Issue 6 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 29 Apr23461 Condor Security is a Canadian security company that was established in 2001 by Benjamin Tabesh. It provides a variety of security services to businesses, residential communities, and individuals. Recently, Benjamin has been recognised in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023, so here we take a closer look into his company and approach. Condor Security, Inc. is a Canadian security company that has been providing top-notch security services since 2001. The company has three specialized divisions, each dedicated to different aspects of physical security and services. The first division, Condor Security, specializes in security guard personnel, security guard training, security consulting, risk assessments, and mobile patrol. The second division, Condor Concierge, focuses on providing uniquely crafted premium services in the high-end luxury condominium industry. The third division, Condor Technology, focuses on security system integration, access control, and surveillance solutions. The core values that Condor Security is built from have been key for its ongoing success. Firstly, it is committed to providing clients with the highest standard of services possible. Challenges within any industry are unavoidable, and are part of running a business, which is why Benjamin encourages forward thinking. This ensures that Condor Security is able to find solutions to all the security challenges that may arise. Another of Condor’s values is their unique approach to training that is in line with industry and law enforcement standards – training that can give trainees skill sets and well-recognized credentials in different aspects of security, such as Tactical Communication, Use of Force, Customer Service, and more. Client satisfaction and quality service are the Condor compasses that direct the team towards taking new initiatives and taking the proper corrective and preventive action, and developing efficient processes all leading to excellent customer experience. Every client is unique, and the team gets to know their needs and requirements to provide them with exactly what they are looking for. What’s more, not having set packages avoids clients paying for equipment or services that they don’t necessarily want or need. Benjamin ensures that the workplace culture is supportive, inclusive, and empowering which is then reflected on the team’s performance and job satisfaction. Currently the industry is seeing a shortage of qualified security professionals, and this has been a challenge that Condor Security has had to overcome. We successfully traversed the COVID-19 pandemic with the right amount of trained personnel and Condor security did not have even one missed shift due to staffing or organisational issues! The company has the advantage of a culture that attracts candidates and keeps them motivated and engaged. The ongoing success of the company is a common effort and Benjamin is immensely proud of what the entire team has built together. Benjamin’s leadership style is very hands-on, he is very involved in the everyday operations of Condor Security and is known for his ability to connect with all members of the team. Throughout the years the company has grown and evolved which has pushed Benjamin’s leadership style to develop alongside it.. With the growth of the company Benjamin has had to learn how to delegate tasks and responsibilities which has helped him focus on the bigger picture through the company’s long-term goals. Now he is more focused on strategic planning, with a deeper understanding of the industry and market trends. Currently, Benjamin has been planning the upcoming year for Condor Security. He is looking to expand its resources and capabilities to meet the ever-changing needs of its clients by making advanced security services available. To achieve this, Benjamin is investing in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, biometric recognition, and other cutting-edge mechanisms. On top of that, he and the Condor team develop new training programs to provide more industry-specific skills to his team. Benjamin enthuses, “This will help us to provide more specialised services to our clients and ensure that our team members are equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to meet the evolving needs of the industry.” Leading a company comes with a great deal of responsibilities, which involves the customer, the employees, and also the community. The values of the company are a direct representation of what Benjamin stands for. When it comes to the community, he believes that companies have the responsibility to give back, and he is committed to helping and supporting people wherever he can. Condor Services partners with non-profit, charitable organisations with the hope of making a positive difference while building a strong bond with the people that it works closely with. Benjamin’s commitment to his company and the community is inspiring, and it reflects a great level of compassion and care to what truly matters most – people. He reflects leadership skills that are able to successfully push a company towards great highs while also being humble and considerate of those that surround him. He wants to be part of building a better future where people are the main priority. Congratulations to Benjamin for receiving the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 – Ontario. If you are looking for a security service provider that cares, you don’t need to look any further. Benjamin and his team will go above and beyond to create a customised package of services made to fit your needs. Head over to Condor Security’s website to find out more! Contact: Benjamin Tabesh Company: Condor Security Inc. Web Address: