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Full Suite of Business Turnaround Services and “One Dollar License” to Lean Literacy in Canada


Since 2010, TheTableau.com has been an international business management company specializing in business turnarounds, supply chain management, and lean solutions. Just months ago, TheTableau’s CEO and acclaimed business innovator, Irene Jeremic, was recognised in CEO Monthly’s Leadership Excellence Programme for exemplary work ethos and professional achievements. We endeavoured to find out more about the firm’s revolutionary lean and safety resource management and implementation system, Lean Paradigm™ and its parallel pro-bono work on One Dollar License for its Aurum brand

By all considerations, Irene Jeremic has a honed talent for realising business excellence quickly. Building on her makeover work at Stork Craft Manufacturing Inc. – where she was nicknamed a “Stork Craft Icon” and named the company’s honouree – Jeremic now serves TheTableau to aid North American organizations to pass the point of stagnation, reenergize their business, or simply grow faster. With the hard and steady work over the past decade, TheTableau has earned an enviable reputation in the business consulting sector. 

Yet, throughout it all, Jeremic maintains that her teams remained at the heart of TheTableau’s success, regardless of whether the engagements served the government, for-profit, not-forprofit sectors, or were purely pro-bono initiatives.

With the company’s brand Aurum, TheTableau is now launching a pro bono initiative, “One Dollar License,” to make the proven lean and safety training software available to youth and working Canadians from manufacturing, engineering, distribution, mining, supply chain, aerospace, agriculture, healthcare, trades, and office administration sectors, under the Lean Literacy initiative proposed to the government of Canada.

“Our youth and working professionals had no opportunity to learn about lean and safety in a formal educational setting, as such training did not exist in Canada. In 2018, Aurum lean and safety training was recommended to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) in British Columbia, as the only solution of a kind in the region.”

With TheTableau’s Aurum, Canadian students and workers had an opportunity to get an exposure to the one-stop-shop lean and safety training, under effective cloud-based system.
TheTableau is sponsoring the Lean Literacy initiative to offer this Aurum lean and safety training to students and working Canadians, at a symbolic $1 cost per capita.”

TheTableau also developed Lean Paradigm™, the first Lean and Safety Resource Management and Implementation System in Canada, that has been introduced at the Kogakuin University of Technology and Engineering in Tokyo in January 2019. The system stemmed from decades of Jeremic’s hands-on experience with building high-performance organizations and working to improve their shop floor and office efficiency with lean concepts, agile framework, and rapid application development (RAD) methodologies.

Company: The Tableau Inc. CEO: Irene Jeremic Brands: TheTableau, Aurum Pro-Bono Program: One Dollar License to Lean and Safety Training, Aurum Brand Community Initiative: Lean Literacy Day in Canada and U.S.

Trademarked Product: Lean Paradigm™ , Lean and Safety Resource Management and Implementation System (LSRMIS), TheTableau Brand.

Website: http://thetableau.com

Contact: [email protected]


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