CPA Global launches Search application: simple, effective and secure patent search report review


IP management and technology leader CPA Global® today announces the launch of the Search application, a secure and reliable means to manage and review patent search results.

Accurate and comprehensive patent searches help IP professionals find answers to questions such as patentability, freedom to operate, and validity. The Search application provides customers with an intuitive online interface for requesting, delivering, viewing, analysing and managing search projects that are completed by CPA Global’s expert search team. Users can organise all patent search requests and results within the application for a simpler and more secure way to review, manage and share information.

“IP professionals are having to move ever faster when looking to protect innovation. The Search application delivers access to a secure and connected online environment, enabling our customers to access information from patent search reports and providing quick and accurate advice from our expert patent team,” comments Simon Webster, CEO of CPA Global. “Our customers need to efficiently review and understand search results, while having the confidence that they are accurate and comprehensive. The Search application helps our customers increase productivity and empowers them to make decisions with confidence.”

Key benefits for users include:

• Increased productivity: a simpler, more efficient process to review robust patent search results, recorded in one secure application, accessible from any connected device, including a digital record of all current and historical patent searches that a company or law firm has conducted. New searches can be scoped, quoted and initiated within the application.

• Connected solution: direct and real-time access to CPA Global’s expert search team within the application. Users can share search reports with colleagues and stakeholders to enhance collaborative working.

• Secure: access to all search queries and results is available in a secure, encrypted environment.

The Search application is now available globally. Contact the CPA Global expert search team to get your next search project delivered using the Search application.


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