Issue 6 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2023 30 ndustrial farming is currently under pressure as a result of recent changes in consumer behaviour and mindset. Animal health is increasingly becoming a priority for both consumers and politicians. At the moment, the widespread use of antibiotics in livestock costs around 15 billion euros globally. As a result of extensive use, antibiotic resistance has not only been observed in animals but also in farmers. Operating in the fields of agtech, agriculture, and livestock, Corbiota’s goal is to redefine industrial animal nutrition by introducing a natural solution that can improve animal health and welfare, backed by science, providing farmers with significant financial benefits and increased farm productivity. Corbiota is fully aligned with the UN sustainability goals and is ranked as an impact company. Corbiota’s product line focuses on livestock and animal feed. In animal protein production, the immune system of young animals is weak, which is why farmers frequently give them antibiotics. Additionally, piglets and calves are often afflicted with unsolved health issues, affecting husbandry. At the beginning of the rearing period, feeding young animals Corbiota’s special live worms provides them with complex microbiota, suitable for chickens, piglets, calves, and companion animals. The worms enable optimal health and growth by supporting their eubiosis, which is the natural balance of microorganisms in the gut, subsequently reducing the need for antibiotics. By ensuring animal health, the worms increase farm productivity and reduce waste at the slaughterhouse. They also trigger instinct and agility, enhancing welfare. Protected by seven patents and free of pathogens such as blackhead and salmonella, Corbiota’s products are aligned with the governmental guidelines for animal feed. Its production is fully automated and AI-controlled, ensuring compliance with scientific standards and consistent quality all year round. Additionally, since all of its waste is high quality vermicompost, it produces zero waste in the process, contributing towards its positive carbon footprint. Natural Animal Health and Welfare Solutions Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, Corbiota is dedicated to promoting more sustainable modern farming by providing young animals with natural, immunity boosting nutrition. With its worms and worm products, the company strengthens the eubiosis of young animals like chicks or piglets, making them more resistant to disease. Corbiota is headed by Chief Executive Officer Julia Rohde, who has won animal nutrition’s Most Influential CEO in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. To ensure the continued high quality of its solutions, the company believes in carrying out an abundance of innovative and dynamic research and development. It has conducted several scientific trials with well-known institutes, observing strong performance drivers such as stronger immune systems, reduction of diseases, and increased agility. Since its establishment, Corbiota has been headed by CEO and Co-Founder Julia Rohde, who has built a team that is diverse in gender, age, personality, and nationality. Each and every team member brings scientific expertise and unique views to the table. With more than 80 collective years of experience, Corbiota’s team of Founders lead the company by encouraging different ways of thinking and fostering collaboration between staff. “We can only be successful with a dedicated team,” Julia comments. “Our hiring processes are lean with a strong focus on mindset. We look for real team players who are willing to contribute their own way of thinking, moving the whole company forward.” Julia works hard to create a culture of accountability and responsibility, encouraging staff to report issues and failures quickly so that the team can work together to solve and learn from the mistake. Additionally, in a hybrid working environment, communication is key. For this reason, transparency plays a big role in the company’s culture. Since its inception, Corbiota has faced a number of challenges. As a result of the recent war on Ukraine, issues with energy pricing have led the company to make decisions that it may not have otherwise made so early, for example it decided to implement fully automated production to reduce its energy consumption. Although this was a huge project, it will likely lead to a strong return on investment as it could cut costs by up to 30%. It will also further improve its CO2 footprint. “You grow mainly with your challenges, and you have to be open to see opportunities. I know a lot of people who complain about all the challenges, but we take it as an incentive to get better,” Julia explains. “If you are open to opportunities, you will always win, even if it is only experience but no business.” As a result of her incredible leadership of the Corbiota team, Julia Rohde has been awarded animal nutrition’s Most Influential CEO 2023. We congratulate her on this inspiring achievement. In the coming years, Corbiota plans to launch in other European countries and in the US. It also continues to research how its products could be used in other species of animal as well as crops. Contact: Julia Rohde Company: Corbiota Web Address: Apr23696 I