Aikyam Capital Advisors Private Limited

Nilesh Choudhary

Most Influential CEO 2024 - Maharashtra (Investment Services)
With an impressive background in finance, Mr. Nilesh Choudhary has embarked on a new chapter of his financial expertise with the establishment of Aikyam Capital Advisors in 2022. Drawing from his decade-long experience at Edelweiss Financial Services and the successful establishment of Wilson Financial Services, Mr. Choudhary has assembled a team of talented professionals who share his unwavering commitment to excellence. Aikyam Capital Advisors, incorporated in 2022, specializes in providing tailored financial advisory services to the ever-growing community of institutional investors globally. As India emerges as one of the most promising investment destinations, navigating its capital markets can prove challenging due to regulatory complexities. Aikyam Capital Advisors bridges this gap by offering a seamless runway for global investors to access India's flourishing capital markets.