors. As the industry becomes more data-driven and technology-focused, ARBO must continually adapt and update its tools and methods to remain competitive and provide unique value to clients. For this reason, Luke is constantly looking for opportunities for ARBO to grow, improve, and diversify its offerings. In relation to his personal career, Luke is always open to new collaborations and partnerships, whether it involves working with other businesses and entrepreneurs to bring innovative products to the market or partnering with non-profit organisations to give back to the community. Recently, he has announced the upcoming launch of his own line of canned, ready-todrink cocktails, which will offer a convenient yet premium cocktail experience. To ensure the success of this new venture, he is bringing on advisors from ARBO to work at both companies, allowing him to leverage his existing expertise and resources while creating new revenue streams and building a stronger brand. Luke has also recently released his first book, the Art of Obsession, which explores various work habits and the benefits of a work-life balance while offering practical tips for staying focused and productive. The book is a must-read for anyone looking to achieve a greater sense of balance and fulfilment in their lives. Considering his ambition, dedication, and effective leadership skills, Luke’s success in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023 comes as no surprise. We congratulate him on this achievement and look forward to seeing what the future holds for him and his team at ARBO. Apr23018 A Company: ARBO Consulting LLC. Web Address:

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 13 Mar22259 Lighting the Way Forward As an independent service provider for investors within the Italian solar market, Relight Energy Services has mastered the art of dedicating time, personnel, and resources towards developing energy alternatives throughout Italy. This is only made possible by the exceptionally talented Maria Sabella, who has earned herself this year’s Most Influential Renewable Energy Services CEO 2023 – Italy award as a result of her unwavering dedication. With a client base spanning an international scope of investors with a strong presence in the solar market, Relight Energy Services has devoted itself towards helping its clients attain unique positions in their solar space activities. Thanks to its innovative and thoughtful features, Relight Energy Services is able to act as a one-stop-shop for all of its clients’ needs. Through utilising its multidisciplinary team, combined with a strong network of qualified advisors, Relight Energy Services acts as the main interface for its clients’ requirements in the field. As a result, it’s able to propel a high-efficiency ethos that greatly reduces the risk of any area of the process being neglected or underdeveloped. Quality is a priority, and Maria fosters an internal work culture that helps to excel both productivity and personal growth throughout the company. Its partnership approach and cohesiveness are all thanks to the immense importance that Maria placed upon cultivating a healthy working environment when she became the CEO of Relight Energy Services. She recognised that, whilst good work was important, it would only be made possible by ensuring the wellbeing of the people contributing towards that goal. As a result, Relight Energy Services was founded, not only to contribute towards the solar energy transition, but to create a healthy workspace based on collaboration, transparency, passion, and continuous learning. These factors combined has produced a team that is close-knit and respectful of one another, and it’s something that has guaranteed success again and again for Relight Energy Services. Under Maria’s guidance, every member of the team has been able to excel and bring inventive solutions to client problems. Its unity and emphasis on connectivity has captured a unique sense of assistance that clients will be unable to ignore. In addition, Maria enforces a trusting environment that presents team members with growth opportunities through training courses, exposure, and an internal academy, all to give them the highest possible chance of success and happiness. Relight Energy Services ensures that employees take responsibility, and feel as though they’re making a real difference through the work that they do. Despite the massive increase in demand within the solar industry throughout the recent years, Relight Energy Services has been able to expertly remain ahead of the curve. This is due to the incredibly capable team, led by Maria, who are consistently establishing what it means to be a forward force in the industry. It aims to be pioneers in new market segments (such as floating solar, storage and agrivoltaic) and is developing and expanding in the hopes of making a consistently positive impact on state of the world. Maria strongly believes in the power of joining forces. She recognises that she operates within a market that’s in incredibly high demand, complete with an impressive growth rate. Her passion is propelled by the inspiration that she’s experienced throughout her journey, and she’s excited to continue Relight Energy Services’ advance towards inspiring change across the sector. Contact: Maria Sabella Company: Relight Energy Services Web Address: Jan23841

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 14 Welcome to the next generation of innovative technologies. Business Changers’ CEO Pasquale Sorgentone offers a transformational leadership style emphasizing vision, collaboration, and innovation. As the recipient of the title Most Influential Tech Innovations CEO 2023 – Rome, we wanted to discover more about how the business operates. usiness Changers is a business that supports other companies and public administrations with their growth strategies based on technical innovation, and the adoption of digital transformation processes. As its name would suggest, it specialises in redesigning how companies work, acquiring customers, and generating revenue by capitalising on the opportunities technological innovation can offer. It supports its customers in the design of future business models, feasibility studies and business plans, demand management, process review, program management, and change management. As high-tech specialists, Business Changers concentrates on next generation software, Metaverse, Web3&Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and FashionTech. It believes in the fundamental importance of developing companies biggest wealth asset, and that is their human capital. It brings key values to board, namely integrity, the spirit of service to the customer, a commitment to excellence, collaboration, continuous training, multiculturalism, and social responsibility. Its breadth of knowledge and experience within its multidisciplinary capacity makes it a reliable and serious partner when it comes to realising innovative projects. Creating digital value is not just a slogan for Business Changers, but its very raison d’être. Since the company was founded in 2016, it has grown by double digits and expanded its scope of action by adding cutting edge SaaS software solutions to its range of professional services. It has cultivated strategic partnerships with a range of selected businesses in order to bring innovative solutions to the market, and determined to help customers capitalise on the opportunities engendered by the technological revolution. Most importantly it helps to create value for its clients. As the CEO of Business Changers, Pasquale Sorgentone has a leadership style encompassing: Vision and Strategy; as he clearly articulates the company’s mission, goals, and understanding of the strategic direction. Empowerment; as he encourages employees to take ownership of their work, make decisions, and develop their skills in a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Collaboration; as he Mar23645 B fosters teamwork and open collaboration, valuing diverse perspectives and cross-functional cooperation to drive innovation and problem solving. Adaptability; as he promotes flexible and agile working, embracing change and encouraging the organisation to remain responsive to emerging technologies and trends. Innovation: as he encourages experimentation and risktaking while supporting a We are enthusiastic about the endless possibilities of the technological innovation. Our mission is to support businesses and public administrations in the path of the digital transformation and adopting a growth strategy based on the technological innovation. “ “

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 15 culture that learns from mistakes and isn’t afraid to iterate or pivot when needed. By adopting this style of leadership, Pasquale inspires and empowers proactive, creative, and dedicated employees. In this way, the company’s objectives are successfully achieved within the dynamic and extremely competitive high-tech IT industry. Business Changers’ focus is on clients who value innovation, cutting-edge technology, and customised solutions. For this reason, its target clients include businesses across a range of different industries such as finance, manufacturing, retail, and fashion. Start-ups and SMEs looking for technology partners to help them scale and grow are also welcomed, as are government agencies requiring innovative technologies. Business Changers establishes many new business connections through its attendance at industry events, conferences, and webinars. Networking allows it to build relationships with potential clients, whilst also providing an opportunity to stay informed about industry trends and developments. It also showcases its expertise through creating content such as blog posts, white papers, and case studies. Business Changers applies due diligence to potential clients by researching their industries, identifying their needs, and trying to understand their unique pain points and technology requirements. This allows it to tailor its offerings to their specific needs. Its unique selling point is its ability to combine stateof-the-art technology with extensive industry experience, and a customercentric approach. This enables Business Changers to deliver individually tailored solutions empowering clients to achieve their business goals, and stay ahead of the competition. Building strong, long-term partnerships with clients allows them to navigate the rapidly evolving technology landscape, and drive sustained growth and success. The company encourages satisfied customers to refer it to their own networks, and provide testimonials that can be used in its marketing materials. Aside from its expert knowledge of the most innovative and up to date solutions, and its customised solutions addressing the needs and challenges of each client, another thing that differentiates Business Changers from its competitors is its exceptional customer service. It delivers responsive, personalised support throughout the whole customer journey, from the initial consultation through to implementation and ongoing maintenance. The internal culture at Business Changers is characterised by key elements such as collaboration and teamwork, continuous learning and development, empowerment and autonomy, diversity and inclusion, and recognition and rewards. The company encourages open communication, knowledge sharing, and crossfunctional collaboration in an environment where everyone is working together towards common goals. It supports ongoing skills development and professional growth by offering training opportunities that help employees stay up to date with industry trends and developments. Business Changers trusts its staff to take ownership of their work, make decisions, and contribute towards the company’s success. This promotes a sense of responsibility and accountability which leads to higher employee engagement and job satisfaction. The company also values diverse perspectives and backgrounds, endeavouring to ensure that everybody feels welcome and included in a work environment that encourages creativity and innovation. It also celebrates employee achievements with rewards for exceptional performance. This reinforces the company’s commitment to recognising and valuing the hard work of its staff. As a consulting IT firm CEO, Pasquale plays an active role in nurturing the commendable internal culture at Business Changers. He leads by example, always demonstrating the values and behaviours the company expects. He wants to make sure that employees understand their role in achieving the company’s objectives, which he does by providing clear direction and articulation of the vision. Pasquale encourages feedback, and fosters a safe place for employees to share their ideas, concerns, and suggestions. He actively listens to his staff’s feedback. By supporting and nurturing the internal culture at Business Changers, he is able to help create a positive, engaged, and motivated workforce. This not only drives the success of the firm, but also delivers the best possible outcomes for its clients. The company is facing challenges in the guise of technological advancements and cybersecurity threats. There are certain gaps in skills, and talent shortages that need to be addressed, combined with an increase in competition within the high-tech computer industry. Regulatory compliance is an ongoing task for the company, as is reducing the carbon footprint and adopting more eco-friendly practices to improve environmental sustainability. However, the company, and Pasquale, are also fielding several exciting new opportunities. It is looking at expansion into new markets, both geographically, and within different industries. It is forming alliances and building strategic partnerships that will benefit both parties. It is also harnessing the power of data and analytics to optimise processes and help the company make more informed decisions. As CEO, the award-winning Pasquale Sorgentone has plans to streamline internal processes for more improved efficiency, and to better serve clients with a refined focus on meeting their needs. He also plans to identify opportunities through market research, forming strategic partnerships, or acquiring complementary businesses. There are plans afoot to create a new spin-off company, focused specifically on a certain segment of the market, to explore new technologies, and for Pasquale himself to become a mentor to aspiring professionals or non-profit organisations. Watch this space, there is clearly so much more to come from Business Changers! Company: Business Changers Web Address: The staff play a crucial role in the success of our firm, Business Changers. They are the backbone of the company, responsible for driving innovation, delivering exceptional customer service, and maintaining our competitive edge in the high-tech computer industry. “ “

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 16 Apr23316 SIRCO offers personalised solutions and a variety of services within the private security sector, and everything it does is based on the values of integrity, rigour, and confidentiality. When working in an everchanging industry, it is important to adapt to always perform well for clients. Therefore, throughout the years, SIRCO has embraced Founded in 1992, SIRCO and Groupe SIRCO has grown to be a leader in the field of investigation. Of course, SIRCO wouldn’t be where it is today without the knowledge and unwavering commitment of its CEO, Claude A. Sarrazin. Here we find out more about its services as he is recognised in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. the changes that have arisen, which has led it to making its mark within the industry. SIRCO delivers its skills and expertise in investigation regarding fraud, workplace issues, computer crimes, and many other situations. The team is made up of experts that have knowledge of different disciplines and are able to support a variety of clients. What’s more, it also has services of guarding, protection of people and property, 24/7 emergency services, ad hoc consultation, and prevention services. SIRCO aims to reduce risk and losses while enhancing peace of mind. The Founding President and Chief Executive of SIRCO, Claude A. Sarrazin has 30 years of experience in the field of private security. With a passion for problem solving that knows no limits, he has led many difficult investigations in Canada as well as internationally – supporting a wide range of clients with simple to complex issues. Claude is recognised by leaders of private and public organisations as an effective strategic advisor. He is not one to keep the knowledge he has accumulated throughout the years all to himself, but, instead, Claude likes to share and pass on what he has learned to help educate others. He works with several media groups such as CTV, COGECO, and TVA Group where he responds to questions on security and police interventions. Additionally, Claude works with police discipline and takes on the role of trainer with the Barreau du Québec. He also sits on various boards of directors, such as the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime and is Chairman of the Board of the Professional Association of Private Investigators of Quebec. The passion and drive that Claude has towards his career is present throughout his work, which is exactly why it comes as no surprise that he has now received the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 – Quebec. We are delighted to celebrate Claude’s hard work and we wish him all the best as he continues to lead SIRCO towards success and fulfil his many commitments. If any of SIRCO’s services are of interest to you, head over to its website to find out more. Contact: Claude Sarrazin Company: SIRCO and Groupe SIRCO Web Address: Success Led By Passion