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The clothes industry is one that is constantly moving forward, and the team at Kewiloo are no exception. Under the stalwart leadership of Jonathan Cohen, this impressive team have moved from success to success. We take a closer look at the firm, and how Jonathan’s impressive guidance has allowed the business to thrive in challenging times.

Curating clothing is immensely complicated in the world today, especially when it comes to sportswear. The team at Kewiloo excel in this regard, providing customers with a fit and finesse that reflects the high standards they have come to expect. When combined with an online shop front that is open to all, it’s clear that the team have achieved something truly special.

At the heart of the Kewiloo approach is Jonathan Cohen, who has been CEO since 2017. Under his reign, the business has gone from strength to strength, not only finding new and exciting items of clothing, but building closer connections with customers so that they keep coming back to buy more. For many, Kewiloo has become the first port of call for clothing, thanks to their accessibility and range of apparel.

When people come to Kewiloo, they find some of the most interesting items on the market. These are chosen because of their quality and interest. While the team may not stock in high quantities, this simply means that you need to keep your eye on the store for something that takes your fancy. Kewiloo doesn’t just act as a leading clothing provider, but as a home for those gadgets that make your life a little more intriguing. Few places stock the latest technology, such as 3D printed fitness apparel, but the team at Kewiloo has built it into their business model.

The key to success has not just been what is provided, but the level of interaction that has been encouraged across by the board. This is a top-down decision, with communications strong across the board. The team want their customers to feel comfortable shopping with them, trusting that they will do everything in their power to have the items they want, delivered safely and quickly.

A key part of this growth has been thanks to the team’s work with social media. While privacy is a priority at all times, being able to meet people through Facebook and Instagram has allowed the team to have a public shopfront that carries by word of mouth. These connections not only build more loyalty, but ensure that people return to buy more. The use of programs like easycall has eased the way in which Kewiloo connections with customers, increasing the levels of trust, and therefore the conversion of potential sales to actual sales immensely.

When a firm is built around a promise to make your life cooler, it’s not just about making a space that sells good gear. What Jonathan has been able to do is build a place where cool is how the team operates. It’s where people can build a community. This community is not just a group of passionate purchasers, but the heart of the company going forward. By continuing to nurture this committed team, the firm will be able to achieve long-lasting success.

For further information, please contact Jonathon Cohen via email: [email protected]

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