Zenith Bank : In Their Clients Best Interests


Established in 1990, Zenith Bank made a swift impression on the Nigerian banking landscape. In the thirty years since, they have solidified an enviable position in Africa’s banking industry, growing to expand into subsidiaries in Ghana, South Africa, Gambia, and Sierra Leone. The Managing Director and CEO of Zenith Bank Ghana, Mr. Henry Oroh, was recently recognised as the CEO of the Year for Ghana. We spoke to Henry to find out more.

Zenith Bank is, in many ways, a company ahead of its time. Indeed, in an era where banking was solidifying itself in the physical realm, Zenith understood it needed to be different from the outset, emboldened by a customer demand for a new face in a market that was becoming defined by the usual stalwarts. In this, Zenith offered a refreshing tonic, combining an innovative ethos with a company culture that incorporated integrity, loyalty and corporate governance.

With all this in mind, it can be no surprise that Zenith Bank has grown like it has, moving across West Africa – and beyond- to become one of the giants in the market. Of particular note is its presence in Ghana: with its booming economy, the country has long been a promising location for some of the world’s largest brands looking to get a strong foothold on the continent.

For Zenith Bank, which had seen great success in Nigeria, Ghana must have seemed like the next logical step. Indeed, as Henry explains, the bank has only seen incredible success upon entering the Ghanaian market. “Zenith Bank Ghana has followed sturdily in the footprints of its parent and is currently one of the strongest and most profitable banking brands in Ghana. It is also one of the largest banks by asset size in Ghana. The Bank’s branding has been anchored on continuous investment in people, technology and excellent customer service. Zenith Bank (Ghana) Limited is an epitome of a stable and strong organization with a brand and customer service which is the envy of its peers

“Ultimately, Our vision is “to be a reference point in the provision of prompt, flawless and innovative banking products and services in the Ghanaian banking industry”. With this as our backing, we stay ahead of competition by outperforming our peers to be a market leader.” Henry adds.

In everything else, Zenith Bank operates much like a hybrid entity, combining top-tier expertise and cutting-edge technology with a client-centric approach that truly puts the customer at the centre of their operations. Of particular note, is the company’s dedication to constant improvement as they look to distance themselves from any potential competition. Tying into this is Zenith’s commitment to substantial investment in its digital infrastructure, which has seen recent developments in the form of online banking integration and mobile payment options. Throughout it all, the client’s best interest remains the vital cornerstone to the bank’s philosophy – everything they do is to improve the client experience.

Here, Henry speaks for a moment on the bank’s efforts to ensure that the client remains, always, beyond satisfied with their service at Zenith Bank. “The Bank’s mission is to invest in the best people, technology and the environment, only then can we truly satisfy our customers. As a Bank, we have set up various channels -manned by knowledgeable and highly skilled staff who have a good understanding and appreciation of exceptional customer service- to communicate with our customers. Our customer-centred innovations such as our wellresourced and service-attuned 24hour customer contact centre, social media platforms and inbranch feedback mechanisms provide avenues for the Bank to engage its customers to evaluate the level of service being enjoyed and to assist with customer enquiries and complaints in order to ensure total customer satisfaction at all times.”

This, ultimately, colours Zenith’s future, as they look to adaptation, proactivity and innovation as the keys to securing their enduring success in an industry which is trying desperately to keep pace. For Henry, the bank’s focus remains on reinforcing the things that makes them different. “Our focus will mainly be on Customer Service, Financial Performance, Digital Banking, a Robust Retail Banking Structure and Brand amplification. Of course, we will be taking advantage of any and all opportunities as they reveal themselves in the greater marketplace.” For the time being at least, they have made their mark, becoming one of Africa’s true banking goliaths.

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